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44. Robin did off his gowne of greene, Seeing thy asking (hath] beene soe Sir Guy hee did it throwe;

badd, And hee put on that capull-hyde,

Well granted it shall be."
That cladd him topp to toe.

52. But Litle John heard his master 45. “The bowe, the arrowes, and litle

speake, horne,

Well he knew that

his And with me now I'le beare;

steven;2 Ffor now I will goe to Barn[e]sdale,

"Now shall I be loset," quoth Litle To see how my men doe ffare."


"With Christs might in heaven." 46. Robin sett Guyes horne to his mouth,

A lowd blast in it he did blow; That beheard the sheriffe of Not

53. But Robin hee hyed him towards tingham,

Litle John,
As he leaned under a lowe.1

Hee thought hee wold loose him

belive; 3 47. "Hearken! hearken!” sayd the

The sheriffe and all his companye sheriffe,

Fast after him did drive. “I heard noe tydings but good; For yonder I heare Sir Guyes horne

54. "Stand abacke! stand abacke!” sayd blowe,

For he hath slaine Robin Hoode.

“Why draw you mee soe neere?

Itt was never the use in our countrye 48. “For yonder I heare Sir Guyes horne

One's shrift another shold heere." blow, Itt blowes soe well in tyde, For yonder comes that wighty yeo

55. But Robin pulled forth an Irysh

Cladd in his capull-hyde.

And losed John hand and ffoote,

And gave him Sir Guyes bow in his “Come hither, thou good Sir Guy,

hand, Aske of mee what thou wilt have":

And bade it be his boote. "I'le none of thy gold," sayes Robin Hood,

56. But John tooke Guyes bow in his "Nor I'le none of itt have.


His arrowes were rawstye by the tó. “But now I have slaine the master," }

roote he sayd,

The sheriffe saw Litle John draw a "Let me goe strike the knave;

bow This is all the reward I aske,

And ffettle him to shoote.
Nor noe other will I have.”

57. Towards his house in Nottingam 51. “Thou art a madman,” said the

He ffled full fast away, shiriffe,

And soe did all his companye, “Thou sholdest have had a knights

Not one behind did stay. ffee;

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1 hill

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17. “O welcome, O welcome,” the bishop

he said, “That musick best pleaseth me;" "You shall have no musick," quoth

Robin Hood, “Till the bride and the bridegroom

I see.”

18. With that came in a wealthy knight,

Which was both grave and old, And after him a finikin ? lass,

Did shine like glistering gold.

24. Robin Hood pulld off the bishops

coat, And put it upon Little John; "By the faith of my body," then

Robin said, “This cloath doth make thee a

man.' 25. When Little John went into the

quire, The people began for to laugh; He askt them seven times in the

church, Least three times should not be

enough. 26. “Who gives me this maid?” then

said Little John; Quoth Robin, "That do I, And he that doth take her from Allin

a Dale

Full dearly he shall her buy." 27. And thus having ended this merry

The bride lookt as fresh as

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20. Then Robin Hood put his horn to

his mouth, And blew blasts two or three; When four and twenty bowmen bold

Came leaping over the lee.


And so they returned to the merry

green wood,
Amongst the leaves so green.

pause nor stop

a fine; elaborately dressed

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11. "O thine apparel is good," he said,

“And mine is ragged and torn; Whereever you go, wherever you

ride, Laugh neer an old man to scorn.”

5. “They have no parishes burnt, good

12. “Come change thy apparel with me,

old churl, Come change thy apparel with

mine; Here are twenty pieces of good broad

gold, Go feast thy brethren with wine.”

13. Then he put on the old man's hat,

It stood full high on the crown:

Nor yet have ministers slain,
Nor have they robbed any virgin,
Nor with other men's wives have


6. "O what have they done?” said

bold Robin Hood,
“I pray thee tell to me”:
"It's for slaying of the king's fallow

Bearing their long bows with


* pilgrim, beggar

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19. “O save, O save, O sheriff,” he said,

"O save, and you may see! And what will you give to a silly old



Came riding over the hill.

To-day will your hangman be?”

27. The next loud blast that he did give,

He blew both loud and amain,

3 front

1 fight
a breeches

• fear

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