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Aboard at a ship's helm (Whitman), 586.
Abraham Davenport (Whittier), 323.
Αδακρυν νέμονται αἰῶνα (Emerson), 95.

After a Lecture on Shelley (Holmes), 364.

After a Lecture on Wordsworth (Holmes), 363.
After an Interval (Whitman), 604.

After the Burial (Lowell), 463.
After the Curfew (Holmes), 404.
Agassiz (Lowell), 501.

Agassiz, The Fiftieth Birthday of (Longfellow),


Agassiz, The Prayer of (Whittier), 342.

Al Aaraaf, Song from (Poe), 39.
Aladdin (Lowell), 500.

All Here (Holmes), 384.

America singing, I hear (Whitman), 560.
Among the Hills (Whittier), 330.
Amy Wentworth (Whittier), 304.
Anacreon, The Lyre of (Holmes), 403.
Andrew Rykman's Prayer (Whittier), 307.
Angels, Footsteps of (Longfellow), 105.
Angels of Buena Vista, The (Whittier), 277.

Annabel Lee (Poe), 56.

Annie, For (Poe), 55.

Annie and Rhoda, see The Sisters (Whittier), 339.

Antiquity of Freedom, The (Bryant), 20.

Apology, The (Emerson), 62.

April (Whittier), 284.

Arisen at Last (Whittier), 291.

Arrow and the Song, The (Longfellow), 120.

Arsenal at Springfield, The (Longfellow), 114.
Art and Nature (Longfellow), 104.

As a strong Bird on Pinions free, see Thou Mother
with thy equal brood (Whitman), 598.

As I lay with my head in your lap camerado
(Whitman), 586.

Assurances (Whitman), 553.

As the Greek's Signal Flame (Whitman), 607.
As toilsome I wander'd Virginia's woods (Whit-
man), 574.

Astræa (Whittier), 285.

At a Meeting of Friends (Holmes), 375.

At Eventide (Whittier), 347.

At the Burns Centennial (Lowell), 467.
At the Saturday Club (Holmes), 399.
Auf Wiedersehen (Lowell), 461.
Aunt, My (Holmes), 357.
Auspex (Lowell), 527.

Autocrat, Our (Whittier), 347.
Autograph, An (Whittier), 350.
Autograph, For an (Lowell), 499.
Autumn Walk, My (Bryant), 30.
Autumn Woods (Bryant), 11.
Ave Maria (Poe), 45.

Ballad of the French Fleet, A (Longfehow), 264.
Ballad of the Oysterman, The (Holmes), 355.
Barbara Frietchie (Whittier), 309.

Barclay of Ury (Whittier), 275.
Barefoot Boy, The (Whittier), 291.
Bartholdi Statue, The (Whittier), 352.

Base of all Metaphysics, The (Whitman), 589.
Bathed in war's perfume (Whitman), 581.
Battle-Field, The (Bryant), 20.
Bayard Taylor, To (Lanier), 627.

Beach at Night, On the (Whitman), 590.
Beat! Beat! Drums! (Whitman), 572.
Beauty, Ode to (Emerson), 76.
Beaver Brook (Lowell), 458.
Beethoven, To (Lanier), 619.

Beleaguered City, The (Longfellow), 106.

Belfry of Bruges, The: Carillon (Longfellow), 118
Bells, The (Poe), 53.

Bells of San Blas, The (Longfellow), 258.
'Beloved, in the noisy city here' (Lowell), 412.
Benedicite (Whittier), 283.

Bibliolatres (Lowell), 458.

Biglow Papers, The: First Series (Lowell), 430.
Biglow Papers, The: Second Series (Lowell), 472.
Bill and Joe (Holmes), 385.

Birds of Killingworth, The (Longfellow), 235.
Birthday of Agassiz, The Fiftieth (Longfellow),


Birthday of Daniel Webster (Holmes), 366.
Bivouac on a Mountain Side (Whitman), 578.
Bohemian Hymn, The (Emerson), 96.

Borrowing (Emerson), 94.

Boston Hymn (Emerson), 98.
Botanist (Emerson), 94.

Boys, The (Holmes), 374.

Brahma (Emerson), 88.

Breakfast-Table Series, Epilogue to the (Holmes),


Bridge, The (Longfellow), 119.

Broadway Pageant, A (Whitman), 567.

Brooklyn Ferry, Crossing (Whitman), 553.

