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satisfaction of hir dower of and in all other my manors, landes, tenementes and other heriditamentes which I have or any other to my use within the realme of Inglond. Also I wille that yf my said wyfe do marry and take a husbond after my deth, or yf my said wife after my deth doo recover and have hir dower of any other my manors, landes and tenementes other then I have afore appoynted by this my will to my said wyfe by writte of dower or otherwise, that then and from thensforth the interest, title, use and possession of my said wyfe of and in all my said manors, &c., which were my said fathers shal cesse and determyn except suche manors, &c., as were my said fathers in Grenched hey, Strykelond Rogers, Greneryge and in the borowe towne of Kendall, whiche I suppose be of the yerely value of one hundred marces, which I will my said wyf have only for terme of hir lyfe. Also I will that myn executours shal take the profites of my manors, &c., which I lately purchased, and also of suche manors as late were in variaunce betwene me and the lord Scrope to the yerely value of xxx poundes. And also that myn executours slalhave suche londes and tenementes as I have in lease of the Abbot of Saint Mary Abbey without the citie of York unto the tyme that my said executours have percyved, recyved and taken, or myght lawfully percyve, receyve and take, the sume of viij poundes, which sume of viij li. I will be evenly and egally devided betwene my doughters Kateryn and Anne towarde their mariage and to marry them with all, and yf any of them dye before they be maryed, than she that overlyveth to have the whole viij li. Also I will that yf my said two doughters or any of them be my heires or my son heires afore they be maryed, that then they nor none of them shalhave noo parte of the said viij poundes, but I will that it shalbe bestowed uppon copes, vestmentes, chalises, and other ornamentes necessarye and convenyent for the house and churche of Gervys, where I am founder, as it shall be thought best by myn executoures and the abbot of the said house of Gervys for the tyme beyng. Item, I will that yf my wyfe marry after my deth, or yf my wyfe dye before my wille be performed, or yf my said wyf recover or have hir dower of other my manours, &c., then I have afore appoynted to hir for terme of hir lyfe, that then myn executours shall take the profites of all my manors, &c., that were my said fathers, Sir William Parre, except suche londes as I have afore appoynted to my said wyfe for terme of hir lyfe, which I have afore suppoased to be of the yerely value of c marces unto the tyme that this my

will be or ought lawfully be performed. Item, I will that yf my said doughters be not myn heires nor my sonne heires as is aforsaid, that then one hundred poundes to be bestowed upon copes and vestmentes and other thinges necessarye to be gevyn to the said house of Gervys all shalbe thought necessary and convenient by myn executours, and myn armes and my wyfes to be sett upon them, and yf they or any of them be myn heires or my sonne heires, that then the said cli. to be partie of payment of the said viij poundes. Item, I will that a gilt crosse be gevyn to the parisshe church of Kendale, of the value of xl marces. Item, I will there be bestowed uppon the chauntery of Kendale one hundred marces, as myn executours shall think moost convenient. I will that my servauntes Rowland Thornburgh have after the deth of his fader, for terme of his lyfe, the fostership of the olde parke of Kendale, with like fee as his father nowe hath. And that Edward Middelton shalhave the office of parkship of Ravynsworth for terme of his lyfe, with like fee as he nowe hath. Item, I wille that my cosyn Richard Duket, the yonger, shalhave the same ferme that he nowe hath, called Garnettes house, for terme of his lyfe, paying the old rent, without fyne or gressome. Item, I will that my servaunt John Warman have duringe his lyfé xxvjs. viij d.oute of my purchased landes. Item, I will that Edward Mountagne have during his lyfe iij li. vj s. viij d. oute of my purchased landes. Item, I will that Kateryn Willoughby have during hyr lyfe iij li. vjs. viijd., goinge oute of the landes late in variaunce betwene the lord Scrope and me. Item, I will that my servaunt John Barmeton have for terme of his lyfe iij li. vjs. viijd., goinge oute of the londes late in variaunce betwen the Lord Scrope and me. Item, I will that my cousyn Jervys Stryklond occupye the same office that he nowe hath, and with like fee as he nowe hath for terme of his lyfe. Item, I will that James Rokesby, myn auditor, have during his lyfe the same fee that he nowe hath, so that he contynue stille auditor unto my wife and to my sonne when he cometh to his full age, and the said fee to be goinge oute of my purchased landes. Item, I will that Christofer Johnson have all suche offices as he nowe hath, and with like fee for terme of his lyfe, going oute of the landes late in variaunce between the lord Scrope and me. Item, I will that all my houshold servauntes, both men and women, have mete and drynke by the space of quarter of a yere next after my decesse, yf they lyst to take it ther as myn executours shal appoynt. Item, I will and desire my wyfe and my sonne that they shal take my said housholde servauntes and their service afore any other aslong as they do that they ought to do. Item, I will that my wife have my ferme of the Rey during my yeres yf she so longe lyve. And yf she dye within my terme, then myn executours to have the



