Founding the Lasting

Wayne State University Press, 1991 - 196 Seiten
Papers of the Dec. 1988 meeting in Dallas on quantum cosmology, the early universe, superstring theory, quantum gravity, gravity waves, active galactic nuclei, quasar disks, quasar absorption lines, cosmic microwave background, primeval galaxies, cosmic strings and galaxy formation, galaxy cluster distribution, recent developments in general relativity, dark matter, large scale structure, gravitational lenses, compact objects, binary X-ray sources, ultrahigh energy sources, SN 87a, cosmic gamma rays, gamma ray bursts, the gamma ray observatory, and neutrino astrophysics. No subject index. The final volume of Will's trilogy The Fall and the gods in a wide-ranging package of personal essays on the gods, the loss of the gods, recuperations of Eden through art, the role of the naming act in art and language, the functions of criticism, and the skill of translation as penetration of the art-code. The unifying theme is that, through imaginative power, man creates gods and God, who finally assumes absolute existence quite independent of humanity, and ultimately directs humanity in the universe. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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Curiosity II
The Gods
Making and Finding the Gods

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