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To my

hundreth poundes. Item, I will that all my peerle stones, tablettes and broches, bracelettes, beades and ringes egally shalbe ordered by myn executours in such fourme as shall appere by a cedule herunto annexed. Item, I will that myn executours shall finde my doughter Anne meate, drinke, clothes and all other thinges to her necessary tyll suche tyme as she be maryed, except she be heire to my sonne. cossin Alice Čruse, forty poundes. To my cossin Elisabeth Odell, fourty poundes. I will that my doughter, Katherine Borowe, have after my debtis paid my bedde of purple satteyne panyd with clothe of golde, and in like maner to my doughter Anne my bedde of grene tynsill and white satteyne embrotherid with blue velvit, and to every of my doughters competent stuff for yche of them for a bedde, and to yche of them a payer of fine camericke sheetes. To my doughter Katherine Borow my beades of lignum alweys dressed with goulde, which the said Quene grace gaue me.

I will that Edward Mountague have yerely six poundes thirtene shillinges foure pence; that Mawde Appowell have yerely three poundes vj s. viij d.; that my cossin, Thomas Pykering, steward of my house, yerely have fyve markes during his lyfe; that Leye Braye, my servaunt, have yerely fourty shillinges, and Henry Anynson iiij markes; Clemens Pay widdow, xx s. To the said Thomas Pykering, twenty poundes in money. The residue I gyve to my sonne Wyllyam. I will that myn apparrell be made in vestmentes and other ornamentes of the churche, and to be gevyn to Malteby, Kegworth and Nonyngton. And I ordeyne executours my good Lorde, Cutberd Tunstall, Bisshop of London, my welbeloved sonne, Wyllyam Parr, and my good brother, Sir Wyllyam Parr, knight, Edward Mountague, James Laybourn and Thomas Pykering. To my said lord of London I bequethe one ring with a table rubye, and to Syr Wyllyam Parr my ringe with an emereld, and also a chayne of goulde to the value of xx li., or elles twenty poundes some other way; to James Laybourne vjli. xiijs. iijd., and to Edward Mountague a salver of siluer. I will to my doughter Katherine these parcelles, xi perles of ij s. a peace, xv and vj pereles of iijd. a peace, a crosse of diamontes with one perle hanging therat, an eine of diamontes with thre perles therat, xvij diamontes sett with Fryers knottes, a floure with bales and a perle therat, a ring with a great paintid dyamont sett with blacke amell, a ring withe a table diamont sett with blacke amell meate for my litle finger, a payer of braselettes chayne fashion with ij iacentes in them, a payer of beades of corall with white crosses, a tablet with pictours of the kinge and the queane, a payer of greate beades


of mother of perle, a small flatte cheyn the oon link enameled in black and the other without, another small flatt cheyne without enamell, a pair of beades of lignum, a litle ring with a poyntid diamont sett with blacke enamell, a tablett wyth reliquis. Memorandum that my doughter Katheryne hath certeyne parcelles of this hir bequest in her hande as apperythe by a byll endentid be bir and me. To my doughter Anne x and x perles of ijs. a peace, il peerles at iiijd. the peace, a Katherine wheale of dyamontes with iiij perles sett in yt, a mullett of dyamontes set in maregolde and one perle at yt, a foure wt å nemorode and a ruby and one perle hangyng therat, twoo ringes with ij table dyamontes, oon sett in white enamell and the other in golde, a dyamont sett in stare with one perle at yt, a shorte flatte chayne with blacke enamell, another small chayne with black enamell, a tablyt with a picture graven of Saint Gregory, a payer of beades of golde, à payer of beades of mother of perle with a pipe of golde rynyng thorowith them, a payer of beades of iacentes with white scriptures and beades of golde betwixt them. To my lady Bouser a rose of diamontes and rubyes, a ring with a poynted diamont sett all in golde, a ring with a long tabill diamount sett in black enamell, a paier of beades of white corall gauded with golde, a tablet with a peace of tholy crosse in yt. To my sonne my braselet chayne with one great iacent in yt desiring hym to were yt for my sake. Item, all my borders of Pares workys I have disposed them to my doughter Katherine. If there remayne any borders in my handes I will them to my doughter Anne, and for all other juelles I will that they goe to the performance of my wyll.

