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Araggling sums, for any matter, cause, or thing, whatsoever, or whenfoever. A third is, you will make diligent search for a son of mine who has curned Roman Catholic, broke his uncle's heart; but before his death my raskallion abfconded: his uncle adopted him his fo e heir, by which he is entitled to the family estate of twelve hundred per year, and ten thousand in stock, which altogether is a pretty thing, ng debts.

Hoft. What would you have me transact with your fon when I have found him, if he is to be found.

Lutber. Frighten him with threats of confiscation and reprobation; he has, and stands guilty of the inost heinous crime against the laws and constitution of Great Britain; therefore, insist on his immediately afligning the whole, as far as his non-age will permit, to me, my heirs and assigns for ever, and ai path when he acta'ns the age of twen y-one years, that he will confirm and establish my itle.

Hoft. You say Calvin and your fon by becoming Roman Catholics have forfitea their rights and privileges as subjects, and are outlaws, and non-protected miscreanis; if this be the misfortune of chole two, what threat have you to frighten Mofes into your designs.

Luther. Jews and Papifts are almost in the same predicament, being the only two that adhere to the old antedeluvian scrip ures, by. which jargon they bind the genies and keep them captives ; fo that our enlightened ags is ftill shaded from the brains of the generality of


the middling class of the human race, and jower and ignorant likewise.

Voir plus 2Itoft This character to figmalize the Bris tish constitution and laws are diametrically oppofite to the name it maintains in the large world; which is a fyftem of lenity, freedom, and protection to mankind in general and pars ticular: I cannot, you must excuse me, suppose your country wears the counterfeit face of peace and liberty, and within her bolom conceal a dagger of the most black hue, lo shackle, fetter, chain, and entangle the consciences of their fellow creatures; a direct carte-blanche to our holy religion : never' mention it, for I have had the honour to attend in my life a number of English gentlemen, who were you, though as you have given yourself out for the bishop of Canterbury, would hustle you,. if you were not of fo enormous a bulk, in a blanket. There is not a nation who bears that exalted character, and more jealous of their Jiberty of conscience, than the English, Eng. land never can suffer so gross an insult, to form men into hypocrites.

Luther. I hope nincom-poop, scaramouch, faucy-box, buffoon, scare-crow, pigmy, barbarian, sayage, cruel and uncultivated villain, to lay the charge of combing mens consciences, and entangling their brains with fetters; uncivilized morality and inhumanity I declare I have it is better in than out ; however, I will cease my severity, or you may put an end to your existence, and I go fupperless to bed, which would not be the most jocular compe

- 01.

hion or bed fellow.50 patience, what żeal por fesses me whenever liberey and no excife, is or are endangered búrd still hope your intencions pre notrof what kind, I am forid, and it is difficulr to keep my breach, if that quics, O all is over to usenlightened philosophers, of our enlightened hemifpiere: most certainly it is a most jolly and buckfome «philosophy: 0 the joy of my younger days; no disturbance or biting of conscience, all calm within; and the enjoyment to a glut. brim-full, and running over of the five pipes; inftruments and conductors, or sense into the heart. This, men of learning and light call heaven, or the fullnefs and end of man; no scripture bug-bears, but all fmooth water to then that will enjoy. Yet I confess old Moses dropped a story which has 'not a litole disconcerted my notion of reafon; he proves from the tortoise, that will, memory, and understanding, do not depend and derive its source or origin from the brain; for the turtle comes the nearest to man, in planing and carrying them into execution for the preserving their progeny, which goes far beyond the ape, who is considered to come nearest man, which our philosophy teaches, having most brains proportionable to the fize. Mofes declares the tortoise have neither brains nor marrow, 9 Hoft. I have often heard your new philosoiphers brag of their proofs from the brains, and Jay it down as the ground and fundamental article of their faith, which raised iny curioficy, kearing of the subtlery and prudence of this


animal, to purchase the one you had one of your dinners dreffed in, that worked such wonderful effe&t's both on you and your companion, and which liked to have been the death of Rabbi Mofes." I opened the head, and this is that you see in the Phial, which is preserved in spirits, all that was contained in the head, and which is nothing more than like a fheath of a Tarantula, or web or membrane, containing neither brains or any other substance. The bones are also as the head, all solid as a stone.

Lutber. I think it rather a refinement on Calvinism ; for although they use every precaution to ftife the conscience by disavowing sin, unless hatched as a chick, through ignorance and folly, yet, when a foul, or immortality, is granted, we experience an interloper, who Jurks about the heart, and, like a busy-bcdy, raising an immediate bustle on the heel of

every gratification that is forbid-by scripture or chriftianity, this falls in of course; so that we be. come dupes to the soul we cannot refrain, neither can we enjoy. I have, therefore, ever considered the life of a Calvinift the life of a dog, who commonly receives his meal with fear of the whip. I am very ill from the flurry you urged me, doubting my veracity in laying before you the laws, and benign, gentle and meck conftitution of Great Britain. I am quite spent, overcharging my stomach, so that I can paddle in it ac my throat, and I find not my, old friend at hand, strong evacuation; I am fwelled and must burft, unless I can blow heartily my fowgelder's horn, which would re

lieve. Take my common-prayer book, and at the head you will read two acts as a specimen of many more statutes for the uniformity and univerfality of our Sion, so that there may be one religion, both in prayer and sacraments, without this conformity ; you will there see the penalties to be inflicted. The ist act was enacted under our gracious fovereign queen Elizabeth, the other under our gracious sovereign Charles the Second. So help me God. They were happy days. So be it.

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