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Printed for J. THOMPSON and S. DAMPIER in the

Strand. M.DCC LXII.

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LIEUTENANT-GENERAL :!3 ai 1 run inte

1 : si CAD. OG A N. Obiti wa 777) 3:19:32

irusi (1) g. 9.') in

SIR, 200
N, the character of Guardian,

it behoves me to da honour to such as have deserved well of fociety, and laid ouę worthy, and manly qualiţies in the service of the publice .No man has more eminently diftinguilhed himself this way, şhan, Mr Cadogan. With a contempt of pleasure, rest, and

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ease, when called to the duties of your glorious profession, you have lived in a familiarity with dangers; and, with a strict eye upon the final purpose of the attempt, have wholly disregarded what should befal yourself in the prosecution of it. 'I hus has life risen to you; as fast as you teligneed it; and every new hour, for having so frankly lent the preceding moments to the cause of justice and liberty, has come home to you, improved with honour. This happy distinction, which is so peculiar to you;with the addition of industry, vigilance, patience of labour, thirst and hunger, in common with the meanest fol: dier, has made your present fortune unenvied. For the public always reap greater advantage,

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