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The Editor has, now only to deprecate the severity of criticism. It was impoflible, in selecting from such a variety of authors, to secure uniformity of language without immense trouble ; and from his situation, which rendered an easy communication with the Printer not only often difficult, but in many cafes impra&icable, several typographical errors will, no doubt, accur to the reader, as well as some others of a literary kind. -As these, however, do not affea facts, he has not added an errata, but left the whole to the candour and good sense of ahe reader, to whom he wishes, with fincerity, as much plea. fure in the perusal, as himself has experienced in collecting and arranging the materials.

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State Side of Newgate,

Jan. sift, 1795



A BEL, Mr. J. Bookfellet, Nora

thampton Adams, Mrs. Percy-street, Tottenham

Adney, Mr. Black-friars
Adams, Mr. Surgeon, Walbrook
Aikin, John, M. D. No. 4, Broad-street-

Akerman, Mr. Little Russel-Street
Aldham, Mrs. Wainsworth
Alder, Mr. Wm. Richmond, Surry
Allen, Mr. John, Truro, Cornwall

, Mr. Thomas, Borough
Andrews, Mr. Orchard-street, Westminster
Anderson, Mr. E. H. Yarmouth
Austin, Mr.
Audley, Mr. Cambridge
Avain, Mrs. Black-friars


Blakesleý, -, Esq. Bishopsgate-ftreef Blackmore, Mr. T. R. Dock Town Blake, Mr. Brentford Blacktop, Mr. Black-friars Boddington, Thomas, Esq. Southgate Boddington, Samuel, Esq. Southgate Bowey, Mr. near Plymouth Bostock, Mr. Samuel, Borough Bowering, Mr. C. B. Borough Bonsfield, George, Gent. London-wall Bougis, Mr. George, Ipswich Bouge, Mr. John, King-street, Golden

square Bourne, Mr. Bousfield, Mr. Attorney, London-wall Bowyer, Mr. William, Sheffield—2 setts Bowden, Mr. James Bowley, Mr. Bishopfgate-street Boyer, Mr. Historic Gallery, Pall-Mall Bradley, Mr. John, near Huddersfield,

Yorkshire Broadhurit, Mr. Richard, Bucklow Hill,

Cheshire Brook, Miss, Manchester Brown, Mr. Gentle, Lincoln Brewin, Mr. New College, Hackney Brown, Mr. J. Illington Brown, Mr. Norham Brett, Mr. Broadhurst, —, Esq. Mansfield Brown, James, Esq. Love-lane Brown, Timothy, Esq. Camberwell Brown, -, Esq. Brielliat, Mr. Thomas, Kentucky Brend, Mr. I. Plymouth Brend, Mr. W. Fore-street, Dock Town Burnett, T. Esq. Vauxhall-lane Butler, Mr. Coventry Button, Mr. Nayland Burton, Mr. W. Wrexham, Derbyshire Bucknell, Mr. Carlton-le-morland Burton, Mr. Grosvenor-street Buck, Mr. Bury St. Edmonds Burnell Mr. T. No. 161, Piccadilly Burnell, Mr. Dock Town, Devon

Barbauld, Mr. Hampstead
Bailley, Mr. Thurston, John-street,

Christ Church, Surry
Batchelor, Mr. Thomas, Bristol
Barton, Mr. Freeman's-court, Cornhill
Barton, Mr. Lothbury
Ball, Mr. John, Broad-street, Plymouth
Barnes, Rev. Jonas, Terrace, Surry
Barnes, Mr. York-street, Westminster
Bates, Mr. Nottingham
Larlow, Mr. Peter, Basinghall-street
Barron, Edward, Esq. Norwich

- Esq. Hattos-garden Bentham, Mr. Robert, Borough Bedie, Mr. Edward, Blackman-street,

Southwark Belsham, Rev. T. New College, Hackney Bell, Mr. Thomas, church-street Bell, Mr. Peckham, 2 copies Bell, Mr. De, Dock Town, Devon Birch, Mr. S. Q. Manchester Billop, Mr. Greenwich



Cayley, Sir George, Bart. Yorkshire
Carver, Mr. John, Woodbridge, Suffolk
Cartwright, Mr. George, Black-friais
Cannon, Mr. Thomas, Bishopsgate-street
Carrals Mr. Dock-liead
Carr, P. A. Gent. Doctors Commons
Carpenter, Miss, Fishponds, Brittol
Carrington, Mr. J. Davis-street, Berkley-

