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Dowd digs in to a somewhat unfamiliar topic: native American spiritualism. It was part aspiration and part salvation. It was the nativistic mindset of some Indian leaders -- spanning the Great Lakes ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

A SPIRITED RESISTANCE: The North American Indian Struggle for Unity, 1745-1815

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A fresh and thorough review of the role of prophets and religion in Native American relations with Europeans and Americans during a critical period of contact. Reassessing conventional wisdom about ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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Seite 83 - And whereas the Senate of the United States have approved of the said arrangement and recommended that it should be carried into effect, the same having also received the sanction of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, acting in the name and on the behalf of His...
Seite 83 - If either party should hereafter be desirous of annulling this stipulation, and should give notice to that effect to the other party, it shall cease to be binding after the expiration of six months from the date of such notice.
Seite 41 - The day that France takes possession of New Orleans fixes the sentence which is to restrain her forever within her low water mark. It seals the union of two nations who, in conjunction, can maintain exclusive possession of the ocean. From that moment we must marry ourselves to the British fleet and nation.
Seite 130 - It is agreed that the citizens and inhabitants of the United States shall have the right to navigate the River St. Lawrence, and the canals in Canada used as the means of communicating between the great lakes and the Atlantic Ocean, with their vessels, boats, and crafts, as fully and freely as the subjects of Her Britannic Majesty, subject only to the same tolls and other assessments as now are, or may hereafter be, exacted of Her Majesty's said subjects ; it being understood, however, that the British...
Seite 101 - That the President of the United States be requested to communicate to this House, if compatible with the public service, whether the Government of Great Britain has expressed to the Government of the United States a desire to annul the arrangement entered into between the two Governments in the month of April, 1817, respecting the naval...
Seite 47 - States, must not be renewed. The pernicious effects of this privilege have been most sensibly felt in the present war, by the influence which it gave to the traders over the Indians, whose whole force has been wielded by means thereof against the inhabitants of our Western States and territories.
Seite 132 - ... renewal of the complaint in regard to the character of the Michigan seem to have originated in the disputes of 1856 concerning the Central American canal and the recruiting in the United States of soldiers for the Crimean War. There was excitement when Mr. Crampton, the British minister at Washington, was given his passports, but it soon subsided. The United States Government had been suspicious of the English fleet in the West Indies, but the British Government disavowed any hostile intention....
Seite 67 - ... augmented in like degree. The President is sincerely desirous to prevent an evil which it is presumed is equally to be deprecated by both Governments. He therefore authorizes you to propose to the British Government...
Seite 94 - The destruction of the property and assassination of citizens of the United States on the soil of New York at the moment when, as is well known to you, the President was anxiously endeavoring to allay the excitement and earnestly seeking to prevent any unfortunate occurrence on the frontier of Canada has produced upon his mind the most painful emotions of surprise and regret.
Seite 71 - Lakes during peace will necessitate the like increase on the other and, besides causing an aggravation of useless expense to both parties, must operate as a continual stimulus of suspicion and of ill-will upon the inhabitants and local authorities of the borders against those of their neighbors.

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