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in battle array against each other on the last
day of August. The consequences that fol-
lowed . . . . 465

247. The names of the principal lords who had

accompanied and remained with the duko of
Burgundy in the late encounter. Also the
names of the principal Dauphinois . . 467

248. News of the late victory is made public in

different parts. The capture of the fort of
Douvrier. Tho departure of the duke of
Burgundy from Hesdin . , . 468

249. The king of England conquers Drenx, and

pursues the dauphin, ho then lays siege to
Meaux in Btie, and other matters . .

250. The duke of Burgundy enters into a treaty with

his prisoners for the surrender of St. Riquicr,
to which the lord d'Oflbmont, governor of the
place, agrees ...

251. The Burgundian lords assemblo in arms to

conduct thither their duke from Picardy.

Other matters .... 470

2.12. Sir James do Harcourt meets a party of English,

and is defeated with loss. A heavy tax laid

for a coinage to supply the towns with current

cash .....

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266. Charles VI. king of France dies in his hotel

of St. Pol, and is interred at Saint Denis with

his ancestors . . 40c



1. Information of the death of king Charles the

well-beloved is carried to his only son

Charles the dauphin. Other matters

2. Charles the dauphin is crowned king of

France in consequence of his father's death

3. Tho Parisians send an embassy to England to

young king Henry and to his ministers.

Other matters

4. The captains of King Charles assemble in great

numbers to raise tho siege of Moulan. The

duke of Bedford treats with the garrison

5. A copy of tho treaty of Meulan

6. Tho French takos*he fortress of Dommart in

Ponthiou by scalado. And many other

events, ....

7. Tho dukes of Bedford, Burgundy, and Brittany,

meet at Amiens, and form a triple alliance .

8. Poton de Saintrailles and Lyonnet do Wan-

donne perform a combat at arms at Arras, in

the presence of the duke of Burgundy

9. The carl of Salisbury besieges tho castle of

Mont-Aquilon, which surrenders to him.

Other matters . 493

10. King Charles of France has the town of Cre-

vant besieged by tho constable of Scotland

and the count de Ventadour

Many events briefly spoken of

Sir James de Harcourt holds a conference with
sir Raoul le Bouteiller for the surrender of
Crotoy .....

Several events briefly touched upon .

14. The town of Compiegne is delivered up to tho

English. The town and castle of Crotoy are

surrendered to the duke of Bedford

15. Two masters of arts arc sent to Tournay to

admonish the people, and to keep alive their

affection to king Charles . ■ . ,

Sir John de Luxembourg besieges tho castle of

Wicge. He lays an ambush, in which Poton

do Saintrailles and his companions are made

prisoners ....

A largo body of English arrive at Calais. Sir
John de Luxembourg besieges tho town of
Guise. Other matters briefly spoken of . 508
18. Tho lord de Longueval and many other French

lords turn to tho party of king Charles . 509

Tho duko of Bedford marches a large army to
keep his appointment before Ivry. That
town and castle surrender to him , .510

The duke of Bedford combats tho French before
Vcrneuil . . . , '".

Tho inhabitants of Tournay rebel against their

magistrates . . . .512

Tho garrison of Guise capitulate to sir John de
Luxembourg and sir Thomas Rampstono . ib.

253. The duke of Burgundy and the count do St.

Pol depart from Arras, and wait on the kings

of France and of England. Other matters 471

254. Sir John de Luxembourg waits on king Henry,

to solicit the liberty of the count de Con-
versan, his brother, and other evonts . ib.

255. The lord d'Offemont attempting to enter

Meaux is made prisoner by the English. Tho

besiegers take the town by storm . . 472

256. Sir John de Luxembourg conquers, this cam-

paign, the fortresses of Quesnoy, Louvroy,

and Hcricourt. Other matters . . 473

257. The emperor of Germany raises this year an

army against the hereties of Prague. Similar

heresies are discovered near to Douay. Tho

siege of D'Aimines . . . ib.

258. The Dauphinois asscmblo to raise the siege of

D'Airaines. Tho Burgundians and English

march to meet them, and offer them battle . 474

259. King Henry reduces Meaux to his obedience.

The executions that tike place in consequence

of orders from him . . . 475

260. After the reduction of Meaux, many towns and

castles surrender to the king of England, who

regarrisons them with his own men . 476

The queen of England returns to France in

grand state. An assembly of tho three

estates is held in Paris. Other matters . 477

Tho kings of France and England go from

Paris to Senlis. Tho siege of Saint Valery.