said ferme during the residue of the said yeres after hir decesse to perfourme my will withall. Item, I will that my brother, Sir William Parre, knyght, have during the nonage myn

heire all suche londes and tenementes as I have of the Kynge in ferme for yeres in Kendale, if the said Sir William so longe lyve; and when myn heire cometh to full age, then my

said heire to have the residue of my yeres that then shall remayn to his owne use. Item, I will that if I have a yonger sonne, that he shall have when he come or shulde come to the age of xxiij yeres, all my purchased londes and tenementes, and all the landes that late were in variaunce betwene the lorde Scrope and me, to hym and to his heires males of his body lawfully begoten. And in the meane tyme myn executours to have the profites therof to the performaunce of this my will in maner and forme as in this my present wille I have declared. Item, I will that the College of Jetlingburgh shalhave vj li. xiij s. iiij d. to praye for my moders soule and myn and all Christen soules, and the same money to be bestowed for the welth of the said College. Also I will that my sonne William have my great cheyne of gold which is worth cxl li., which I wolde be kept towarde the charge of his lyverey. Also I will that my sonne William have my signet that the Kynges grace gave me. Item, I will that myn heire have, after my wille performed, my said ferme that I have of lease of the Abbot of York, with all my stock of catell that I have goynge there nowe. Item, I will that yf I have any moo doughters than two, that then my wyfe shall marry them at hir owne cost and charges. Item, I will that all my recoverers and feoffees, and all other persones that nowe stande seased or herafter shalbe seased, of and in all such manors, &c., wherof I have declared and made my will of, shall stonde and be seased to the performance of this my will. And that the said recoverers and feoffees and every of them shall graunte by their dede sufficient in the same to every of the said persones to whom I have graunted and bequethed any fee or annuytie, the said annuyties and fees for terme of their lyves, with clauses of distresse to be conteyned in every of the said dedes in the same londes and tenementes where I have appoynted the same annuyties and fees to be goyng out. Item, I will that the Blak Freres of London have x marces, and the White Freres, Gray Freres and Austen Freres, to every of them xls. Item, I will that all grauntes by me made by patentes to Maister Davet and to all other persones, that the said persones shall enioye and have the same grauntes according to the tenure and effect of my writing to them made. Item, I will that there be cc marces of money of suche goodes as I have by this my will bequeathed to my sonne, which cc marces I will shalbe bestowed to the mariage of my doughters and to help to make up the said sume of viij poundes, because of the said londes before appoynted is but of smal valour for the levying of the said vüjli. Item, I utterly renounce and forsake all other wille and willys afore this tyme by me made, and afferme this to be my last wille and testament. Item, I will that the residue of all my goodes and catalles, plate and dettes after my wille performed and afore not bequethed, shall egally and indifferently be devided betwene my wyfe and my sonne and heire. And my said sondes parte to be putt in save kepinge for him. And of this my present will and testament, I ordeyn and make myn executours, Mawde, my wife, Doctor Tunstall, Maister of the Rolles, Doctour Melton, and my brother, Sir William Parre, knyght. In witnesse that this is my will I have putto my seall, yeven the day and [Proved 27 January, 1517-18, by Matilda, relict, and Sir Wm. Parre, knight.]

yere aforesaid.