Broomstick Train, The (Holmes), 405.

Brother Jonathan's Lament for Sister Caroline
(Holmes), 378.

Brown of Ossawatomie (Whittier), 302.

Bryant on his Birthday (Whittier), 312.

Bryant's Seventieth Birthday (Holmes), 382.

B. Sawin, Esq., A Second Letter from (Lowell),


Buena Vista, The Angels of (Whittier), 277.
Builders, The (Longfellow), 149.

Building of the Ship, The (Longfellow), 151.
Bunker-Hill Battle, Grandmother's Story of
(Holmes), 389.

Courtin', The (Lowell), 472.

Burial of the Minnisink (Longfellow), 103.

Burns (Whittier), 287.

Burns, see Incident in a Railroad Car (Lowell),

Burns, Robert (Longfellow), 256.

Burns Centennial, At the (Lowell), 467.
Burns Centennial Celebration, For the (Holmes),

Burns Club, For the Meeting of the (Holmes), 367.
Bust of General Grant, On a (Lowell), 530.
By the Bivouac's Fitful Flame (Whitman), 572.
By the Lakeside, Summer (Whittier), 286.

Cable Hymn, The (Whittier), 301.
California's shores, Facing west from (Whitman),

Captain! my Captain! (Whitman), 581.

Carillon, The Belfry of Bruges: (Longfellow), 118.
Carol closing Sixty-nine, A (Whitman), 607.
Casella (Emerson), 95.

Cassandra Southwick (Whittier), 267.
Cavalry crossing a Ford (Whitman), 572.
Centennial Hymn (Whittier), 346.

Centennial Ode, see Ode for the Fourth of July
(Lowell), 518.

Certain Civilian, To a (Whitman), 579.
Chambered Nautilus, The (Holmes), 368.
Changeling, The (Lowell), 429.

Channing (W. H.), Ode inscribed to (Emerson),

Charles Eliot Norton, To (Lowell), 500.
Chattahoochee, Song of the (Lanier), 621.
Chaucer (Longfellow), 245.

Children (Longfellow), 150.

Children's Hour, The (Longfellow), 232.

Child's Reminiscence, A, see Out of the cradle
endlessly rocking (Whitman), 557.
Christian Slave, The (Whittier), 272.

Churchyard at Tarrytown, In the (Longfellow),


City in the Sea, The (Poe), 42.

Clear Midnight, A (Whitman), 606.
Climacteric (Emerson), 95.

Clock on the Stairs, The Old (Longfellow), 120.
Coliseum, The (Poe), 45.

Columbus (Lowell), 418.

Columbus, Prayer of (Whitman), 601.
Columbus, Sonnets on (Lanier), 617.
Come, said my Soul (Whitman), 602.

Come up from the fields, father (Whitman), 573.
Commemoration, Ode Recited at the Harvard
(Lowell), 490.

Commonplace, The (Whitman), 608.

Concord Bridge, Ode read at the One Hundredth
Anniversary of the Fight at (Lowell), 509.

Concord Hymn (Emerson), 63.

Concord Ode (Emerson), 88.

Conductor Bradley (Whittier), 340.

Conqueror Worm, The (Poe), 47.
Contentment (Holmes), 371.
Contrast, A (Lowell), 423.

Copyright, International (Lowell), 524.
Corn, The Waving of the (Lanier), 617.
Corn Song, The (Whittier), 280.

Courtship of Miles Standish, The (Longfellow),


Cradle endlessly rocking, Out of the (Whitman),


Crossing Brooklyn Ferry (Whitman), 553.
Cross of Snow, The (Longfellow), 257.
Cumberland, The (Longfellow), 235.
Curfew (Longfellow), 121.

Curfew, After the (Holmes), 404.

Dandelion, To the (Lowell), 417.

Daniel Webster, Birthday of (Holmes), 366.
Dante (Longfellow), 118, 240.

Darest Thou now O Soul (Whitman), 595.
Davenport, Abraham (Whittier), 323.
Daybreak (Longfellow), 212.

Day is Done, The (Longfellow), 115.
Daylight and Moonlight (Longfellow), 156.
Days (Emerson), 87.

Day's Ration, The (Emerson), 85.

Deacon's Masterpiece, The (Holmes), 369.
Dead House, The (Lowell), 466.

Dead Ship of Harpswell, The (Whittier), 324.
Death, Hymn to (Bryant), 7..

