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Romans Israel has ceased to be a nation ; but as fugitives and vagabonds are Shifted and scato tered, despised, and hated over the whole face of the earth, confidered by all the tribes of the earth as the common enemy of the human races and this upon the eve of two thousand years: and, at this day, not the least gleam or distant prospect of reconciliation with her God. Al vision and prophecy are sealed up, and Israel devoted as a curse in the mouth of all nations, her country, at this period, over-run with briars and thorns, and in the hands of a most base people : and, on the ground where her temple stood, there is erected a Turkish Mosque.

Boy. And he shall confirm his covenant with many.

Mofes. That Ifrael cannot fathom or understand, as he has not manifested himself. 10.1"

Boy. The scriptures will be, and must be true.

Moses. Israel dare not contradict her. God: but she has not obtained the promise. Sort!

Boy. And after threescore and two weeks the Mefliah shall be cut off, but not for himself.:

Mofes. This is also incomprehenfible, as the Messiah is expressly promised' to gather Ifrael from all countries into their own land, to enjoy every blessings, He being Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and that they will be a blessing to the whole earth..

Boy. Two thousand years experimentally, points out and unfolds your misconftruing and erroneous conceptions of the prophecies. The Promised Blefling, at the fulness of time, ma


nifested Himself, who you rejected and hung on a tree, treating the Lord of Glory with the vileft ignominy, and has brought down your rancoor and inveterate hatred, inculcated, nourished, and lodged from father to son in the heart of every Jew throughout your generations to this day. O the misery and mif. chievous tendency that await the abuse of freewill. ! This abuse originated in the angels, whence their malice have lost them their ori. ginal birthright, and placed them in the prison of eternal woe. Next falls man, beginning in our first parents, which has multiplied in their posterity, but Ifrael, as she was exalted above her fellows, becomes more criminal in an equal crime: but she has perpetrated and glories in her guilt, Black Infamy. The thought fills my soul with horror, my heart bursts with grief. The Lord of Life nailed and hanging on a tree betwixt two thieves, naked, bleeding, and all covered with wounds, fpittle and dirt. In this most ignominious manner he remained a spectacle and gazing-stock to angels and men, and when He gave up. His life, their rage pieced His fide with a lance penetrating His heart.

b Scene changes to Luther's apartment.

Grace before Dinner. Master Lutber. REPLETE with keen, eagery sharp * I

1 and whected appetiçe, I repair so the delight of my chaite defire." So be ic. bengi


Take off, Nincompoop, the cover, lay all 19 view, that, 1 may lurvey the whole, this fide, that fide, infide, outside, forelide, backside, in and out, round about, so that I may sariate the fenfe of fighe, the sense of finell, the fense of tafte, the sense of feeling, and you explaining the rarities this delicious banquet is composed sof, my sense of hearing may be feasted, and by these five conductors convev the whole into the heart, which being intoxicated and overcharged with sovereign and substantial delights, the whole man may be drowned in an ocean of pleasure and voluptuous sweetness, Oh! I die in foft repose.

Hoft. These are rarities just arrived in one of our ships from the West-Indies, which I procured, being full favoured, made into a ragout; it has been simmering twelve hours, so that you will perceive it Nip down without notice as quick-silver.

1 Luther. Rarities of rarities, exquisitely, conpletely, and curiously rare: this is beyond any delight I ever feasted on. Truely you prize the Indies, both East and Welt, the paramount of pleasure and every endearment, all productions large and strong, no liecie punya pigmy, weak, in lipid, or imperfect growths, as is produced in our unisoners buche whole and every part or parcel thereof, fills the mind and heart with the whole apparatus of the huy man animal with a glut of delights, doorda

Hoft. The idand in the middle is a supero vannuated Muscovy drake, the only piece of

poilery she faip brought hom i being originally voi?



Atrong, the failārs spared its life, four lizatds, preserved ; three rats, a good bit of a preserved yellow snake, whose smell is both powerful and Jafting; twelve large cockroaches, two Guinea pigs, foufed, with a pint and half of sharks oil, extracted from the liver, far exceeding wháleoil, both for richness and strong 983 7 Lutber. A deathstroke in the summit of extacy ; have I banquetted upon i andrakes, and the balsam of life absent; can I enjoy, and Rachel, lovely nymph, not present ; this thall never be take ic hence, whilft I lose my breath and die fouls, we learned wits have

O mandrakes and cockatrices, both fcripture rarities : how sweet art thou with the whole, a composition worthy praise. ? ; 12

Hoft. Your reverence stands not in need of a " mefs-mate, you made clean platters before che love fic came on you; you act wisely.

Lutber. What can't be cured, may be endured. os Give me my jorum, 98119 Witb bottle and glass 2010 OT We will drown the lass.

Tol de rol. ubot Cherished with nipple,

guay 9 10 VIRGayly we tipple.

199 Fol de dal. pretty grace after meat. So be it. %. bains

2015 Y 1919

My dear will you be faithful; a Swiss hears the character of fidelity: I am to make you my *my confidant, to aflirt in prosecuting there er to

sential projects; if through your alliduiry we Yobtain our great with, you wil -labour inerito





riously, and no doubt will applaud yourself, The first is, you know Calvin has treared your department of Protestantism, being trained a Calvinist, what you are l presume, and under your roof, to the great dishonour of your house has turned papist. You lay he has put himself in a convent of friars at Bruffels; he can never more return to Scotland, the Scotch would hang him up to the first gibbet that presented itself: he has a finall estate in Scotland of about three hundred per annum, and money in the funds that brings him about two hundred more ; so that the whole in his gift is rated at tive hundred, hard money, per year : he was never married, it is true he has five Gifters who he keeps in indolence through his supineness, and in a little time may be the means of afflicting them with the gout, itone, and even death, if I do not take this charity upon myself to correct this growing evil: my friendihip though abused, can suffer no abatement; therefore, to affist me in chis donation to binalf and filters, you will with every expedition leave no Itone unturned, until you bring him to a proper sense of his duty to God and his neighbour ; and make him have drawn and executed a title to me of his property, both real and personal, my heirs and alligas for ever : be cautious, receive no gratuity, as you will be satisfied with the meric confirred on you. My second injunction is, that you will make use of every subtilty to get she aflignment compleat from Moles to me, of his monies in the English funds; what he has lodged here, or any other

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