'1 he reduction of Compeigne. An embassy

sent to sir James de Harcourt . . 478

263. Tho king of England goca from Senlis to

Compeigne. The capture of tho town of

Saint Dizier. A conflict between the Dau-

phinois and Burgundians . . .479

264, The dauphin lays siege to Cune-sur-Loire.

The expedition of the duko of Burgundy for
its relief. The death of the king of England 4b2

2ti5. The duchess of Burgundy dies in the town of

Ghent. Tho duke of Bedford is made regent

of France. Several forts are demolished . 486



23. The dukes of Bedford and of Burgundy endea-

vour to make up the quarrel between the
dnkes of Glocester and of Brabant . .515

24. The duko and duchess of Glocester leavo

Calais for Hainault, to receive the allegiance









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of the principal towns of that country. The

duke of Burgundy makes preparation to aid

his cousin the duke of Brabant . .516

25. The duke of Glocesler sends a letter to the

duke of Burgundy. A copy thereof . 517

26. Copy of the answer of the duke of Burgundy

to the letter from the duke of Glocestcr . 518

27. Copy of the second letter sent by the duke of

Glocester to the duke of Burgundy . 519

28. The duke of Burgundy returns to Flanders,

whence he sends his answer to the duke of

Gloeester's letter. A copy thereof . 520

29. The town of Braine in Hainault taken and

destroyed by the allies of the duko of Brabant 521

30. Pope Martin sends his hull to duko John of

Brabant. Its contents . . . 523

31. After the departure of the duke of Gloucester,

a war takes place in Hainault. The duchess

Jacquiline writes to the duke of Glocester for
assistance. The contents of her letter . ib.

32. The dukes of Bedford and of Burgundy meet

in the town of Dourlens. Other matters . 525

33. The sultan of Egypt and Saracens determine to

conquer the whole kingdom of Cyprus . 527

34. The duke of Burgundy makes great preparations

to combat the duke of Glocester. Other

matters . . . . . ib.

05. The duchess Jacquiline of Bavaria escapes in

disguise from Ghent, and goes to Holland . 528

3fi. The duke of Bedford prevents the combat

hetween the dukes of Burgundy and Gloces-

ter. Other events . . . 529

37. The lord Fitzwalter arrives in Holland to the

aid of the duchess Jacquiline . . 530

38. The duke of Burgundy returns to Holland, and

besieges the town of Zencuberche, which sur-

renders to him. Other matters . . 531

39. The Saracens return to Cyprus. A battle

between them and the Cypriots, in which the

king is made prisoner, and carried to the

saltan . . . . .532

40. The castle of Moyennes in Champagne sur-

prised by the French. The pope gives sen-

tence in favour of the duke of Brabant. The

fortress of Oripecte in Provence won by

treachery .... 535

41. The duke of Bedford lays siege to Montargis.

The siege is raised by the French. Other

events briefly touched on . . . 536

42. The castle of Malmaison, belonging to the

bishop of Cambray, is taken by sir John

Blondel. Other events . . . 537

43. Sir John Blondel surrenders the castle of Mal-

maison, which he had taken from the bishop

of Cambray .... 538

44. The duke of Burgundy returns to Holland,

and attacks the town of Hcrmontfort. Other

events ..... 539

45. The saltan of Babylon writes letters to the

princes in Christendom. The tenor of these
letters . . . . , it.

46. The English invade Brittany, where they do

great damage. Other matters . . 540

47. Sir John de Luxembourg besieges Beaumont

in Argonno .... 542

-13 A treaty concluded between the duke of Bur-

gundy and the duchess Jacquiline, which ends

the war in Holland. The contents of this

treaty . . . .542

49. The earl of Salisbury arrives in France with

great reinforcements to the duke of Bedford.

The duke of Burgundy escorts the duchess

Jacquiline into Hainault . . . 543

50. The townsmen of Tournay again rebel . to.

51. The carl of Salisbury conquers Gergeau and

other places near Orleans. The duke of

Bedford wants to lay hands on the revenues

of the church .... 544

52. The earl of Salisbury lays siego to the town of

Orleans. He is there slain . . ib.