[Proved 14 December, 1531.]



[Ayloffe, 9.] 13 April, 1518. Christofer Lacy, citezen and grocer, of London. My body to be buried in the churchyarde of Saint Magnus the Martir next London Brigge, where I am parishener, beside the body of William Lacy, late my sonne. To the high awter of the said church, iij s. iiijd. I will that all my goodes, cattalles and dettes be equally devided into thre partes, whereof one parte I bequeth to Elizabeth my wyfe, and the second parte to John, Agnes and Margaret, my childern, and to the infaunte beinge in the wombe of the said Elizabeth my wife yf any be, and yf it happen any of my said childern to dye or they shall come to lawfull age or mariage, then I will that the parte of hym or her shall remayn to the other, and the thirde parte to myn executours for the performaunce of my wille and tes ment. To my brother, Thomas Lacy, xl s., and I forgeve him xxjs. which he oweth me. To Sir Edwarde Lacy, my brother, my seconde violet gowne furred with blak bogye. To my brother, Richard Lacy, my blak gowne lyned with saint Thomas worsted and my best partelot of blak velwet. To John Vyncent and to my suster Agnes, his wife, a gowne of russet furred with blak bugge, a doblet of blak sarcenet, and in money xiij s. iiijd. To Robert, my servaunt, iij li., which iij li. I will be delivered to hym at his comynge oute of his termes, and I forgeve him one yere of his apprentishode. To John Lacy, his brother, xx s. To Hugh Lacy a dagger with a gilte hafte. To Stephyn Fettwell, my servaunt, a pece of chamlet, price of xviijs., which was delivered to Maister Mononey servaunt, and in money x s. To myn Aunt Thomson, xiij s. iiijd. To Elyn, my magde, xiij s. iijd. To Anne Browne, my worst jaket of tawny chamlet and in money vj s. viij d. To Thomas Cheverell, my silver pece. To Richard Fletcher, my best jaket of tawny chamlet. To Thomas Lameman, xiij s. iiij d., and to his wife, vj s. viijd. To John Wilford, x s. "To Richard Edsawe, my jaket of tawny worsted. To Mother Kayle, iij s. iiijd. To John Hasteler the younger, a doblett of tawny stamyn and a jaket of tawny Saint Thomas worsted. To Agnes Hasteler, a rynge of golde which myn Aunt Tomson laide to pleage to me. I will that my bowes and myn arrowes be devided amonges my companyons at the disposicion of my wyfe. To Elizabeth Hall, vj s. viijd. To John Savell, in money xx s., and xviijs. whiche he lent to Ambeler of Wakefeld. To John Palmer, taillor, a doblet of sarsenet sleved with russet. To John Walden, iij s. iiijd. To the parishe churche of Halyfax, a cope of the value of xl s. To the awter of our lady there, an awter cloth both for above and beneth of Bruges satyn, to the valour of xx s. To the chapell of Middysley, a vestment of the price of xvjs. viijd. To the parishe church of Sprydlington, a vestment of the price of xvj s. viij d. To Thomas Logh, sumtyme my faders servaunt, yf he be lyving, vj s. viij d. Towardes the makyng of roode lofte in the parishe church of Saint Magnus, xls. To the bretherhede of our Lady and to the almes in the same church, iij torches, that is to sey to either of them twoo. To John Pettyte, grocer, and to his wife, to either of them a newe blak gowne the yarde. The residue of the iiijh parte to Elizabeth my wyfe, executrice, and her coexecutour I make John Hasteler, haberdassher, and overseers, John Wattes, grocer, and Richard Panell, merchaunt taillour, and to every of them x s. and a new blak gowne of v s. the yarde, and to every of their wyves a new blak gowne.

* One of the family of Lacy of Brearley, near Halifax, a branch of the Cromwell Bothom Lacys, who probably had gone to make his fortune in London. of vs. * Daughter and coheir of Sir Miles Stapleton, of Ingham. She appears to have married first Sir Christopher Harcourt, and secondly Sir John Huddleston, of Millom, co. Cumberland.

[Proved at Lamehithe 15 May, 1518, by the executors.]