Death of Lincoln, The (Bryant), 31.

Death of Queen Mercedes (Lowell), 522.
Death's Valley (Whitman), 609.
Dedication, Songs of Labor (Whittier), 282.
Delicate Cluster (Whitman), 589.

Dirge (Emerson), quoted, 62 note, and 665.
Divina Commedia (Longfellow), 240.

Dorothy Q. (Holmes), 386.

Dream-Land (Poe), 48.

Dream within a Dream, A (Poe), 41.

Dying Words of Stonewall Jackson, The (Lanier),


Each and all (Emerson), 61.
Earth-Song (Emerson), 84.
E. C. S., To (Whittier), 352.
Eldorado (Poe), 57.

Ellen, Lines to (Emerson), 59.
Ellen, To (Emerson), 59.

Ellen at the South, To (Emerson), 59.

Elmwood, The Herons of (Longfellow), 251.
Ember Picture, An (Lowell), 498.

Enchanter, The (Emerson), 96.

Endymion (Longfellow), 111.

Endymion (Lowell), 524.

English Friend, To an (Holmes), 365.

Entrance to a Wood, Inscription for the (Bryant),


Envoi: The Poet and his Songs (Longfellow), 257.
Envoi: To the Muse (Lowell), 463.

Epilogue to the Breakfast-Table Series (Holmes),

Eros (Emerson), 96.

Eternal Goodness, The (Whittier), 314.

Ethiopia saluting the Colors (Whitman), 589.

Eulalie A Song (Poe), 51.

Evangeline (Longfellow), 121.

Evening, see Summer by the Lakeside (Whittier),

Evening Song (Lanier), 616.

Evening Wind, The (Bryant), 15.

Eventide, At (Whittier), 347.

Excelsior (Emerson), 94.

Excelsior (Longfellow), 112.

Experience (Emerson), 77.

Expostulation (Whittier), 262.

Fable (Emerson), 73.

Fable for Critics, A (Lowell), 440.

Facing west from California's shores (Whitman),


Fairest of the Rural Maids (Bryant), 9.

Faith Poem, see Assurances (Whitman), 553.
Farewell of a Virginia Slave-Mother, The (Whit-
tier), 263.

Fiftieth Birthday of Agassiz, The (Longfellow),


Finale of Christus (Longfellow), 242.
First Dandelion, The (Whitman), 607.
First-Day Thoughts (Whittier), 285.
First Snow-fall, The (Lowell), 459.

Flag of Stars, thick-sprinkled bunting (Whit-
man), 580.

Flood of Years, The (Bryant), 33.

Follen, see Expostulation (Whittier), 262.

Foot-Path, The (Lowell), 499.

Footsteps of Angels (Longfellow), 105.

For an Autograph (Lowell), 499.

For Annie (Poe), 55.

Forbearance (Emerson), 73.

Foreign Lands, To (Whitman), 604.

Forerunners (Emerson), 84.

Forest Hymn, A (Bryant), 12.
Forgiveness (Whittier), 275.

For the Burns Centennial Celebration (Holmes),

For the Meeting of the Burns Club (Holmes),

'For this true nobleness I seek in vain' (Low-
ell), 410.

For Whittier's Seventieth Birthday (Holmes),


For you, O Democracy (Whitman), 561.
Fourth of July, An Ode for the (Lowell), 518.
Fragments on Nature and Life (Emerson), 90.
Fragments on the Poet and the Poetic Gift (Emer-
son), 92.

Franciscus de Verulamio sic cogitavit (Lowell),


Freedom, Stanzas on (Lowell), 414.

Friendship (Emerson), 73, 95.

Friendship, The Girdle of (Holmes), 402.

Fringed Gentian, To the (Bryant), 16.

From A Fable for Critics' (Lowell), 440.

From Alcuin (Emerson), 94.

From My Arm-Chair (Longfellow), 255.

From Paumanok starting I fly like a bird (Whit-
man), 571.

From the Flats (Lanier), 621.

From the Psalm of the West' (Lanier), 617.

From the Song of Myself' (Whitman), 533.
Fs 8. Od, To (Poe), 46.

Full of life now (Whitman), 564.

Gardener (Emerson), 94.

Garrison (Whittier), 348.

Garrison, To William Lloyd (Whittier), 260.
Garrison of Cape Ann, The (Whittier), 297.

Gaspar Becerra (Longfellow), 150.

