Picturesque Views on the River Wye, from Its Source at Plinlimmon Hill, to Its Junction with the Severn Below Chepstow: With Observations on the Public Buildings, and Other Works of Art, in Its Vicinity

R. Faulder, 1797 - 159 Seiten

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Seite 72 - Who builds a church to God, and not to Fame, Will never mark the marble with his name : Go, search it there, where to be born and die, Of rich and poor makes all the history ; Enough, that Virtue fill'd the space between ; Prov'd by the ends of being, to have been.
Seite 72 - The young who labour, and the old who rest. Is any sick? The Man of Ross relieves, Prescribes, attends, the medicine makes, and gives. Is there a variance ? Enter but his door, Balked are the courts, and contest is no more.
Seite 72 - Or in proud falls magnificently lost, But clear and artless, pouring through the plain Health to the sick, and solace to the swain.
Seite 72 - What all fo wifh, but want the pow'r to do ! Oh fay, what fums that gen'rous hand fupply ? What mines, to fwell that boundlefs charity ? P.
Seite 62 - Gilds the fleeces of the flocks : And glitters on the broken rocks ! Below me trees unnumber'd rife, Beautiful in various dyes : The gloomy pine, the poplar blue, The yellow beech, the fable yew, The flender fir, that taper grows, The fturdy oak with broad-fpread boughs.
Seite 62 - ELFRIDA, A DRAMATIC POEM. ORGA R. HO W nobly does this venerable wood, Gilt with the glories of the orient fun, Embofom yon fair manfion ! The foft air Salutes me with moft cool and temp'rate breath ; And, as I tread, the flow'r-bsfprinkled lawn Sends up a gale of fragrance. I fhould guefs, If e'er Content deign'd vifit mortal clime, This was her place of deareft refidence.
Seite 72 - Ross," each lifping babe replies. Behold the Market-place with poor o'erfpread ! The MAN of Ross divides the weekly bread: He feeds yon Alms-houfe, neat, but void of ftate» Where Age and Want fit fmiling at the gate ; Him portion'd maids, apprentic'd orphans bleft, The young who labour, and the old who refL Is any fick ? the MAN of Ross relieves, Prefcribes, attends, the med'cine makes, and gives.
Seite 155 - ... maiden gentlenefs, and oft at eve Vifits the herds along the twilight meadows, Helping all urchin blafts, and ill-luck figns That the fhrewd...
Seite 72 - Rofs," each lifping babe replies. ;"~ Behold the market-place with poor o'erfpread ! The Man of Rofs...
Seite 125 - Truly, my lord, I have heard that corn grows where Troy town stood, but I never thought that there had grown any apricots before.

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