[Thower, 12.) Dame Maude Parr, widowe, late wife of Syr Thomas Parr, knight, disceasid, the xx day of Maij, 1529, make by thys my present wryting my last wyll. My body to be buryed in the Blacke Fryers churche of London, where my husbond lyethe, if I dye wythin London or within twenty myles of London; and if I dye not within xx miles of London, then my body to be buryed where myn executours shall thinke most convenyent. Item, I will there be bestowed at and aboute my burying oon hundrytbe markes and not under nor above. To every of the foure orders of Fryers in London, fourty shillinges. And if I be buryed at the Blacke Fryers in London, then the Blacke Fryers to have thre poundes six sbillinges eightpence, or elles but xls. To every of the Fryers of Northampton in the countie of Northampton, xx s. And wheras I have endetted my self in divers great sumes for the preferment of my sonne and heire, Willyam Parr, as wel to our soveraigne lord the Kinge for the mariage of my said sonne as to my lorde of Essex for the mariage of my lady Boucha, doughter and heire apparaunt of the said Erle, as by indentures made betwene the same Erle and the lady Mary his wife and me more at large it apperithe, and for the shure payment of the same Erle I and divers of my frendes stond bounden joyntly, and also I and other stonde bounden to the use of oure lord the King for suche somes of monay as I owe to the Kinges highnes for the mariage of my said sonne. And also I am indebtid to Sir Thomas Borow, knight, for the mariage of my doughter Katherine, and for so muche as my mynde ys that my said debtes shulde be truly paid, I wyll that my executours shalhave all my goodes, cattell, leases and fermes toward the payment of my debtes and for the performance of this my wyll, and after that then all the residue be ordererd as herafter folowythe. And in caas the mariage betwen my sonne Willyam Parr and the said lady Boucha take not effect or be dissolved by death, disagrement, wardeship or otherwise, I will that all such sommes of money as shalbe repaied be bestowed in maner as folowith. Also I bequeth to Anne my doughter, over and beside my husbonds bequestes, plate to the value of fower hundryth markes when she comyth to thage of twenty yeres. And if my said doughter Anne dye before she be maryed or before she come to thage of xx yeres not marryed, that then her parte by this my will shall remayne to hur suster, Katherine Borowe. Item, I will that if my said two doughters dye before my said doughter Anne be maryed, and before the said plate be deliverid to them as ys aforesaid, lyving my said sonne Wyllyam, that then my said sonne Wyllyam have all my plate and juelles appointed to my said doughter Anne, he paying for the same twoo hundrethe markes, which monay I will shalbe bestowyd in finding of scolers marying of maydyns, and in especiall my poore kinneswymen, and in other deades of charitie. And if my said sonne Wyllyam die without issue of hys body, and my said ij doughters dye before they be maryed and before the plate be to them delivered, I will that thenne my brother, Syr Wyllyam Parr, knight, shal have asmoche plate of myn as shall amount to the some of one hundryth poundes to pray for my husbandes his brother soule and myne, and for his labour as being myn executour. And the residue of my goodes, yf my sonne and doughters dye, be given for the welthe of my husbandes soule and myn and my husbandes poore kynne and myne to have parte therof, as to Alice Cruse and Elisabeth Odell especyally, every of them to have at the lest oon hundrythe li., to other my poore kynne as shalbe thought best by thadvise of myn executours, and then the house of Deny to have one hundryth markes therof. And then the Religious of the Fryers Observauntes in England oon hundrethe poundes, and to other poore houses of Religion as shalbe thought best. And if that chaunce happin that all my said children dye, then my cousyn, Sir William Fitzwilliam, knight, to have oon hundrith poundes, and Edward Mountague to have oon

* Widow of the above Sir Thomas Parr, of Kendal. Her Inquisitio post mortem was taken 3 Oct., 24 Hen. VIII (1532).

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