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Mgles.t. I have ofcen repeated the agreement of Jews and christians, as to time, but not the person of their Melliah. to viso:nate bisw

Boy, What are the expectations of Israel in the person of the Meffiah? 516 Mofesa A great Prince and Prophet,

wło win restore and enrich

Israel with every grandeur, and grant them their full wishes, and restore them and reinstate them in their promised everlasting poffefions, insured to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. oi v


zodat sw Boy, We agreed that the whole Atack of Adam was involved in the guild of their first parent's sin, and as it was a lin of equal maggnitude with the crime of the angels that fell,

being against the deity, and which has entailed an eternal reprobation on the angels, not being scapable making reftitution to the divinity,

104 she of a creature not being adequate to an offence against its Creator ; of what nature or quality, sherefore, does lsrael hold the Melfiah? o: Moses. Ifrael holds and esteems her Messiah the great and supreme prophet, a great and

powerful Prince, who will rule all nations, and place Israel in her own country and privileges, know no grief, but enjoy every, felicity without gabatementando bas av s: Boy. The summit of Israel's felicity confifts purely in gratitying the senses, terrestrial plealures is his fums the chief, accufation against Jesus Chrift, whoss) poverty was his crime, and rock of offence to Ifrael. 900




Mojes. Let us proceed in the examine of the prophecies, where we may search out truth.

Boy. It will be in vain to seek or expect ces leftial blessings in the odour or fragrancy of terrestrial perfumes, I his does not correspond with the maledi&ion pronounced against our culprit original, with their pofterity, which' defcended even to the mould from whence we were produced, and its productions, being thorns and briars. Genesis 3d chapter, The Lord God said unto Adam, Gursed is the earth for thy fake ; in sorrow halt thou eat of it all the days of thy life: thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee : and thou shalt eat the herb of the field. In the sweat of thy face Malt thou eat bread, until thou return to the ground: for out of it waft thou taken, for duft thou art, and there return thou shalt.

Moses. All these maladies will be taken from us ; this is the promise when we shall act in subordination to his will, which will be the will of God, whenever he is manifested to Ifrael. The reign of the Meffiah will be a time of all blessings, truth and happiness. A voluptuous life was never my passion, as my meagre carcase gives testimony; but my God and his divine truths have ever from my youth been my desire.

Boy. And to feal up the vision and prophecy, and anoint the most Holy.

Moses. The most Holy is agreed by all to be the Meffiah ; but the words seal up the vision and prophecy, is, I confefs, a dark paffage. What can it mean; but that vision and pro



phecy should be until the coming of the Merfiah, when we shall see all things clearly; but the period marked out is past near two thousand years. During that time 'Ifrael has had no communication with her God, having neither prophet, temple, or facrifice, and not even a resting place, which they can say, this is mine. O miserable, forsaken and lost nacion, no longer a people, but the dregs and excrescence of the human race, nột pitied, but despised, hated, and shunned, as an adder whose sting is deadly, abandoned by her Creator, and hated as condemned wretches by her own species, suspected capable of every treason, faithless, and not having the common feeds of honeity. Israel, from the beginning never was without her God, her prophets, even in her captivity Ske had her princes, her temple, her sacrifices, and was always a nation ; but when the expected more transcending glory and to be at the fommit of her wishes, under the wing of her Melsiah, the most dear spouse and darling of her soul, she finds herself at that very epoch and period of time cast down in the horror of unparalelled woe. Her temple, cities, towns and all that appertained to her, totally destroyed, her country parcelled out to strangers, and themselves deltroyed ; so that the woods could not supply crosses to gibbet the number of wretches that was put to death. What offends human nature still more, three parties of themselves in the city of Jerusalem seemed resolved to favour the destruction of Israel ; every man's fword was against his neighbour, destroying all


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within the city, whilst the Roman army hemmed
them, in, non lau 1441thout, they need
Atroyed whoever was found without; so thất
difficulties within and without starved them into
che unnatural catastrophe of feeding on each
other, the most delicate ladies eating their in-
fants. After this unequalled and unparalelled
scene, ensues another equally base. Ninety
thousand were sold Naves into Egypt and else-
where; Naves, according to historians of the
sage, thirty for a piece of silver. The prophet
Jeremiah mentions one sold for thirty pieces of
lilver, and the price was laid out in the pur-
chase of the potters field, but here we find
thirty bought for one piece of silver. Here
would come in the lamentation of the series
prophet very reasonably. Israel, miferies
are not to be recounted, being numberless. O
my people.”

Bay. Know, therefore, and understand, that
from the going forth of the commandment to
restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Mel..

siah, the prince shall be seven weeks, and three score and two weeks the street shall be built s again, and the wall even in troublesome times. And after three score and two weeks fhall the Melfiah be cut off, but not for himself and

the people of the prince that shall come Thall
5 destroy the city and the sanctuary, and the end
- thereof fhall be with a food, and unto the end
baof the war desolations are determined,
or Mofes. It was the and obstinate

and moft dreadful war in the annals of the



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world. The number gathered to Jerusalem to Tolemnize the Great Paffover, "'or Éafter, were computed to amount to three millions which were all destroyed but about one thirtieth pare, that were sold Naves ; fo that, as the prophet terms it, we may truely call it a food of blood, and to this period defolation. And that no footsteps might remain to declare its former grandeur and magnificence, Titus, the Roman general, made a total defolation, according to the prophet.

23 YA UO Boy. And he shall confirm the covenant with 150000 many for one week, and in the midst of the week he shall cause the facrifice and the obla. tion to cease: and for the overspreading of abominations he fha!! make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined, Thall be poured upon the desolate.

Mofes. The prophecy is clear and determined. Ifrael has brought a curse upon herself, and entailed desolarion and infamy on her pofterity ; To that when we expected a blefing, we received a curse, and this at the time the blessing was promised; for immediately after, Caius, who succeeded Tiberius in the empire,

greatly distressed the Jewish 'nation; and he changed and transformed tlie temple of Jerusa

Jem, which had hitherto been the temple of the II living God, into a temple dedicated to himfelf,

causing it thenceforward to be called the temb Ble of Caius Junior Jupiter Conspicuous. And

at the expiration of forty years, after the exo pectation of Jerusalem and adall Judea wăs laid waste and dentroyed by the SMS Si Ni TL 410891 dom biro

$ 20. Memah, when bliow


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