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" It is so long since I have seen any of you, that you seem strangers to me. "
The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe; Or, There's No Place Like Home - Seite 330
von Amanda M. Douglas - 1874 - 380 Seiten
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Mabel's progress, by the author of 'Aunt Margaret's trouble'.

Frances Eleanor Trollope - 1867
...that crowded upon him, Clement received the following note from Mrs. Saxelby : " DEAR MR. CHARLEWOOD. It is so long since I have seen any of you, that I hesitated to write lest you should have forgotten my very existence. But I am so harassed, and so...
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The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe

Amanda Minnie Douglas - 1875 - 380 Seiten
...after I was married, I might have come. Edmund was tender and noble. This is my husband, Mr. Darol." She rose as she uttered this, and made a gesture with...Hal came round to her side ; but she was so stately and beautiful, that he felt almost awed. "It is Hal, I know. Oh! take me back in your midst : for only...
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