Catlow, Rev. Mr. Mansfield
Cailuick, Mr. Piccadilly
Charles, Mr. George, Oxford-street
Check, 1. M. G. Gent. Evelham
Chapman, Mr. William, King-Atreet,

Champion, Mr. Bristol
Chollet, Mr. A. P. Cushion-court, Old

Brond-ftreet Chattidd, Mr. Back-hil!, Hatton-garden Child, Mr. Bishopsgate-street Ching, Mr. Jolin, Launcetton, Cornwall Cline, Mr. Surgeon, St. Mary Axe Clarke, Rev. William, Exeter Clarke, Mr. William, Cranburn-street Clarke, Mrs. Eatt-Smithfield Clarke, Mr. Charles, Milbank-street,

Westminster Coldharn, George, Efq. Nottingham Cowen, Mr. R. Love-lane, Eastcheap Cooper, Mr. Jaines, Borough Colwell, Mr. Edward, Haymarket Cook, Mr. J. Gravel-lane, Southwark Cox, Mr. Jofeph, Gravel-lane, Southwark Cooke, Mr. J. Ynnes, Penllwch, near

Cole, Mr. Colchester
Coape, Mr. Garden-court, Temple
Collet, Mr. Dennington
Compton, --, M. D. Derly
Cooper, Mr. Thomas, Eqi. Al. Of.
Collier, Mr. Manchester
Coape, Miss, Park-street, Westmintter
Cole, Mr. Thoms, Witnelham, Suffolk
Coates, Rev. Mr. Birminghani
Cylgett, Mr. Robert
Conder, Mr. James, Ipfwich
Conder, Mr. John, Ipswich
Coxworthy, Mr. Thomas, Dock-Town,

Crellin, Mr. Henrietta-street, Covente

Crofts, Mr. William, Newbury
Crampern, Mr. R. Stamford
Crompton, Mrs. Clapham
Cunningham, Mr. Great Preset-street
Cullen, Mr. George, Windmill-Street,

Cure,' Mrs. Great George-Arcet, West


Davies, Mr. R. Minera, Derbyshire
Davis, Mr. J. Coventry
Dance, Mr. Manchester-square
Dance, Mr. Manchester-street
Davis, Mr. Taylor
Dawson, Mr. Roger, Borough
Dawson, Mr. Joseph, Borough
Dawes, M. Elq. Clifford's-Inn
Daw, Thos. Esq. Brompton
Dearling, John, Esq. Chichester
Dean, Mr. Charles, King-street, Souihi.

wark, 2 sets
Dewick, Mr. J. Newark
Derbyshire, Mr. James, Manchester
Dickenson, W.R. Esq. Newark
Dixon, Rev. Francis, B. D. Bennet Col-

lege, Cambridge Dipple, Mr. Henry, Richmond, Surry Dixon, Mr. Benjami Wickham Dixon, Mr. Felftead Division of the London Corresponding som

ciety Dickens, Mr. W. Plymouth Dore, Rev. James, Walworth Downing, Mr. Caftle-ftreet, Southwark Dolphin, Mr. Robert, Borough Dowen, Mr. Joseph, Seward-Itreet Doucey, Mr. J. Beckingham, Lincolo

Thire Dowrow, Mr. B.U. Geldestone, Norfolk Dove, Mr. W. Plymouth Drury, Mr. Kenelworth Duckworth, Mr. George, Manchester Dunscombe, Rev. ). Alton, Oxfordshire Dunton, Mr. s. Orchard-street, West

minster Durose, Mr. James, Kennington Common Dunsford, Mr. H. Fleet-ftreet Dunsford, Mr. St. Mary Axe Dunsford, Mr. M. St. Mary Axe Duntterville, M. Esq. Plymouth Dyer, Rev. George, A. B. Carey-ftreet,


Edwards, Mr. H. Cambridge
Edgington, Mr. R. Abingdon, Berks
Enot, Mr. Spencer, Davis-strect, Berkley-

Errington, Mr. George, Yarmouth
Eldaile, -, Esq. Bunhill-row
Evans, Rev. John, Abingdon, Berks
Evans, Rev. J. Coventry
Evans, Mr.


