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[blocks in formation]

4 A

J and also (but and) 2 wet place of execution

large short-winged hawk or falcon. 5 sound 6 birch

'baywindow; hinged 8 maids

window 101 yesterday evening

7 went

23. Her mither an her sisters fair

Gard work for her a sark;
The tae half was o cambrick fine,

The tither o needle wark.

24. The firstin kirk that they came till,

They gard the bells be rung,
An the nextin kirk that they came

They gard the mess be sung.

25. The thirdin kirk that they came till,

They dealt gold for her sake,
An the fourthin kirk that they came

Lo, there they met her make!

26. "Lay down, lay down the bigly bier.

Lat me the dead look on;"
Wi cherry cheeks and ruby lips

She lay an smil'd on him.


27. “O ae sheave

o your bread, true love, An ae glass o your wine, For I hae fasted for your sake

14. She's doen her to her father dear,

Fa'n low down on her knee: “A boon, a boon, my father dear,

I pray you, grant it me.”
15. "Ask on, ask on, my daughter,

An granted it sal be;
Except ae squire in fair Scotlan,

An him you sall never see.”

16. “The only boon, my father dear,

That I do crave of the,
Is, gin I die in southin' lands,

In Scotland to bury me.

17. “An the firstin kirk that ye come till,

Ye gar the bells be rung,
An the nextin kirk that ye come till,

Ye gar the mess be sung.

18. “An the thirdin kirk that ye come

You deal gold for my sake,
An the fourthin kirk that ye come

You tarry there till night.”

These fully days is nine.

19. She is doen her to her bigly? bowr,

As fast as she coud fare,
An she has tane a sleepy draught,

That she had mixed wi care.

20. She's laid her down upon her bed,

An soon she's fa'n asleep, And soon oer every tender limb

Cauld death began to creep.

28. "Gang hame, gang hame, my seven

bold brothers, Gang hame and sound your horn; An ye may boast in southin lans

Your sister's playd you scorn.”



21. Whan night was flown, an day was

come, Nae ane that did her see But thought she was as surely dead

As ony lady coud be.

22. Her father an her brothers dear

Gard ? make to her a bier;
The tae half was o guide red gold,

The tither o silver clear.

1. When shawes & beene sheene, and

shradds 8 full fayre, And leeves both large and longe, Itt is merry, walking in the fayre


To heare the small birds songe. 4 shirt

7 beautiful

1 southern
. commodious

3 caused, "had"

5 slice

& twigs

[blocks in formation]

7. A sword and a dagger he wore by his

side, Had beene many a mans bane, And he was cladd in his capull-hyde,

Topp, and tayle, and mayne.

15. John bent up a good viewe? bow,

1 woodpecker a leaves of lindens


And ffetteled him to shoote;
The bow was made of a tender

And fell downe to his foote.


strong * horse hide

strange glade


16. "Woe worth thee, wicked wood,” 24. “I am wilfull of my way," quoth Sir sayd Litle John,

Guye, That ere thou grew on a tree!

"And of my morning tyde:” Ffor this day thou art my bale,

"I'le lead thee through the wood," My boote when thou shold bee!”

quoth Robin,

"Good ffellow, I'le be thy guide.” 17. This shoote it was but looselye shott, The arrowe flew in vaine,

25. “I seeke an outlaw," quoth Sir Guye, And it mett one of the sheriffes men;

"Men call him Robin Hood; Good William a Trent was slaine. I had rather meet with him upon a

day 18. It had beene better for William a

Then forty pound of golde."
To hange vpon a gallowe

26. If you tow mett, itt wold be seene Then for to lye in the greenwoode,

whether were better There slaine with an arrowe.

Afore yee did part awaye;

Let us some other pastime find, 19. And it is sayd, when men be mett,

Good ffellow, I thee pray. Six can doe more then three: And they have tane Litle John, 27. “Let us some other masteryes 1 make, And bound him ffast to a tree.

And wee will walke in the woods

even; 20. “Thou shalt be drawen by dale and Wee may chance mee[t] with Robin downe," quoth the sheriffe,

Hoode "And hanged hye on a hill:”

Att some unsett steven. "But thou may ffayle," quoth Litle John,

28. They cutt them downe the summer “If itt be Christs owne will.”


Which grew both under a bryar, 21. Let us leave talking of Litle John,

And sett them three score rood in For hee is bound fast to a tree,

twinn, And talke of Guy and Robin Hood,

To shoote the prickes * full neare. In the green woode where they bee.

29. “Leade on, good ffellow," sayd Sir 22. How these two yeomen together they mett,

"Lead on, I doe bidd thee:” Under the leaves of lyne,

"Nay, by my faith," quoth Robin To see what marchandise they made

Even at that same time.

“The leader thou shalt bee."

" 2



23. “Good morrow, good fellow,” quoth

Sir Guy;
“Good morrow, good ffellow,"

quoth hee;
“Methinkes by this bow thou beares

in thy hand,
A good archer thou seems to bee.”

30. The first good shoot that Robin ledd

Did not shoote an inch the pricke

ffroe; Guy was an archer good enoughe,

But he cold neere shoote soe.

1 feats of skill
unappointed time

3 wands
* wand to shoot at


[blocks in formation]

36. He that had neither been: a kithe

nor kin Might have seene a full fayre

43. Saies, "Lye there, lye there, good

Sir Guye,
And with me be not wrothe;
If thou have had the worse stroakes

To see how together these yeomen

With blades both browne and


at my hand, Thou shalt have the better


1 Presumably around the wand.

> prepared

3 careless of

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