53. A preacher called friar Thomas converts many

persons, and inveighs against the extravagant

dresses of the women, in different places . 54G

54. A grand tournament in the city of Brussels . 543

55. The count de Nauiur dies, and makes the duke

of Burgundy bis heir . . .si.

56. The English, marching to reinforce the siego of

Orleans, are met and attacked by the French 549

57. A maiden, named Joan, waits on king Charles

at Chinon, where he resided. The king

retains her in his service . . . 550

58. Ambassadors are sent by king Charles, and the

burghers of Orleans, to Paris, to negotiate a

treaty with the regent, that the town of

Orleans may remain in peace . . 551

59. The maid with many noble French captains of

great renown reinforce and revictual the town

of Orleans, and afterward raise the siege . 552

60. The king of France, at the requests of the maid

Joan and the noble captains in Orleans, sends

them a large reinforcement of men-at-arms to

pursue his enemies . . . 553

61. The maid Joan, with the constable of France,

the duke d'Alencon, and their men, conquer

the town of Gergeau. The battle of Pataye,

when the French defeat the English . 554

62. The duke of Burgundy, at the request of tho

duke of Bedford, comes to Paris, when they

renew their alliances . . . 556

63. King Charles of France takes the field with a

numerous body of chivalry and men-at-arms.

Many towns and castles submit to him on

his march . . . .si.

64. King Charles of France with a noble chivalry

and a numerous body of men-at-arms, arrives

at Rheims, where he is crowned by tho arch-

bishop of Rheims .... 557

65. The duko of Bedford assembles a largo army

to combat king Charles. Ho sends a letter

to the king .... 558

66. The armies of Charles king of France and of

tho regent duko of Bedford meet near to

Mont Epiloy . . . .559

67. King Charles of France sends ambassadors to

the duke of Burgundy at Aims . . 560

68. Tho lord do Longueval conquers tho castle of

Aumalo from the English . . .561

69. Tho town of Compiegno surrenders to tho

French. The return of the French embassy
which had been sent to the duke of Bar-
gundy . . , . . ib.

70. The king of Franco makes an attack on tho

city of Paris . . . . 5C2


71. The duke of Burgundy tends ambassadors to

Amiens, to keep up his interest with the

inhabitants •

72. Charles king of France returns to Tourainc

and Berry ....

73. Duke Philip of Burgundy conducts his sister

back to Paris, in great pomp, to her lord tho

duke of Bedford ....

74. Tho French and Burgundians attack each other

notwithstanding the truco . . .

75. The lord de Savcuses and the bastard de St.

Pol arc made prisoners by the French, near

to Paris. A party of French gain the town

of St. Denis by scalado . • •

76. Tho English make many conquests . .

77. The duko of Burgundy marries, for the third

time, the lady Isabella, daughter to the king

of Portugal •

78. Estienno de Vignolles, surnamed La Hire,

surprises and takes tho town of Louvicrs, in

Normandy ....

79. The duke of Burgundy institutes, this year,

the order of the golden fleece .'

BO. Tho lord de Crevccojur and sir Robert de

Savcuses are attacked by the French on their

march to Clermont in the Beauvoisis

81. Five Frenchmen combat five Burgundians at

Arras, and other matters • • •

82. The duke of Burgundy quarters his army at

Qournay-sur-Aronde . •

83. The duke of Burgundy lays siege to the castle

of Choisy, which he conquers in a few days .

84. Joan tho maid overthrows Franquet d'Arras,

and has his head cut off . .

85. Rem; duke of Bar lays siege to Chappes, near

to Troyes in Champagne

86. The maid is taken prisoner by the Burgundians

before Compiegne • . •

87. Young king Henry of England disembarks at

Calais and comes to France . *

88. After the capture of the maid, the duke of

Burgundy encamps his army before Com-

piegne .....

89. The Liegeois raise a large army, and invade the

country of Namur ....

90. The duke of Burgundy sends the lord de Croy

to tho county of Namur against the Liegeois

91. Tho earl of Huntingdon comes to the aid of the

duke of Burgundy before Compiegne

92. An adventurer named Toumelaire, with some

of the townsmen of Rheims, lays siege to the

castle of Champigneux . . .

