Contributions to the Edinburgh Review, Band 2

Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1846

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Seite 616 - mid fire and smoke, And twice ten hundred voices spoke, "The Playhouse is in flames !" And lo ! where Catherine Street extends, A fiery tail its lustre lends To every...
Seite 690 - It can engrave a seal, and crush masses of obdurate metal like wax, before it, — draw out, without breaking, a thread as fine as gossamer, and lift a ship of war like a bauble in the air. It can embroider muslin, and forge anchors, — cut steel into ribands, and impel loaded vessels against the fury of the winds and waves.
Seite 327 - But why should the Americans write books, when a six weeks' passage brings them, in their own tongue, our sense, science and genius, in bales and hogsheads? Prairies, steam-boats, grist-mills, are their natural objects for centuries to come.
Seite 617 - Each sought his pond'rous hobnail'd shoes, But first his worsted hosen plied, Plush breeches next in crimson dyed, His nether bulk embraced ; Then jacket thick of red or blue, Whose massy shoulder gave to view The badge of each respective crew, In tin or copper traced. The engines thunder'd thro' the street, Fire-hook, pipe, bucket, all complete, And torches glared, and clattering feet Along the pavement paced.
Seite 69 - Paperie; na, na! nane could ever say that o' the trades o' Glasgow. Sae they sune came to an agreement to take a' the idolatrous statues of sants — sorrow be on them ! — out o' their neuks. And sae the bits o' stane idols were broken in pieces by Scripture warrant, and flung into the Molendinar burn, and the auld kirk stood as crouse as a cat when the flaes are kaimed aff her, and a'body was alike pleased.
Seite 406 - Above all things endeavor to breed them up in the love of virtue, and that holy plain way of it which we have lived in, that the world in no part of it get into my family.
Seite 365 - ... was left but the spoon. He gradually fell asleep bolt upright in his chair, with the empty glass standing before him ; and the candle seemed to fall asleep too, for the wick grew long, and black, and cabbaged at the end, and dimmed the little light that remained in the chamber.
Seite 622 - Iris' bow, down darts the painted hue, Starred, striped, and spotted, yellow, red, and blue, Old calico, torn silk, and muslin new.
Seite 405 - I have sent my commissioners to treat with you about land, and a firm league of peace ; let me desire you to be kind to them and...
Seite 449 - I do not by any means assent to the pictures of depravity and general worthlessness which some have drawn of the Hindoos. They are decidedly, by nature, a mild, pleasing, and intelligent race ; sober, parsimonious ; and, where an object is held out to them, most industrious and persevering.

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