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SERM. World that will be sufficient. No: Follow

V. the most useful Calling you can think of, with war the utmost Diligence, the strictest Honesty,

and the highest Honour ; yet this, I say, tho' it may gain you Reputation here, will not alone secure your Happiness hereafter. For the next World has it's proper Business, it's peculiar Employs, as well as this : And unless you mind the one as well as the other, it is impofsible you should ever succeed in both. You may as well expect to grow rich in this World, by being always at Prayers, or hearing Sermons, or doing Works of Beneficence and Charity only; as you can expect to be happy in the World to come, by minding the Affairs of the present only.

If indeed the Happiness of this World alone will content you; if you think of no Heaven, but what Earth can afford; Why then it is true, Application and Diligence, (should God permit them to succeed, and not awaken you by Disappointments into a Sense of your Mistake) may, it is possible, procure you that Happiness. But be prevailed on for once, to cast up beforehand the Value of such a Happiness, provided you could be sure of it. Call all the Pleasures of the World before you, and ask if any of them can recompence

the the Forfeiture of those everlasting Felicities, serm. which you must give up for their Sake? Ask, V. if the highest Enjoyments of this World delom ferve your Affection better, than those of Heaven above? Are they more worthy in themselves, or beneficial to you ; that you can hearken to their Call rather than to your Redeemer's? Do you expect to enjoy them for ever in Quiet, or to be everlastingly happy by what they can procure? Will they be able to protect you at the Hour of Death? or to plead your Cause at the Day of Judgment? No, no, vain Souls! they do but deceive you with a smiling Look, as you'll find at last by dear Experience. Their Joys and Delights, will in a Moment be pass’d away, and then will your short lived, imaginary Heaven, end in a real, everlasting Hell. So soon will you find true, what you have so often been told, that, there is another Life to succeed this, whether you will think it worth your while to spare Time from this to prepare for it, or not. It is my Duty, however, to be constantly reminding you, that all the Satisfactions you propose to yourselves from this World, are deceitful and vain. It is the Heaven above, that must yield you any true and lasting Content; it is that alone that can fill your VOL. III.



SERM. Desires. Take then away your Flatteries, . V. falle World, and leave ús free for better w Thoughts. Thou, Lord, art the Author of

all we have, the only Object of all we hope : And therefore, as thou hast prepared a Heaven for us, O may thy Grace prepare us for it! Turn thou, Dear Lord, thy Eyes to us, and with thy Apostle St Matthew, turn and keep our Eyes still fixed on thee. 'Tis thee, O gracious and bountiful Saviour, 'tis thee we chuse, and dedicate ourselves to obey thy Call. Thou art our sole and absolute Lord, be thou our Portion and Assistance for ever. Do thou,

0 Almighty God, who by thy Blessed Son, didst call Matthew from the Receipt of Custom, to be an Apostle and Evangelift ; Grant us Grace to forsake all covetous Defres, and inordinate Love of Riches, and to follow the Jame thy Son Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with thee, and the Holy Ghost, one God, World without End, Amen.


SERMON VI. The Fall of Judas, and Election of


ACTS i. 23, 24, 25, 26. And they appointed two, Foseph called Barsa: bas (who was Jurnamed Justus) and Mat

thias. . And they prayed and said, Thou Lord, which knowejt the Hearts of all Men, Mhew whether of these two thou hast chosen. That he may take part of the Ministry and Apostleship, from which Judas by Transgrespon fell, that he might go to his own Place. And they gave forth their Lots; and the Lot fell upon Matthias, and he was numbered with the eleven Apostles.

T Ý E this Day commemorate, my A good Christian Brethren, one of

the Heroes of our holy Religion, an eminent Apostle, Martyr, and Saint; but one that was called to the first of those Dig

K 2


SERM. nities, not immediately by our Lord himself,

VI. whilft he was conversant in the Flesh, but m substituted in the room of one of the original

Apostles, partly by the Election of the rest of the College, and partly by the Influence and Determination of the Spirit's guiding, directing, and closing the Apostles Choice. A particular Account of the whole Transaction has been read to you, in the Portion of Scripture appointed for the Epistle for the Day; part of which, I have now read again for my Text: In which you have heard, that after St Peter had in a full Assembly notified the Fall and Death of Judas, and the Necessity there was, that his Vacancy should be supplied by another chosen out of the Disciples to fill his Room, the Church, in pursuance of what Peter had moved, appointed two, &c. as in the Text to the end of ver. 25. And after the Prayer they gave forth their Lots; and the Lot fell upon Matthias : And he was numbered with the eleven Apostles.

This is the Scripture, and this the Story, which this Day's Service calls to our Thoughts: And to give it a proper and due Consideration, I propose to speak to it in the following Order.

I. First,

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