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ing a thousand images ; but the soul is accountable for nothing more to her God than what the heart or will contents to or rejects.

Club. You then suppose the foul animates, rules and governs the body; but displays her faculties more familiarly in the brain and heart, but the heart more powerfully.

Mofes. This is my belief.

Club. We cannot believe what comes not under our cognizance; for seeing is believing, but feeling is the naked truth. A fpiritual lubilance we neither fee or feel, therefore has no weight in our new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, its firm being fubftantialy proved by the lenses.

Moses. Your philo?ophy, being absurd and ridiculous to a degree of phrenzy, gains no credit with me, neither can I take it into my conception, that reasonable creatures by choice can degrade themselves below the vileit brute. It is not in the power of mani, pretend what he will, either through luft, presumption, or despair, to unloul himself.

Club. We are men of honour and philofophers. Can you be so bale born as to iuppale that persons of our rank can depreciate anal roo ourselves, if we conceived a spiritual fubftance. You have more sagacity not to understand that you are a pig, and, if a fic opportunity offered, wallow yourself among the herd. We know one another, although we do not wish to be known.

Moses. Sir, you put yourself foremost in your presumption, I feljom wager, but on this oc


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calion I will venture one hundred duches you do not stand the rest of your philofophý.

Ignatius. I accept your challenge and slake the fum. - Mofes. There it is; the wager is fealed. 1. Ignatius. Propose your teft. * Mofes. One of your new philosophers of this your enlightened age and northern hemisphere, is to be buried or laid in a vault under St. Sepulchre near-by, this night. What I wageris, that you will not fuffer yourself to be fastened , to the corpse, close linked, and pass this night alone without light, but remain totally fecluded from every living creature, in pitch darkness, the whole night, and there remain quiet until our return with the key, (which I fhall keep) to take you out in the morning; on this condition the wager is your's.

Ignatius. I expected a difficult task from a man of your years and knowledge, and a Jew Rabbi. The task you purpose is what the religious are

e 1 trained to from the time of their entering the novitiate, in order to remove fears and terrors that might prevent that due attention they owe their fick neighbour, when priested, in watching and administring the sacraments, and other comforis. I therefore, in honour, fpeak cans didly, and offer to relinquish and return your money, or put some test inore difficult and honourable.

Mofes. I never retract, but yield to your dif. cretion, either to bind or reject clre proffered wager,


Ignatius. Bear witness, my dearly beloved, and consider this acceptance as an assured mark 6f my unbiaffed esteem, love, faithful adhefence, and fidelity : relinquishing all fpiritual substances as was heretofore by papists inculcared in our brain, robbing that Lord God of our new philosophy, of this, our enlightened age and northern hemisphere of his glory, hon nour, and exalted title of Lord God, due to none but himself.

Mofes. The bell tolls, the corpse is arrived,

let's away.

Sexton. Gentlemen, I beg your pardon, I am called away with the lanthorn.

Mofes. This gentleman is brother to the deceased, he purposes to remain with the corpse this night here are two ducats, you know, Rabbi Moses ; leave me the key and lanthorn.

Club. You are fast bound and well secured in this your heroic courage and zeal for the new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere is firmly fixed and established evermore.

Ignatius. Bear witness to my joy and endear. ments, delightful banquet; (kiffes the corpse, and sucks the purging mațier from the mouth, nostrils, and eyes) the delights that are properly digefted from our Lord God, the Brain. Am. brosia teaches wisdom. I will here feast, hug, kiss, wallow, and solace myself with inebriating and ineffable delights.

Mofes. The comforts of a reprobate are de-. teftable to the lowest and last degree. I shall puke, Let us retire. I can hold out no longer.



con Ignatius. I now exult in copying our great patriarch, the great philosopher, who reigns unequalled in the annals of the new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, the noble and magnanimous Voltaire, who delighted in what no other would touch, and in his last hour fed voluptuously on his own

Moses. We now leave you to pass the night in the horrors of a dungeon. Adieu. All retire to their respective homes. , ༣ ས

Scene changes. Lutber's apartments.

444 excrement.

Luther in bed. O my belly, I fear you will burft, O my belly, how much do you resemble the tower of Babel ? Babylon, Babylon is become the receptacle and hold for every unclean beast and hateful bird, which are devouring their Lord and Bishop, as the vulture, Promotheus.

Enter Hoft and Midwife.

Hoft. My Lord Bishop, how do ye? I have obeyed your commands.

Luther. Well done, you good and faithfuk servant. I am ready ; see that all things are made ready, and I will arise to put the finishing stroke.

Midwife. My lord, all things are ready. Will you be pleased to prop yourself upon your four ftanders?

Luther. What is all this? what are you at, Nincompoop?


:ما با


Midwife. I don't fear, my Lord;' when you have renewed the clyfter, but you will' favour us with a hearty poop, it will much relieve you. Hoft. Your "brethren; the new philofophers of this enlightened age and northern hemiTphere; understanding that your lordship's life is in jeopárdy, from a group of voracious, greedy,

and ravenous animals, who have huddled thein· felves clandeftinely with secret crastiness into your lordship’s belly, being farthered by information that you were seated on the summit of their new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, dictating and displaying surprising feats of chivalry, have deputed this good woman, Mother Midnight-cap, to your delivery, craving for the honour and - love you distinguish yourself in greatness of heroism and generalfhip in your new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, that you will vouchsafe the acceptance of a draught to alleviate and set free your abdorninous from the danger that threatens your lordship.

Midwife. My lord, it is a perfect nosegay : I intreat your lordship’s condefcenfion; it will bequeath great harmony to the parts; pray do it, I beseech your lordship.

Luther. Nincompoop, you are beseeching to make a meal, but in what manner am I to receive it? I am as sharp set as you would wish, if you would make ready.

Hoft. All is ready prepared, nothing is defieient, if your lordship will put yourself in a proper posture.



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