General Grant, On a Bust of (Lowell), 530.
Giotto's Tower (Longfellow), 242.

Girdle of Friendship, The (Holmes), 402.
Give All to Love (Emerson), 85.

Give me the splendid silent sun (Whitman), 577.
Goethe, Written in a Volume of (Emerson) 65.
Good-bye (Emerson), 58.

Good-bye my Fancy (Whitman), 609.

Good Ship Union, Voyage of the (Holmes), 381.
Grandmother's Story of Bunker-Hill Battle
(Holmes), 389.

Grant (Whitman), 605.

Grant, On a Bust of General (Lowell), 530.

'Great truths are portions of the soul of man'
(Lowell), 411.

Greek's Signal Flame, As the (Whitman), 607.
Green River (Bryant), 4.
Grisette, La (Holmes), 358.

Hafiz (Emerson), 95.

Hamatreya (Emerson), 83.

Hamish, The Revenge of (Lanier), 623.

Hampton Beach (Whittier), 266.

Hanging of the Crane, The (Longfellow), 243.

Harvard Commemoration, Ode recited at the

(Lowell), 490.

Haunted Palace, The (Poe), 46.

Hawthorne (Longfellow), 239.

Heavenly Death Whispers of (Whitman), 588.

Hebe (Lowell), 428.

Height of the Ridiculous, The (Holmes), 356.
Helen, To (Poe), 41, 52.

Heri, Cras, Hodie (Emerson), 95.

Heroes, see, in the Song of Myself (Whitman), 541.
Herons of Elmwood, The (Longfellow), 251.
Hesperus, The Wreck of the (Longfellow), 107.
Hiawatha, The Song of (Longfellow), 158.
Hills, Among the (Whittier), 330.

History, Motto to the Essay on, see The Informing
Spirit (Emerson), 73.

Holidays (Emerson), 73.

Holmes, To Oliver Wendell (Whittier), 353.
Holmes, on his Seventy-fifth Birthday, To (Low-
ell), 523.

Hound, The (Lanier), 611.

How Love looked for Hell (Lanier), 626.

How the Old Horse won the Bet (Holmes), 392.

Hudson, The (Holmes), 365.

Hudson, To the (Hellman), 365, note.

Humble-Bee, The (Emerson), 63.

Hushed be the camps to-day (Whitman), 585.

Huskers, The (Whittier), 278.

H. W. L., To (Lowell), 496.

Hymn (Poe), 45.

Hymn, A Sun-Day (Holmes), 377.

Hymn, The Bohemian (Emerson), 96.

Hymn for the Celebration of Emancipation
(Whittier), 313.

Hymn of the City (Bryant), 17.

Lakeside, The (Whittier), 281.

Hymn of Trust (Holmes), 377.

Hymns of the Marshes (Lanier), 622, 628, 629.
Hymn to Death (Bryant), 7.

Hymn to the Night (Longfellow), 105.

'I ask not for those thoughts, that sudden leap'
(Lowell), 411.

Ichabod (Whittier), 282.

I dream'd in a dream (Whitman), 563.

I hear America singing (Whitman), 560.

I hear it was charged against me (Whitman), 562.
In a copy of Omar Khayyám (Lowell), 529.
Incident in a Railroad Car, An (Lowell), 413.
In clouds descending, in midnight sleep, see Old
War Dreams (Whitman), 586.
Inconnue, L' (Holmes), 357.

India, Passage to (Whitman), 590.
Indian-Summer Reverie, An (Lowell), 424.
Informing Spirit, The (Emerson), 73.

In Memory of John Greenleaf Whittier (Holmes),

In School-Days (Whittier), 337.

Inscription, see One's-self I sing (Whitman), 587.
Inscription for the Entrance to a Wood (Bryant),


Inscription proposed for a Soldiers' and Sailors'
Monument (Lowell), 524.

International Copyright (Lowell), 524.

In the Churchyard at Tarrytown (Longfellow),


In the Twilight (Lowell), 498.
Invita Minerva (Holmes), 407.
Iron Gate, The (Holmes), 397.
Ironsides, Old (Holmes), 355.

I saw in Louisiana a live-oak growing (Whitman)


I saw Old General at Bay (Whitman), 573.
Israfel (Poe), 41.

'I thought our love at full, but I did err' (Low-
ell), 430.

Jacquerie, Song for the (Lanier), 611.
James Russell Lowell (Whittier), 353.

