The poetical works of Edmund Spenser, Band 2

Bell and Daldy, 1866

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Seite 110 - How oft do they their silver bowers leave, To come to succour us, that succour want? How oft do they with golden pinions cleave The flitting skies, like flying pursuivant, Against foul fiends to aid us militant?
Seite 162 - And all that while right over him she hong With her false eyes fast fixed in his sight, As seeking medicine whence she was stong, Or greedily depasturing delight; And oft inclining downe with kisses light, For feare of waking him, his lips bedewd, And through his humid eyes did sucke his spright, Quite molten into lust and pleasure lewd; Wherewith she sighed soft, as if his case she rewd.
Seite 106 - Their fruit were golden apples glistring bright, That goodly was their glory to behold; On earth like never grew, ne living wight Like ever saw, but they from hence were sold; For those which Hercules, with conquest bold Got from great Atlas daughters, hence began, And planted there did bring forth fruit of gold; And those with which th' Euboean young man wan Swift Atalanta, when through craft he her out ran.
Seite 46 - But let that man with better sence advize, That of the world least part to us is red; And daily how through hardy enterprize Many great Regions are discovered, Which to late age were never mentioned. Who ever heard of th
Seite 161 - Eftsoones they heard a most melodious sound, Of all that mote delight a dainty ear, Such as at once might not on living ground, Save in this paradise, be heard elsewhere : Right hard it was for wight which did it hear, To...
Seite 137 - So to his crowne she him restord againe; In which he dyde, made ripe for death by eld, And after wild it should to her remaine, Who peaceably the same long time did weld, And all mens harts in dew obedience held; Till that her sisters...
Seite 165 - See the mind of beastly man, That hath so soone forgot the excellence Of his creation, when he life began, That now he chooseth with vile difference To be a beast, and lacke intelligence!
Seite 110 - O! th' exceeding grace Of highest God, that loves his creatures so, And all his works with mercy doth embrace, That blessed angels he sends to and fro, To serve to wicked man, to serve his wicked foe.
Seite 159 - And in the midst of all a fountaine stood, Of richest substance that on earth might bee, So pure and shiny that the silver flood Through every channell running one might see: Most goodly it with curious ymageree Was overwrought, and shapes of naked boyes, Of which some seemd with lively jollitee To fly about playing their wanton toyes, Whylest others did them selves embay in liquid joyes.
Seite 31 - Titans deawy face, Up rose the gentle virgin from her place, And looked all about, if she might spy Her loved knight to move his manly pace : For she had great doubt of his safety, Since late she saw him fall before his enimy.

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