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[Ayloffe, 18.] 18 Apriell, 1518. Dame Jane Huddilston, widow, and late wif of Syr John Huddilston, knyght. To be buried within the monasterie of Heilist afore the image of our Blessid Lady of Pitee, and within the chapell of Seint Nicholas, where as my tombe is redy made. To the moder church of Worsett, vjs. viijd. To the ordres of Freres in Worcet and Gloucet, every house vj s. viij d. My will is that my sonne, John Huddilston, have and kepe hym self content with my gift of ij goblettes of silver, parcell gilt, a salt of silver, parcell gilt and pounsed, ij boltes of silver and vj spones of silver, which plate was gyven unto me with oder by the testament of my late husband his fader at his manor of Millom. To my sone Symon Hercortt, knyght, ij gobletes of silver, a salt of silver pounsed, twoo bolles of silver and vj spones of silver, in kepyng of my

lord Abbot of Heiles and his bretherne. To the aulter within the chapell of Seint Nicholas an aulter clothe of purpill damaske and twoo curtans of sarsinet to the same aulter frenged at the endis, an other aulter clothe of purpill damaske and a chales with the paten, a corporas case of clothe of gold with perlis in yt, a masse booke, a crucifix and twoo lynen aulter clothes, with twoo towelles, a pax of silver and ij cruettes of silver, all the hangynges within my chamber and my bedde that í lye in, with curtans, with twoo pillos of downe. To the same church, ij gownes of black velvet and a gown of black saten; to the vestre a cheste. It is my last wille that all my

landes within Yorkshire excepte Baynton goo to the right heires of the Hercourtes after my decease, wherin my husband, Sir John Hoddilston, dyde no wrong in his lyf lyke as he testefied, and also therof had remorsse at his departyng, and of his saying therof I recorde me to said lord Antony, now abbot of Heilis, and Thomas Sallay, now prior of the monastery. And as concernyng Baynton, it is my mynde yt shuld goo to my said sonne, John Hoddilston, for terme of his lyf, and after to

+ ? Hales, a Cistercian abbey in Gloucestershire,

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retorne to my right heires of the Hercourtes for ever. Whereas my sonne, John Hoddelston, had a feoffement within my lordship of Coterston of the yerely value of xlli., to hym and his first wif and to their heires of the gift of my husband his fader, that feoffament was made withoute my consent, and I never dyd aggre therunto. And this is my will, to have it reformed and reserved to my heires of the Hercourtes. I make Richard abbott of Wynchcome and Wyllm. Tracye, esquier, executors, and Antonye abbott of Heilis, supervisor, and for theire paynes I shall gyve unto them in my lyf the thyng they shall kepe them content withall. And the residue of all my goodes I will it be bestowed in charitable dedes.

[Proved 10 June, 1519.]


[Ayloffe, 20.] 23 Jan., 1518-19. Leonarde Midilton. To be buried afore our Lady in the Blacke Freris. To sister Jone xl li. and that at my brother gave hir with half the beddes and beddyng and all other household stuff excepte plate, lxxx shepe, vj bullockes, vj silver spones with the pece that maister Thwaytes hath and a maser. I will that Jane my nece have xx nobles, twoo beddes, 1 shepe, vj bullockes. I will that Edwarde my cosyn have oon of my copys called Stallis and my suster an other, William Rudston an other that he dwelles inne and Jane an other, that Edwarde have xl s. in money, that William Rudston have iij li. and xx shepe and a cowe that he hathe. I will that the Abbey of Shape have xl li. to buyldyng of theire stepull, that a prest have a marces to syng for me oon yere, that my brother William have x marces, Richard v marces, Charles v marces and Elsabeth my suster fyve marces and my nece Katryne fiyve marces; also that Seint Katrynes hall have v li. to fownde a dirige for me for ever. The rest I put to the distribucion of William, Doctor Ferrer, M' Raynold Baynbrigg, and Roland Bachows, executors.

[Proved 27 Aug., 1519.]



[Ayloffe, 23.] 22 Mar., 1518-19. Brian Walker, parishoner of Kirkby Kendall, at this tyme beyng in the parisshe of Newport Panell in the Dioces of Lyncolne. To be buried in the churche of Petir and Paule of Newporte aforesaid if I fortune to departe the world at this tyme. To the moder churche of Lyncolne iiijd. To the moder churche of Yorke xij d.

For the


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