James Russell Lowell, 1819-1891 (Holmes), 407.
James Russell Lowell, To (Holmes), 402.

J. D. R. (Holmes), 380.

John Greenleaf Whittier, In Memory of (Holmes),


Jonathan to John (Lowell), 478.

Joy, Shipmate, Joy! (Whitman), 596.

Jugurtha (Longfellow), 256.

June (Bryant), 14.

J. W., To (Emerson). 80.

Keats (Longfellow), 246.

Keats (Spingarn), 246, note.

Keats, To the Spirit of (Lowell), 411.

Killed at the Ford (Longfellow), 241.

Killingworth, The Birds of (Longfellow), 235.

Ladder of Saint Augustine, The (Longfellow),

La Grisette (Holmes), 358.
Lake, The (Poe), 659

Lakeside, Summer by the (Whittier), 286.
La Maison d'Or (Holmes), 404.

Lament for Sister Caroline, Brother Jonathan's
(Holmes), 378.

Last Eve of Summer, The (Whittier), 353.
Last Invocation, The (Whitman), 595.
Last Leaf, The (Holmes), 358.

Last Walk in Autumn, The (Whittier), 292.
Latest Views of Mr. Biglow (Lowell), 484.
Latter-Day Warnings (Holmes), 368.
Laus Deo! (Whittier), 312.

Lending a Punch-Bowl, On (Holmes), 359.
Lenore (Poe), 43.

L'Envoi: The Poet and his Songs (Longfellow),


L'Envoi: To the Muse (Lowell), 463.

Letter from Mr. Ezekiel Biglow of Jaalam to the
Hon. J. T. Buckingham, A (Lowell), 430.
Lexington (Whittier), 345.

Life, Fragments on (Emerson), 91.
Lifetime, A (Bryant), 31.
Ligeia, Song to (Poe), 40.

Light of Stars, The (Longfellow), 104.
Lincoln, The Death of (Bryant), 31.
L'Inconnue (Holmes), 357.

Lines to Ellen (Emerson), 59.

Little People of the Snow, The (Bryant), 24.
Living Temple, The (Holmes), 369.

Locomotive in Winter, To a (Whitman), 604.
L. of G.'s Purport (Whitman), 609.

Longings for Home, see O Magnet-South (Whit
man), 565.

Long, too long America (Whitman), 578.

Lords of Life, The, see Experience, (Emerson)


Lost Occasion, The (Whittier), 348.
Lost Youth, My (Longfellow), 210.
Love (Emerson), 91.

Lowell, James Russell (Whittier), 353.

Lowell, James Russell, 1819-1891 (Holmes), 407
Lowell, To James Russell (Holmes), 402.
Lyre of Anacreon, The (Holmes), 403.

Magnet-South (Whitman), 565.
Maidenhood (Longfellow), 112.
Maison d'Or, La (Holmes), 404.
Mannahatta (Whitman), 565.
Marguerite (Whittier), 336.

Marion's Men, Song of (Bryant), 17.

Marshes of Glynn, The (Lanier), 622.

Marsh Song-at Sunset (Lanier), 628.

Masaccio (Lowell), 465.

Mason and Slidell (Lowell), 473.

Massachusetts to Virginia (Whittier), 270.

Master, Our (Whittier), 325.

Maud Muller (Whittier), 289.

Meeting, The (Whittier), 327.

Me Imperturbe (Whitman), 560.

Memorial Poems, Three (Lowell), 509.

Memories (Whittier), 265.

Merlin (Emerson), 81.

Merops (Emerson), 86.

Merrimac, The (Whittier), 264.

[blocks in formation]

Milton (Longfellow), 246.

Miner, The (Lowell), 496.

Minnisink, Burial of the (Longfellow), 103.
Miracles (Whitman), 552.

Mississippi at Midnight, Sailing the (Whitman),

Mocking Bird, The (Lanier), 620.

Molinos, The Three Silences of (Longfellow), 253.
Monna Lisa (Lowell), 528.

Monument Mountain (Bryant), 9
Morituri Salutamus (Longfellow), 248.
Mother of a Mighty Race (Bryant), 21.

Mother with thy equal brood, Thou (Whitman),

Mountain and the Squirrel, The (Emerson), 73.
Mr. Hosea Biglow to the Editor of the 'Atlantic
Monthly' (Lowell), 486.

