Richard the Third Up to Shakespeare

Mayer & Müller, 1900 - 548 Seiten

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Seite 461 - Is it not brave to be a king, Techelles? Usumcasane and Theridamas, Is it not passing brave to be a king, "And ride in triumph through Persepolis?
Seite 90 - ... and of their putting to death, which were by his assent before devised to be beheaded at Pomfret, this self-same day, in which he was not ware that it was by other devised, that himself should the same day be beheaded at London. Then...
Seite 108 - I shall rehearse you the dolorous end of those babes ; not after every way that I have heard, but after that way that I have so heard, by such men and by such means, as methinketh it were hard but it should be true.
Seite 92 - What, my lord! I pray you come on . Whereto talk you so long with that priest ? You have no need of a priest yet,' and therewith he laughed upon him, as though he would say, 'Ye shall have soon'.
Seite 8 - The certaintie of all whiche came to the knowledge of the sayd Henry, late called Kyng, being in the Tower of London ; not havynge, afore that, knowledge of the saide matars, he toke it to so great di spite, ire, and indingnation, that, of pure displeasure, and melencoly, he dyed the xxiij. day of the monithe of May.
Seite 432 - Bacon, cheer thee, drown not in despair. Sins have their salves, repentance can do much : Think Mercy sits where Justice holds her seat, And from those wounds those bloody Jews did pierce, Which by thy magic oft did bleed afresh, From thence for thee the dew of mercy drops, To wash the wrath of high Jehovah's ire, And make thee as a new-born babe from sin. Bungay, I'll spend the remnant of my life In pure devotion, praying to my God, That he would save what Bacon vainly lost.
Seite 394 - I will shun her company and get me to my chamber, and there set downe in heroicall verse, the shamefull end of a Kings Concubin, which is no doubt as wonderfull as the desolation of a kingdome.
Seite 429 - Tantalus' endless thirst, Prey let him be to Tityus'* greedy bird, Wearied with Sisiphus' immortal toil. And lastly for revenge, for deep revenge, Whereof thou goddess and deviser art, Damn'd let him be, damn'd, and condemn'd to bear All torments, tortures, plagues, and pains of hell.
Seite 96 - ... he had, but her he loved, whose favour, to sai the trouth (for sinne it wer to belie the devil) she never abused to any mans hurt, but to many a mans comfort and relief. Where the king toke displeasure, she would mitigate and appease his mind : where men were out of favour, she wold bring them in his grace : for many, that had highly offended, shee obtained pardon...
Seite 93 - Yea, my lord, (quod he) that remember I well ; and thanked be God they gat no good, nor ye none harm thereby."

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