93. Tho death of Philip duke of Brabant. The

duke of Burgundy takes possession of his

duchy . . . . .

94. Sir John de Luxembourg takes the command

of the siege of Compiegne. The orders he

gives, and other events . . •

95. The prince of Orange is conquered by the

French .

96. The French march to Compiegne, and raise the

siege .

97. Tho marshal do Bousac lays siege to the castle

of Clermont in the Beauvoisis . •

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98. A large body of English and Burgundians, on

Chip. not

their march to besiege Guerbigny, arc attacked

and conquered by the French . . 582

99. The French offer battle to the duke of Bur-

gundy and his army, which the duke, by

advice of his council, refuses . . 583

100. Some captains attached to sir John de Lux-

embourg surpriso the castle of St. Martin,

wherein they arc all taken and slain . 585

101. Poton de Saintrailles and sir Louis do Vau-

court are made prisoners by the English . ib.

102. Maillotin de Bours and sir Hector de Flavy

fight together in the town of Arras . 586

103. Some of king Charles's captains make an

attempt on Corbie . . . 587

104. The lord de Barhasan lays siege to the castle of

Anglure, held by the Burgundians . 588

103. The maid of Orleans is condemned to be put to

death and burnt at Rouen . . ib.

106. Tho general council is continued at Basil, by

the solicitations of the emperor . . 591

107. The duko of Bar enters the county of Vaude-

mont to conquer it by force . . 592

108. The duke of Bar is combated by the count do

Vaudemont and defeated . . 594

109. The young king Henry comes from England,

with a grand attendance, to Paris, to be

crowned king of France . . 596

110. The detachment the duko of Bar had left to

blockade Vaudemont march away on hearing

of the ill success of the battle . . 598

111. Sir John de Luxembourg assembles men-at-

arms and marches into Champagne against the

French, from whom he conquers several

castles. Other matters . . si.

112. The duke d'Alencon makes the chancellor of

Brittany prisoner . • • 599

113. The French are near hiking tho castle of Rouen ib.

114. The French take the castle of Dommart in

Ponthieu, and carry off the lord de Dommart

prisoner . . . . 600

115. Sir Thomas Kiriel, an Englishman, is appointed

governor of the castle of Clermont in the

Beauvoisis . . . .601

116. The inhabitants of Chauny-sur-Oisc destroy the

castle of their town . . . ib.

117. The city of Chartres is conquered by king

Charles's party . . . 602

118. The cardinal of Santa Cioce is sent by tho pope

to France, to endeavour to make peace

between the contending parties . . 603

119. The English conquer the bulwark at Lagny-

sur-Marne .... 604

120. Philibert de Vaudray, governor of Tonncrre,

and tho lord d'Amont wait on the duke of

Bedford to servo him . . . 605

121. The duke of Bedford marches a large force to

Lagny-su r- Manic, to support the English and

Burgundians who had remained there, but

retires without making any conquest . ib.

122. The commonalty of Ghent rise against their

magistrates .... 606

123. Sir John bastard of St. Pol and the lord de

Humieres are taken prisoners by the French 608

124. Great disorders are committed by the French

in the Amiennois, Santerre, and Vimeu . ib.


123. The heir of Commercy takes the town of Ligny

in the Bairou, belonging to sir John do Lux-

embourg .... 608

126. The Burgundians, under the pretence of being

English, gain the castle of La Boue, near to

Lion. Other matters . . . 609

127. Friar Thomas goes to Rome.—He is burnt there 610

128. The death of the duchesi of Bedford . ib.

129. Some of the French captains cross the river

Somme and overrun Artois . . to.

130. A Benedictine monk attempts to gain the castle

of St. Angelo at Rome . . .611

131. A peace is concluded between the duke of Bar

and the count de Vaudemont • • to.

132. The duchess of Burgundy is brought to bed of s

son in the town of Ghent . .612

133. A peace concluded between the duke of Bar

and the counts de St. Pol and de Ligny . ib.

134. A war takes place between sir John and sir

Anthony du Vergy and the lord de Chasteau-

Villain . • • • 613

135. A treaty of peace is concluded between the

duke of Burgundy and the Liegeois . 614

136. The duke of Bedford, who styled himself regent

of France, marries the daughter of the count

de St. Pol .... ib.