Grice, Mr. Charles, Charloite-Street, Rath.

bone-place Favel, Sam. Esq. Tooley-street

Grimibaw, Mr. James, Manchester Fawcett, Mr. Tho. Pancras-lane, Queen Girton, Mr. Wm. Newark ftreet

Grundy, Mr. John, near Bury, Lancaster Fayran, Mr. James, Lancaster

Grafton, Mr. Sturbridge
Fastnedge, Mr. Edw. Eqi. As. Off.
Fagg, Mr. Benj. Effex-ftreet, Strand
Fagg, Miss L. Eflex-ftreet, Strand

Fagg, Miss, Bath
Fagg, Mr. R. Cheshunt

Harman, --, Esq. Portman-square
Ferrers, Mr. Pettycoat-lane

Hartwright, Mr. Rich. Fenchurch-Street Fell, Mr. Russell-court, Drury-lane

Hall, Mr. William, Millpond-bridge
Field, Wm. Warwick

Hall, Mr. J. Northampton
Finch, Mr. John, Attorney, Cambridge Hale, Mr. Wood-treet, Spiral-fields
Flower, Rich. Efq. Hertford

Hales, Mr. P. Richmond, Suiry
Flower, B. Printer, Cambridge

Hage, Mr. Newark Fletcher, Jof. Abingdon

Hart, Mr. F. Nottingham Fleming, Rev. Curtis, Old Ford

Haws, Mr. Tho. Thames-street Ford, Tho. Gainsforth-street

Hawksly, Mr. Nortir ham, 6 copies Fox, Mr. Borough

Hartley, Mr. J. Gray's-inn Ford, Mr. Minories

Harvey, Mr. Plymouth Fowler, Tho. Esq. Yarmouth

Hays, Mr. fol., Cains for th-fireet Follet, Mr. Chatham

Hammersham, Mr. Tho. Borougla Fosset, Mr. John, Ipswich

Hatch, Mr. Tho. Kennington Foxcroft, Mr. Dudley

Hatch, Mr. John, Long-lane, Southirak Fordham, Mr. E. K. Royston, Cambridge- Hayward, Mr. Tho. Mile End thire

Harris, Mr. Chriitopher, Old Jewry Francis, Mr. Whitechapel

Harris, Mr. Joseph, Freeman, Mr. Henry, Plymouth

Harris, Mr. Sam. Pentonville French, Mr. Featherstonc-buildings, Hol

Harris, Mr. Robert, Alajdstone born

Hawkins, Mr. T. W. Borough Fumeil, Mr. Fetter-lane

Hawkins, Mr. Henry, Plymouth
Fuller, Mr. Richmond, Surry

Herd, Mr. Jer. Woodbridge, Suffolk
Hewlett, Mr. Ironmonger, Strand

Hebuen, Mr. Walter, Ironmonger-lane

Herbert, Mr. Abraban, Coventry

Herbert, Mr. Coventry Garratt, Francis, Esq.

Henton, Mr. Michael, Wellingham, Line Gardner, Mr. Twickenham

cointhire Gazzam, Mr. Joseph, Cambridge

Hebworth, Mr. Danie!, Walworth Gibbs, Rev. Philip, Plymouth

Henneken, Rev. Mr. Ware Gilpin, Mr. Gilbert, Berlham, Derbyshire Heron, Mr. Rich, Southwark Gibson, Mr. Loampit-hill

Heighington, Mr. Borough Gibsor, Mr. John, Maidenhead

Hill, Mr. Cheapside Gladeltein, Mr. J.

Hill, Mr. Walter, Warwick
Gosnell, Mr. Little Queen-street, Lin Hill, Mr. Ochurch, Warwickshire

Hill, Mr. Jofeps, Carnaby-street
Gouldwin, Mr. Broad-Areet, Bloomsbury Hitchcock, Mr.
Goddard, Mr. Sam. Ipswich

Hinchen, Rev. Mr. Ware
Goodicg, Mr. Wm. Kelgrove

Hide, Mr. No.7, Little Ruffel-ftreet
Goodson, Mr. Jofeph, Rotherhithe Howell, Mr. Joseph
Gotch, Mr. jun. Kettering

Hodzfon, Mr. W. M. D. Old- Bailey, Grigby, Joshui, Esq. near Bury St. Edo Hodgson, Dr. H. Market-railin mund's

Holben, Miss
Grigby, Mr. J. jun. Bury St. Edmund's Hoimck, Mr. Nottingham, 2 copies
Gurney, Bartleit, Efo. Norwich

Homer, Rev. A. Magdalen College, Oxon Gronow, Rev. F. Alferton

Holland, Mr. St. Thomas's, Southwark Graves, Mr. Tho. Borough

Hobbs, Rev. Colchester Grundy, Mr. New College, Hackney Houghton, Ms. George, Exeter Green, Mr. Ware