Muse, To the (Lowell), 463.
Music (Emerson), 96.
Musketaquid (Emerson), 86.
My Annual (Holmes), 383.
My Aunt (Holmes), 357.

My Autumn Walk (Bryant), 30.
My Birthday (Whittier), 338.

My Captain! (Whitman), 581.

My Garden (Emerson), 100.

My Lost Youth (Longfellow), 210.

My Love (Lowell), 410.

My Love, I have no fear that thou shouldst die'
(Lowell), 411.

My Mother, To (Poe), 55.

My Playmate (Whittier), 303.

My Psalm (Whittier), 301.

Myself and Mine (Whitman), 567.

My 71st Year (Whitman), 608.
My Springs (Lanier), 612.
Mystery, A (Whittier), 341.

Mystic Trumpeter, The (Whitman),
My Triumph (Whittier), 337.

Nature (Emerson), 77, 87, 90, 94.

Nature (Longfellow), 252.

Nature, Art and (Longfellow), 104.

Nature, The Worship of (Whittier), 327.

Nature and Life, Fragments on (Emerson), 90.

Nature in Leasts (Emerson), 95.

Nautilus, The Chambered (Holmes), 368.
Nearing the Snow-Line (Holmes), 386.
Night (Longfellow), 257.

Night, Hymn to the (Longfellow), 105.
Night and Day (Lanier), 611.

Nightingale in the Study, The (Lowell), 497.
Night in June (Emerson), 91.

Night on the Prairies (Whitman), 564.
Night-Songs, Wanderer's (Longfellow), 149.
Nobler Lover, The (Lowell), 528.

Noiseless patient spider, A (Whitman), 590.

Noon, see Summer by the Lakeside (Whittier),

Northman (Emerson), 94.

Norton, To Charles Eliot (Lowell), 500.

Not the Pilot (Whitman), 587.
Nuremberg (Longfellow), 116.

O Captain! my Captain! (Whitman), 581.
October (Bryant), 14.

Ode for the Fourth of July, An (Lowell), 518.
Ode, inscribed to W. H. Channing (Emerson), în.
Ode read at the One Hundredth Anniversary of
the Fight at Concord Bridge (Lowell), 509.
Ode recited at the Harvard Commemoration
(Lowell), 490.

Ode sung in the Town Hall, Concord (Emerson)


Ode to Beauty (Emerson), 76.

'O fairest of the rural maids' (Bryant), 9.
Of that blithe throat of thine (Whitman), 606.
Old Age's Ship and Crafty Death's (Whitman),


Old Age, Thanks in (Whitman), 608.

Old Clock on the Stairs, The (Longfellow), 120.
Old General at Bay (Whitman), 573.

Old Ironsides (Holmes), 355.

Old Man Dreams, The (Holmes), 366.

Old Téméraire, Turner's (Lowell), 530.

Old-time Sea-fight, An, see, in the Song of Myself
(Whitman), 542.

Old War-Dreams (Whitman), 586,

Oliver Wendell Holmes, To (Whittier), 353.

O Magnet-South (Whitman), 565.

Omar Khayyám, In a Copy of (Lowell), 529.

'O moonlight deep and tender' (Lowell), 412.
'O mother of a mighty race' (Bryant), 21.
On a Bust of General Grant (Lowell), 530.
On Board the '76 (Lowell), 489.

'One-Hoss Shay,' The Wonderful (Holmes), 369.
One's-self I sing (Whitman), 587.

On Lending a Punch-Bowl (Holmes), 359.

On the Beach at Night (Whitman), 590.

Open Road, Song of the (Whitman), 547.

Origin of Didactic Poetry, The (Lowell), 465.

O Star of France (Whitman), 596.

Others may praise what they like (Whitman),

Our Autocrat (Whittier), 347.

Our Country's Call (Bryant), 24.

'Our love is not a fading, earthly flower' (Lowell),


Our Master (Whittier), 325.

Our River (Whittier), 304.

Our State (Whittier), 281.

Our Yankee Girls (Holmes), 359.

Out of the cradle endlessly rocking (Whitman),


Out of the rolling ocean the crowd (Whitman),

Over the carnage rose prophetic a voice (Whit
man), 578.

Ox-Tamer, The (Whitman), 603.

Oysterman, The Ballad of the (Holmes), 385.

Palinode (Lowell), 462.

Pan (Emerson), 96.

Parson Turell's Legacy (Holmes), 372.

Parting Hymn (Holmes), 379.

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