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SERM vi. 12. or, (or as it is better rendered in

XII. the Margin of our Bibles) against wicked am Spirits in heavenly Places *.


* Not that the Air is the only Place which these Spi: tits infeft ; for we have many Intimations in the holy Scriptures, that they inhabit the other Elements also, either as their Prison, or their Province. For as in the Revelation we read of an Angel of Fire in one place, and of an Angel of Waters in another; and again amongst the Jews of an Angel of the Air, and of an Angel of the Duft, Rev. xiv. 18. xvi. 5. as of good and ministring Spirits of God, that have Power and Command in those Elements, as Provinces assigned to them; fo if we turn to other places of the Bible, we shall meet with wicked Spirits or Devils in the fame Places to oppose them. For thus when the De. folations of Babylon are foretold for their Tyranny and Ope pression over the People of God, it is more than once declared, that the wild Beasts of the Defart, and the wild Beafts of the Islands shall meet together to inhabit it, Ifa. xiii. 21. xxxiv. 11. Jer. 1. 39. Now what the Texts call wild Beafts of the Defart, and wild Beasts of the Islands, are ftiled in the Margin, agreeably to the Original, the Ziim, and the Tjim, i. e. the Devils of the Land, and the Devils of the Sea : Intimating no Doubt, that the Devils that delighted in à forsaken Sea, and a desolate Land, fhould, when Babylon was destroyed, meet and rejoice in che Place where she had stood, as in lonely Habitations. Accordingly if we compare with the Places now mentioned, the Prophecy in Baruch of the real Babylon's Ruin, and the Account in the Revelation, of the Downfal of mystical Babylon or Rome, we shall find the Interpretation of the abovecited Prophecies wonderfully confirmed. For Baruch, foretelling the Ruin and Destruction of ancient Babylon, prophesies expressly, that he shall be inhabited of

... Devils

the Place wherBabylon was de frein and a defolate De

And thus far I think, we have proceed-S ERM. ed with pretty sure Footing; I have had XI. the Bible before me, in almost every par

. ticular; Devils for a long Time. Baruc. iv. 35. And the Angel in the Revelation, rejoicing over new Babylon destroyed, triumphs in the like Terms, Babylon the great is fallens is fallen, and is become the Habitation of Devils, and the Hold of every foul Spirit, Rev. xviii. 2. The Wa. ters then, and the Earth, the Defarts, and the isands, as well as the lower Heavens and Air, are haunted and porsessed with the apostate Angels, each of them chiefly keeping their Abode in the Elements in which they are either confined, or themselves delight in. A Doctrine which by the Way, helps us to understand several Passages in the Gospel of our Lord, as where, for Instance, he speaks of an unclean Spirit, who, when he goes out of a Man, walks through dry Places, seeking Rejt, Matt. xii. 43. i. e. Thro, desart Places, without Water, and uninhabited except by Devils : When again we are told, that Jesus himself, was led up into the Wilderness, to be tempted of the Devil, Matt. iv. 1. And when lastly, we have an Account of evil Spirits hurrying the Persons; unhappily possessed by them, into Fire and Water, into the Wilderness, and among Tombs, and when entring, by the Sufferance of our Lord, into Swine. forcing about two thousand of them at once into the sea, Mar. v. '1–13. compared with Luk. viii. 26-33. Mar. ix. 22. The casting of one and the fame Person possessed, into opposite Elements, may easily be accounted for, by sup. posing the same Person, to have had several different Devils in him: As is expressly said to have been the Case of one of them, into whom we are told many Devils had entered, Luke viii. 30. So that in Reality, these Passages in the New Testament, not only are illustrated by the Doctrine, that may be deduced from others in the Old; but they also in some Measure, confirm the Truth of the Observations, which I have made upon the Old

Vo:. III.

SER M. ticular; and if I have not mistaken the Sense,

XII. the Authorities I have produced for what I I have advanced, are good and solid. But now

Curiosity, which is boundless, and does not love to have it's Enquiries confined, is ready to prompt me to ask a further Question still, viz. Why the Angels that sinned, must be imprisoned and confined about our Earth, why they that forsook their own Habitation must dwell with us; or why, “when we have supposed so many other Worlds in Being, ours in particular should be allotted for their Mansion from amongst them all. This is a Question, I say, my Curiosity would alk; but I don't know where to look in the Bible for a direct Answer. And yet methinks, I could guess at some, which shall not contradict nor interfere with any single Text whatever, though it is such a one as, could I be sure it was true, would help to explain and illustrate several. But to lay a Foundation for it, you must allow me to return to my former Hypothesis ; and to suppose. that the fallen Angels once inhabited a World or Orb, somewhere higher in the Heavens than we are in : Grant me this, and that their Sin consisted in disliking that World, or the Situation of it at least, as not being near


enough to the Shechinah, or Glory, or Throne serm. of God, in the highest Heavens, as I have XII. already supposed ; and then I would sup-Car pose further, that God, for their Punishment, might cast them and their World, to a further or remoter Distance from him, might destroy the Orb; or reduce it to a Chaos or Heap of Confufion, and then repair it into this very Planet which we inhabit, as new Creatures designed by God; to repair the Breach which their Fall has made in 'Heaven, at a Time when this Earth shall again become a bright fixed Star, and be placed perhaps in that very individual Point in the Heavens, which it poffefled before the Angels fell. If this fbould be the Case; we then may easily account why the fallen Angels are allotted to wander in this World particularly, since it is the very World, which they occafioned to be reduced from a Star, to a Planet; and which for their Punishment they are condemned to wander in, whilft it is a Planet, and in which perhaps they may be fixed in everlasting Torments, when it shall become a Star again. This is my Hypothesis : But where, you will ask me, is my Scripture for it? And I must fairly acknowledge, that I have none direct : But


$ E R M. taking it as an Hypothesis, there are some few
XII. Texts which I think of, and more perhaps,

that don't come into my Mind, which in
some Measure countenance it, as being (if it
be true) illustrated by it.

But first, let me guard against the Objections
which may be raised from the first Chapter
of Genehs, where because it is said, that in the
Beginning God created the Heavens and the
Earth, some may urge, that the Heavenly
Bodies, and this Planet of the Earth, in it's
present Form, were created together. But
there is no Necessity to expound the Words
so: The Text is safe if we read it thus: In
the Beginning God created the Heavens, and
that Orb which is now the Earth, and that
Orb, which is now the Earth, was (or be-
came in Process of Time) without Form and
void, i. e. became a Chaos, out of which
God formed, or created the present Earth for
the Use of Man, as Moses describes. So that
notwithstanding what Mofes says, there might
have been a happy State of this Orb, before
the Chaos: Neither is it easy to conceive, that
a good God could produce any Thing even at
first, in Confusion and Disorder: He fure,
that spoke them into Order at last, might,
and very probably did, create them fo at first.


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