137. The town of St. Valery, in Ponthicu, is won by

the French . . • .to.

138. The dukes of Bedford and of Burgundy go to

Saint Omer . . • • 615

139. The death of John de Toisy bishop of Tournay.

Great dissensions respecting the promotion to

the vacant bishoprick . • .10.

140. The French make many conquest! on the con-

fines of Burgundy . . .617

141. The duke of Burgundy reconquers several places

which the French had won in Burgundy . 618

U2. Gilles de Postelles is accused of treason to tho

dnke of Burgundy, and beheaded . to.

143. The French win by scalado the town of Creepy

in the Valois. Other matters . . 619

144. The duke of Burgundy keeps his appointment

before Passy. He besieges the town and

castle of Avalon . .46.

145. Pierre de Luxembourg, count do St. Pol,

besieges the town of St. Valery. The death

of the count de St. Pol . . 620

146. The lord de la Tremouille is arrested in the

king's palace, and made to surrender his

prisoner the viscount de Thouars . • ib.

147. William de Coroam puts to flight John Beau-

rain. Sir John de Luxembourg reconquers

the castle of Hapbiucourt . • 622

148. The counts de Ligny and de St. Pol keep the ap-

pointed day atVilliers le Oarbonel, and afterward

defeat the French from the garrison of Laon . to.

149. La Hire and other French captain! overrun

Artois and Cambrcsis . ■ 623

150. The duke of Burgundy holds the anniversary

feast of tho golden fleece in the city of Dijon.

He attends the marriage of the duke of Savoy's

•on 624


151. A general council is held at Basil . .625

152. The town and castle of Provins in Brie arc won

by the English and Burgundians. Tbe French
reconquer the town and castle of St. Valery ib.

153. The duke of Burgundy returns from Burgundy

to Flanders and Artois, having with him John

ton to the count de Nevers. Other matters 626

154. John de Nevers is ordered to lay siege to

Moreuil. He has the county of Estampes
given to him . . . .so.

155. A quarrel between the Romans and pope

Engenius, whom they wanted to detain at

Rome against his will . . .627

156. The abbey of St. Vincent near Laon is demo.

lished. Many castles are conquered by the

Burgundians . . . . ib.

157. The lord Talbot returns to France, and con-

quers many towns and cattles . . ib.

158. The count d'Estampes reconquers tho town of

St. Valery . . . .628

159. The French gain the town of Hamme on the

Somme, in the Vermandois . . 629

160. The town and castle of Chasteau-Vilain sub-

mits to the obedience of tho duke of Bur-

gundy . . . . . ib.

161. Heavy taxes laid on the countries of Artois and

those adjoining, on account of this war . ib.

162. Tho duke of Burgundy's captains appear before

Villefrancbe, wherein was the duke of Bour-

bon. They afterward besiege Belleville,

which surrenders to them . . 6.10

163. The lord Willoughby and Mathagon lay siege ,'

to St. Severih, where the English are at first

victorious, but are afterwards defeated by the

Frenrh . . . . . ib.

164. La Hire treacherously makes the lord d'Auflc-

mont a prisoner . • . . 631

165. The common people of Normandy rise against

the English garrison . . . 632

166. La Hire gains the castle of Breteuil, in Beau-

voisis, by storm . . . 633

167. The dukes of Burgundy and of Bourbon meet

in the city of Nevers, and agree on terms for a

peace . . • • . ib.

168. Amodeus duke of Savoy turns hermit, and

resides at Ripaille . . . 634

169. The common people of Normandy assemble in

largo bodies before Caen . • 635

170. The duke and duchess of Burgundy return from

that country to Flanders and Artois . 636

171. The French gain the town of Rue from tho

English . . • • •*•

172. La Hire, Poton, Philip de la Tour, and the lord

de Fontaines, defeat the carl of Arundel before

the castle of Gcrberoy . . 637

173. The duke of Burgundy is displeased with tho

inhabitants of Antwerp . . . 638

174. Tho French conquer the townt of St. Denis

from the English . . . 639

175. The French, after having agreed to a truco with

the Burgundians on the frontiers of the Beau-
voisis, overrun the Boulonnoil and other parts ib.

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