Holt, Mr. R. Newark Green, Mr. A. Warc

Hudion, Mr. Greenland-dock

Huckvale, Mr. J. Chipping, Norton
Hutton, Mr. Nottingham

Hurry, Mr. T. Yarmouth
Hurry, Mi. T. jun. Yarmouth

Lawes, Vetruvious, Esq. Inner Templo Hurry, Mr. Wm. Yarmou:h

Larochfolcaut, Count, Queen Ann-Street, Hurry, Mr. Geo. Yarınouth

West, Cavendish-square Hurry, Mr. Edm. Cob. Yarmouth

Lane, Mr. Tho. New-York Hunter, Capt. Liverpool

Ladler, Mr. Nicholas, Watling-street Hunt, Mr. George

Lawrence, Mr. Sam. Cheapside
Huddlestone, Mr. J. Newark

Lapworth, Mr. J. Carnaby-Itreet
Lambert, Mr. jun. Jewry-street

Lally, Mr. Market-itreet, St. James's

Leafe, Mr. Fleet-street

Levessever, Mr. Air-street, Piccadilly Jacobi, his Excellency Baron

Lepard, Mr. Newgate-street James, Mr. Philip, Shoreditch

Leven, Mr. Noctingham v Jackson, Mr. Wraxall

Lee, Mr. Sam, Borough Jameson, Mr. Old Jewry

Lee, Mr. Jof. Borough Jalland, Mr. J. Newark

Lewis, Mr. Rich. Borough
Jennings, Mr. Wantage, Berks

Lewis, Rev. Mr. Clapton
Jenkinson, Mr. Tho. Charter House Lifter, D. Esq. Hackney, 2 copies
Johnson, Rev, R. A. Thenilworth Littlefcar, —, Esq. Exeter
Joyce, Rev. Jer. Earl Stanhope's

Lindsey, Rev. T. Ellex-street, Strand
Joyce, Mr. Joshua, Eflex-ftreet, Strand Lloyd, Mr. Lothbury
Joyce, Miss, Cheshunt

Long, T. Esq. Wimpole-street Jones, Mr. J. G. Surgeon, Hampstead-road Losh, -, Esq. Lemms-buildings, Temple Jopson, Mrs. Stour-itreet, Tottenham Luntley, Mr. Shoreditch

Jolme, Capt. D. Yarmouth
Jones, Mr. John, Brymbo

Isaac, Mr. Tho. Woodham Lodge, Eflex
Judd, Mr. Thomas

M-Clellan, J. Esq. Plymouth
Malken, Benj. Esq. Hackney

Manning, Wm. Esq. Yarmouth

Marriott, -, Esq. Crown-ftreet, West,

minster Keen, Henry, Efy. Walworth

Mackintosh, James, Esq. Lincoln's-inn Kerrick, --, Esq. Harlestone, Norfolk Maine, Mr. Brington, Northamptonshire Kenrish, Rev. Mr. Ply rnonth

Matthews, Mr. H. Fish-Itreet-hill Kenrick, Mr. Berthan, Denbighshire M.Dougal, Mr. Dock-Town, Devon Kenrick, Rev. T. Exeter

Marsden, Mr. Borough Kerswell, Mr. Guzzel, Deronthire

Marshall, Mr. Edward, Wilton, near Sito Key, Mr. David, Fair-ít cet

ringbourne Kelsey, Mr. Adam-itreer, Rotherhithe Maysey, Mr. Ware Keith, Mr. Johr', Virginia-Street

Mason, Miss, Great George-ftreet, West * Kearsy, Mr. Coventry

minster Kettering Book Society

Martin, Rev. T. Yarmouth Kent, Mr. Wm. Abingdon, Bucks Midland, Mr. Newington Killby, Mr. Wri, Borough

Miller, Mr. W. Schoolmaster, Woolwich King, Mr. J. St. John's-street

Millhousç, Mr. W. Wardour-str. Soho Kirihaw, Mr. Edw. Manchester

Mitchel, Dr. Manchester Kippis, D. D. F. R. $. & S. A, Crown Mitchel, Mr. J. Lymington ftreet, Westminster

Monton, Mr. Fleet-street Kirby, Mr. J. Old. Bailey

Morgan, Mr. Cal. Southgate, Middlesex Kirby, Mr. E. Snow-bill

Morgan, Mr. W. F. R. S. Stamford-hill Kinder, Mr. Cheapade

Morgan, Mr. Leman-itreet, Goodman's King, Mr. Tho. Maidstone

fields Knight, Mr. Rich. Devizes

Moody, Mr. John, jun. Carnaby-street Knight, Mr. Carlton-le-morland

Moore, Mr. George, Tottenham-courtKnutton, M. D. St. James's-square road

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