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but no fpiritual nourishmentcould. I receive, being tenacious to maintain the law of my forefathers, which I considered as the law of my God, whereof it was nothing more than the early impression I imbibed in my infant state, which ripened into maturity as I grew up, and became mistress both of my reason and actions, for I always made it a rule that my actions thro! life should be conformable and coincide with the sentiments of my mind: but still there was a dark mist that for ever clouded and caused a fecret dread, which hung on my mind, and when I reverted to the scriptures for relief, and difpelling the gloom that hung before me, I found none, but rather added to my grief: my adhering close to the letter as I was taught, fettered my reason, so that all seemed one mass of contrarieties ;! but now the scripture unfolds, the light of reason brightens and dispels the mist of ignorance and yain presumption, under whose captivity I have been long an alien and stranger to my God; his divine truth was no truth to me, as I reprobated and changed this truth to my condemnation; nourishing and inculcating tenets opposite and destructive to this truth; my soul callous, and crusted as a toad lay perdue to spic its poison and fefter the minds of others; but the night is past, all thanks to my God, for unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Of she increale of his government and



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( 77 ) ace thère Mall be no end, and upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom to order it and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth, even for ever i the zeal of the Lord of Hosts will perform this, Here is my God manifested in human fesh, che infinite God manifested in man's Aesh, che eternal born in time, the Creator become a creature; the infinite, to whom the universe is not more than a grain of sand ; who creates, nourishes, fupports, and keeps the whole in a ballance, to be a fellow companion with man, ordering, directing, and training them to be fit jewels for replacing and filling the thrones that became vacant by the fall of angels. What can we express worthy of this God Man; man raised to the infinite height of taking his seaç upon the right hand of the Infinite Majesty, and placing his friends in seats of glory..

Boy. David in the 24th Psalm gives us the exalted glory of the ascension of Christ. Life up your heads, O you gates, and be you lifted up you everlasting doors, and the king of glory thall come in. Who is the king of glory it is the Lord, strong and mighty, even the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O you gates, and be you lifted up, you everlafting doors, and the king of glory shall come in. To Who is the king of glory?'even the Lord of Hoits, he is the king of glory. Also in the 16th Plalm gives our Lord's refurrection : 1 bave ret God always before me, for he is on my right hand, therefore I Thall not fall; wherefore my heart was glad, and my glory

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rejoiced ; my Aesh also shall rest in hope : for why? thou mall rot leave my soul in'he

hell, neither shalt thou suffer thy holy one to see corruption; thou shalt Thew me the path of life: in thy presence is the fulness of joy, and at thy right hand chere is pleasure for evermore.

Mofes. Daniel prophecies the death of the Messiah : after three-score and two weeks, Messiah shall be cut off. David gives us his resurrection; thou (nalt not leave my soul in hell, neither shalt thou fuffer thy holy one to see corruption. Also in this as in his other psalm, his triumphal ascension: thou shalt few me the path of life; in thy prefence is the fulness of joy, and at thy right hand there is pleafure evermore. There were mysteries until now, I confess myself totally ignorant.

Boy. Plalm 110. The Lord said unto my Lord, fit thou on my right hand, until I make thy enemies thy foot-ftool : the Lord fhall send the rod of thy power out of Sion ; be thou ruJer even in the midit among thine enemies. In the day of thy power shall the people offer thee free-will offerings with an holy worship; the dew of thy birth is of the womb of the morning: the Lord swore and will not repent. Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchifedech : the Lord upon thy right hand, shall wound even kings in the day of his wrath: he shall judge among the heathen, he shall fill the places with the dead bodies, and fmite afundar the heads over divers countries he thall drink of the brook in the way, therefore shall he lift

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Mofes. The psalm before us is a further testimony and confirmation of the royal prophet ,o the divinity of the Messiah; for David was a great king, he had many nations tributary to him, himself acknowledged no superior but his God, whose darling he was; Messiah, as man, he knew was to be his son, confequently not intitled to his homage ; but he knew also that he was his God, in quality of which he pours forth his soul in praise and adoration, which breathe throughout his psalms : in this psalm is declared the priestly office of the Messiah, noc according to the order of Aaron which was inftituted in the old covenant, but according to Melchisedech, to whom we read in Genesis, our father Abraham paid tithes, and received his blessing, being the priest of Almighty God , so that the new worship or covenant will be different, dating, and taking its effect from the death of the Messiah, who, according to Daniel, is to be cut off, but not for himself. Also the Psalm 40, Sacrifice and oblation thou wouldst not : but a body thou hast fitted to me: Holocausts for fin did not please thee. Then said I, bebold I come : in the bead of the book is is written of me, that I should do thy will, O God. Here we are told of the infufficiency of the old covenant and mode of worship, and that the Almighly would bring and confirm the new, which, according to Daniel, was confirmed with many and established in the middle of the seventieth week by the Melgah when he was cut off, and that the old worship should ceale, as we are witnelles chis day. Near two


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thousand years has this prophecy been accomplished. Genesis 14th chapter. And Melcbifea decb, king of Salon, brought forth bread and wire : and be waspriest of the Most High God. And be blessed bim and said, blessed be ribram of the Moft High God, podessor of beaven and carth: end blessed be tbe Most High God, wbo barb der livered tbine enemies into thy bands : and Abram gave Melchifedech titbes of all. This fcripture points out Melchisedech to be priest of Almighty God and his priesthood, prior to that of Aaron. Also, according to the Psalm we just quoted, the type of the Messiah, whose worfhip of offering is bread and wine, which will take place and succeed the old facrifices and worship of Israel. As the Psalm we a little before mentioned restisies, that the old worship was not equivalent, the 110th Psalm gives a farther testimony of the Divinity of the Meffiah, in the following verse:

In ibe day of thy power fall the people offer thee free-will offerings with an holy worship : the dew of thy birth is of the womb of the morning. So that the oblacion or worship of the new covenant will be offered to the Son equally with the Father, which would be the height of blaf, phemy, were the son not God. I now am no longer ignorant of the woman's seed crushing the head of the serpent, the devil, making reparation, and reconciling man with his God, and replacing him in his first birthright, which by seduction Şacan, that old serpent, tempied and effected his fall. Here.che Pfalm refers us how necessary and proper it was for him to take

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