The Open Mind: Essays in Honour of Christopher Rowland

Kevin Sullivan, Jonathan Knight
Bloomsbury Publishing, 26 févr. 2015 - 224 pages
This Festschrift draws on the research interests of Christopher Rowland. The collection of essays comes from former doctoral students and other friends, many of whom shed light on the angelic contribution to the thought-world of developing Christianity. The significance of the Jewish contribution to developing Christian ideology is critically assessed, including the impact of the original Jewish sources on the earliest Christian belief.

The distinguished contributors to this volume include April DeConick, Paul Foster, John Rogerson, Tobias Nicklas and Andrei Orlov.

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Escape from the Wheel of Time The Cognitive Basis for Gnostic Ascent Practices
On Trees and Visionaries The Role of the Cosmic Tree and Related Material in Baruch Daniel and PseudoDanielic Literature
Performing the Cosmic Mystery of the Church in the Communities of the Didache
The Similitudes of Enoch 1 Enoch 3771 The Son of Man Apocalyptic Messianism and Political Theology
The Open Hell A Study of the Apocalypse of Peter
The Descending Son of Man in the Gospel of John A Polemic Against Mystical Ascent to See God
Heavenly Mysteries and Earthly Riches An Apocalyptic Perspective on the Proper Use of Wealth in the Gospel According to Luke?
The Christology of the Ascension of Isaiah Docetic or Polymorphic?
Drink the Cup which I Promised You Apocalypse Of Peter 144 Peters Death and the End of Times
The Demise of the Antagonist in the Apocalyptic Scapegoat Tradition
Reading Leviticus Today
Jesus Angels and the Honeycomb in Luke 2442
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Before Mary and Jesus There was Raphael An Antecedent to the Angelic Incarnations of Jewish Christianity and Its Gospels

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Jonathan Knight is Research Fellow of the Katie Wheeler Trust and formerly Visiting Fellow in New Testament and Christian Ministry at York St. John University, UK.

Kevin Sullivan is Associate Professor and Chair of the Religion Department at Illinois Wesleyan University, USA.

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