The history of America. In which is included the posthumous volume, containing the history of Virginia, to the year 1688; and of New England, to the year 1652, Band 7


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Seite 154 - ... regard it as a natural or acquired talent. In order to determine this, he desired one of the soldiers, who guarded him, to write the name of God on the nail of his thumb. This he...
Seite 140 - Father Vincent Valverde, chaplain to the expedition, advanced with a crucifix in one hand, and a breviary in the other, and in a long discourse...
Seite 393 - What he suffered from famine, from the hostility of the natives, from the climate, and from hardships of every species, has nothing in history parallel to it, but what occurs in the adventures of the other discoverers and conquerors of the new world. Cortes was employed in this dreadful service above two years ; and though it was not distinguished by any splendid event, he exhibited, during the course of it, greater personal courage, more fortitude of mind, more perseverance and patience, than in...
Seite 338 - The second belonged to the Inca, and was set apart as the provision made "by the community for the support of government. The third and largest share was reserved for the maintenance of the people, among whom it was parcelled out. Neither individuals, however, nor communities, had a right of exclusive property in the portion set apart for their use.
Seite 283 - The tenure, by which the great body of the people held their property, was very different. In every district a certain quantity of land was measured out in proportion to the number of families. This was cultivated by the joint labour of the whole ; its produce was deposited in a common storehouse, and divided among them according to their respective exigencies.
Seite 142 - In this book," answered Valverde, reaching out to him his breviary. The Inca opened it eagerly, and turning over the leaves, lifted it to his ear : " This," says he, " is silent ; it tells me nothing : " and threw it with disdain to the ground. The enraged monk, running towards his countrymen, cried out, " To arms, Christians; to arms, the word of God is insulted; avenge this profanation on those impious dogs.
Seite 25 - Spaniards returned to the charge with such vigour, that they gradually forced their way up the steps, and drove the Mexicans to the platform at the top of the tower. There, a dreadful carnage began, when two young Mexicans of high rank, observing Cortes as he animated his soldiers by his voice and example, resolved to sacrifice their own lives, in order to cut off the author of all the calamities which desolated their country.
Seite 142 - He began with observing, that he was lord of the dominions over which he reigned by hereditary succession ; and added, that he could not conceive how a foreign priest should pretend to dispose of territories which did not belong to him ; that if such a...
Seite 325 - But, of all offerings, human sacrifices were deemed the most acceptable. This religious belief mingling with the implacable spirit of vengeance, and adding new force to it, every captive taken in war was brought to the temple, was devoted as a victim to the deity, and sacrificed with rites no less solemn than cruel.
Seite 335 - They presented to him choice specimens of those works of ingenuity which his light had guided the hand of man in forming. But the Incas never stained his altars with human blood, nor could they conceive that their beneficent father the Sun would be delighted with such horrid victims fj£J.

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