The substance of an argument to prove the truth of the Bible


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Seite 126 - Walk about Zion, and go round about her : Tell the towers thereof. Mark ye well her bulwarks, Consider her palaces ; That ye may tell it to the generation following : For this God is our God for ever and ever : He will be our guide even unto death.
Seite 150 - Tis evident that all the sciences have a relation, greater or less, to human nature; and that however wide any of them may seem to run from it, they still return back by one passage or another. Even mathematics, natural philosophy, and natural religion are in some measure dependent on the science of man, since they lie under the cognizance of men and are judged of by their powers and faculties.
Seite 26 - ... the divisibility, in infinitum, of any finite extension involving us, whether we grant or deny it, in consequences impossible to be explicated, or made in our apprehensions consistent...
Seite 48 - For the arbitrator looks to what is equitable; the judge to what is law. Arbitration was introduced for this express reason, that equity might prevail.
Seite 64 - Less is that which and somewhat else is so much. (3) Greater and more in number are laid only comparatively to less and fewer in number. (4) Great and little, many and few, are taken comparatively to the most of the same kind.
Seite 50 - ... own. And Honourable are those things which are Just. And Revenge is Honourable. And Victory. And Honour. And Monuments. And those things which happen not to the living. And things that excel. And what none can do but we. And possessions we reap no profit by. And those things which are had in honour particularly in several places. And the signs of praise. And to have nothing of the servile, mercenary, or mechanick.
Seite 44 - ... or science. And life. And whatsoever is just. The Disputable Principles are such as follow: That is good whose contrary is evil. And whose contrary is good for our enemies. And whose contrary our enemies are glad of. And of which there cannot be too much. And upon which much labour and cost hath been bestowed. And that which many desire. And that which is praised. And that which even our enemies and evil men praise. And what good we prefer. And what we do advise. And that which is possible is...
Seite 91 - And that .for which we love somewhat else. And that which all things desire. And that to every man which his reason dictates. And that which when we have, we are well or satisfied. And that which satisfies. And the cause or effect of any of these. And that which preserves any of these. And that which keeps off or destroys the contrary of any of these.
Seite 43 - ... reason dictates. And that, which when we have, we are well, or satisfied. And that which satisfies. And the Cause or Effect of any of these. And that which preserves any of these. And that which keeps off, or destroys the contrary of any of these. Also to take the Good, and reject the Evil, is Good. And to take the greater Good, rather than the less ; and the lesser Evil, rather than the greater. Further, all Vertues are Good.
Seite 47 - ... as that he took, but did not steal; and did, but not adultery; it is necessary to know the Definitions of Theft, Adultery, and all other crimes. What facts are contrary to the written Laws, may be known by the Laws themselves. Besides written Laws, whatsoever is Just, proceeds from Equity or Goodness. From Goodness proceeds that which we are praised, or honoured for. From Equity proceed those actions, which though the written Law command not, yet being interpreted reasonably, and supplyed, seems...

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