Memoirs of Theobald Wolfe Tone, Band 2

Theobald Wolfe Tone
H. Colburn, 1827
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Seite 142 - Immortalite", and press General Grouchy in the strongest manner to proceed on the expedition, with the ruins of our scattered army. Accordingly, we made a signal to speak with the Admiral, and in about an hour we were aboard. I must do. Grouchy the justice to say, that the moment we gave our opinion in favour of proceeding, he took his part decidedly, and like a man of spirit ; he instantly set about preparing the ordre de bataille, and we finished it without delay. We are not more than 6,500 strong,...
Seite 131 - It yearns me not if men my garments wear ; Such outward things dwell not in my desires : But if it be a sin to covet honour, I am the most offending soul alive.
Seite 364 - Mr Sheriff, proceed to the barracks, and acquaint the provost-marshal that a writ is preparing to suspend Mr Tone's execution, and see that he be not executed.
Seite 435 - Ireland,' and several of them have already sealed it with their blood. I suppose there is no instance of a conspiracy, if a whole people can be said to conspire, which has continued for so many years as this has done, where the secret has been so religiously kept, and where, in so vast a number, so few traitors have been found.
Seite 433 - For these five years they have fixed their eyes most earnestly on France, whom they look upon, with great justice, as fighting their battles, as well as those of all mankind who are oppressed.
Seite 141 - ... and, if we failed, the loss would be trifling, as the expense was already incurred, and as for the legion, he knew what kind of desperadoes it was composed of, and for what purpose; consequently, in the worst event, the Republic would be well rid of them; finally, I added that though I asked the command, it was on the supposition that none of the Generals would risk their reputation on such a desperate enterprise, and that if another was found, I would be content to go as a simple Volunteer.
Seite 238 - English fleet was paralysed by the mutinies at Portsmouth, Plymouth and the Nore. The sea was open, and nothing to prevent both the Dutch and French fleets to put to sea. Well, nothing was ready ; that precious opportunity, which we can never expect to return, was lost ; and now that at last we are ready here, the wind is against us, the mutiny is quelled, and we are sure to be attacked by a superior force.
Seite 17 - ... was so much gained. He said he would, undoubtedly, make his arrangements so as to leave nothing to chance that could be guarded against ; that he would come in force, and bring great quantities of arms, ammunition, stores, and artillery, and for his own reputation see that all the arrangements were made on a proper scale. I was very glad to hear him speak thus ; it sets my mind at ease on divers points.
Seite 155 - At four this morning, the commodore made the signal to steer for France; so there is an end of our expedition for the present; perhaps for ever. I spent all yesterday in my hammock, partly through sea-sickness, and much more through vexation. At ten we made prize of an unfortunate brig, bound from Lisbon to Cork, laden with salt, which we sunk.
Seite 364 - ... the time for arguing this momentous question. My client must appear in this Court. He is cast for death this very day. He may be ordered for execution whilst I address you.