The Koran: Or, Essays, Sentiments, Characters, and Callimachies, of Tria Juncta in Uno, M.N.A. Or Master of No Arts. Three Volumes Complete in One


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Seite 86 - ... directed always to be left with the memorandums, the writing to be paid for on delivery, according to the subject.
Seite 139 - A PERSON may not merit favour, as that is only the claim of man, but can never demerit charity, for that is the command of God. 2. In Sophocles, Jocafta prays to the Lycian Apollo, and fays, " That fhe came to his temple, becaufe it
Seite 224 - Dorothy * — returned home crying one day , becaufe a criminal , whom fhe had obtained leave to go fee executed, happened to get a reprieve. She had no fpleen to the fellow — for he had been condemned only for a rape ; nor war fhe of a cruel nature — but Che had loft a light.
Seite 67 - ... thoufand of the orifices through which we daily tranfpire. 3. Water can be made to freeze in the middle of fummer, provided that 'tis brought clofe to the fire. 4. A lens of ice may be ufed as a Lurning-ghifs. 5. A line of but an inch long, is capable of being divided into as many parts, as one of a mile in length. 6. The fun' is fome millions of miles nearer to us in winter than in fummer.
Seite 229 - Huchefon, in his philofophic treatife on beauty , harmony , and order, plus's and minus's you to heaven or hell, by algebraic equations — fo that none but an expert mathematician can ever be able to fettle his accounts with St. Peter— and perhaps St. Matthew, who had been an officer in the cuftoms, muft be called in to audite them.
Seite 205 - ... punctually observed to the year of his death. It was, perhaps, a thought of the like nature, which determined Homer himself to divide each of his poems into as many books, as there are letters in the Greek alphabet. Herodotus has in the same manner adapted his books to the number of the Muses, for which reason many a learned man hath wished there had been more than nine of that sisterhood.
Seite 126 - What makes the difference between a chafte woman and a frail one ? The one had ftruggled, and the other not. Between a brave "man, and a coward? The one had ftruggled,. and the other not.
Seite 153 - There is no expreffion in any of them, which conveys the comprehenfive idea of this epithet. May we not from hence fuppofe,. that the character here intended, as well as the expreffion, is peculiar to thefe kingdoms ?—And, indeed,. it is in aland; of liberty only that a man can be completely clever.
Seite 32 - I ameafy on this fcore , whether they allow me wit, or no. CHAP. X. OF WIT, IN MORALS. I FORMERLY ufed to prefer Pliny's Epiftles, and Seneca's Morals, before Cicero's writings of both kinds — becaufe of the points of wit, and quaint turns, in the former. — I remember , when I thought Horace and Catullus...
Seite 37 - I do not deny the man his merits, as he has alfo the candour not to refufe me mine — for though we are both great rivals, it is in a fentiment that ought to make us the greater friends We feem equally to wifh, and moft fervently pray, for " Glory " to God in the higheft, and on earth peace, good will towards men.

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