Salopian Shreds and Patches, Band 2


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Seite 248 - I do love these ancient ruins. We never tread upon them but we set Our foot upon some reverend history : And, questionless, here in this open court, Which now lies naked to the injuries Of stormy weather, some men lie...
Seite 209 - I wish thee, Vin, before all wealth, Both bodily and ghostly health: Nor too much wealth, nor wit, come to thee; So much of either may undo thee. I wish thee learning, not for show, Enough for to instruct, and know; Not such as gentlemen require, To prate at table or at fire. I wish thee all thy mother's graces, Thy father's fortunes and his places. I wish thee friends...
Seite 234 - Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.
Seite 68 - Soul ! soul ! for a soul-cake ; Pray, good mistress, for a soul-cake. One for Peter, two for Paul, Three for Them who made us all. Soul ! soul ! for an apple or two ; If you've got no apples, pears will do. Up with your kettle, and down with your pan ; Cjire me a good big one, and I'll be gone.
Seite 137 - We saw Hawkestone, the seat of Sir Rowland Hill ," and were conducted by Miss Hill over a large tract of rocks and woods; a region abounding with striking scenes and terrific grandeur. We were always on the brink of a precipice, or at the foot of a lofty rock; but the steeps were seldom naked : in many places, oaks of uncommon magnitude shot up from the crannies of stone; and where there were no trees, there were underwoods and bushes.
Seite 121 - I ne'er could any lustre see In eyes that would not look on me ; I ne'er saw nectar on a lip, But where my own did hope to sip.
Seite 163 - Then, Madam,' says Mr. Fairbeard, ' you and the plain dealer seem designed by heaven for each other.
Seite 113 - Hotspur, perceiving that an engagement was unavoidable, called for his favourite sword. His attendants informed him that it was left behind at Berwick, of which village it does not appear that he had till then learned the name. At these words he turned pale, and said, ' I perceive that my plough is drawing to its last furrow, for a wizard told me in Northumberland that I should perish at Berwick : which I vainly interpreted of that town in the North.
Seite 239 - Tenants and occupiers of a certain tenement called The Forge, in the parish of St. Clement Danes, in the county of Middlesex, come forth and do your service.
Seite 224 - And more, and more, I should have done, But that I understood him scant, Now I conceive him by my want; And pray who shall my...

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