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Sir Berkeley Lucy Bart.

IN sarther Justice to the Memory of Mr. Collins, as well as to obviate some Misrepresen Various which have been made, concerning it, I here fend you a true Copy of His Last Will and Testament, viz. ■■ ''

T Anthony Collins, of Greaf-Baddotv, in the ■* County of BJfex, do, this 24th oiAugtijf 1728, make this my Last Will and Testament, in Manner and Form following, writing, it all with my, own Hand. I constitute and appoint my dearest Wise, Elizabeth Collins, for whom I have the utmost Affection, and to whom I cannot be susficiently gratesul, for the Pleasure and Happiness I have constantly enjoyed with her, my sole Executrix. I give to my Wise for the Augmentation of her Jointure, for the Term of her Lise, all my Manor of HatfieldrPeverel, alias .HatfieldBury, in the County of E/sex, and all Courts, Fines, Herriots, Prosits, Perquisites, and QuitRents thereof, as also all that Wood, called SouthWood, lying in Hatfield-Peverel, aforesaid, and all the Wood, and Underwood, from Time to Time, growing thereon, with full Power, for my said


Wife and her Assigns, at all Times during kev Life, to sell, and take sussicient Timber within the said Wood-Land, for the neceflary Repairs of my Farms in Matfield-Pevereli and the Bridges there, and also all my Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, and Estate, in the Occupation of, and Let unto Mrs. freekes, at the yearly. Rent 06 Thirty, two Pounds, and lying, and being in the Parish of Ulting, in the County of EJfex. To have and to hold the said Manor, Lands, Tenements, Wood-Lands, and all, and singular the Premisses in iJatfield-Peverel^ and Ulting aforesaid, with their Appurtenances, unto the said Elizabeth Col* tins, my Wise and her Assigns, for, and during the Term of her Lise. And my Will is, that ray said Wise shall have, and I give unto her, full Power, from Time to Time, to Let the said Lands and Tenements in Vising, to any Person, or Persons, by Lease in Writing, for any Term or Terms of Years, not exceeding Oneand.Twenty, Years in Possession, and not in Reversion, and so as the present Rent, or the best and most improved yearly Rent that can be got for the same, be reserved and made payable yearly, by half yearly Payments, and so as such Lease or Leases be not niade dispunishable of, or for Waste. Also I give to my Wise, Elizabeth Collins, all my DwellingHouse in Gavendijbot Oxford-Square, within the Parish of St. Mary-le-Bone, alias Mary Bone, in the County of Middlesex, with all the Buildings, Backside, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, and all Estate, Use, Trust, Term, and Terms of Years, to come, Claim and Demand in Law, and in Equity of, in, and to the same last mentioned Premises, with all the Leases, Evidences, and Writings concerning the fame. To have,

and and to hold the said Dwelling House and Premisles, with the Appurtenances unto the said Elizabeth Collins my Wife, her Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, for, and during all the Residue and Remainder of the Term of Years, in the Premisses which I purchased, and now remain unexpired, to her and their own sole and proper Use and Benefit for ever. I give and bequeath all my Messuages and Tenements, and Lease and Leasehold Estate and Estates, lying-in St. Clement's-Lane, within the Parish of St. Clement's Danes, in thes County of Middlesex.; And all my Estate, Right, Title, Interest, Use, Trust, Term, and Termsof Years therein, to come, Claim and Demand in Law and in Equity, of, in, and to, the last mentioned Premisses, unto my two Daughters, Elizabeth and Martha Collins, equally between them and their Executors, Administrators, and Assigns respectively, Share and Share. alike, nevertheless, charged with, and subject to, as well with the Payment of Eleven Hundred Pounds unto the said Elizabeth Collins my Wife, as also with the yearly Payment of five and fifty Pounds unto my said Wife, Elizabeth Collins, during the Term of her. Life, in such Manner and Form, as the fame are already duly settled in Writing. And for all the. Residue of my Manors, Messuages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, and real Estate and Estates whatsoever, and wheresoever within the: Kingdom of Great Britain, not hereby, or otherwise, by me disposed of; I do will, and leave to descend to my two Children Elizabeth and Martha Collins, and their several and respective Heirs equally in Copartners as Tenants in common. I give to my two Daughters, Elizabeth and Martha

tba aforesaid, one Hundred Pounds each for Mourning.

I give to Doctor Arthur AJbley Syies, Fifty Pounds. /"

I give to Mr. William Henry Thomlin/an, Tyr<* hundred Pounds.

I give to Mr. Peter Des Maizeaux, One hundred Pounds, and all my Manuscripts in my Study, or elsewhere, except such as relate to the Affairs of my Family, and Estate.

I give to Sarah Kirby, if in my Service at the Time of my Death, Five Pounds a Year foe Life.'' ... I give to her Daughter Ten Pounds. I give to my Servant Richard Dighton Twenty Pounds. '.

I give to the Poor of the Parish of Great Baddow and Sundu, Twenty Pounds, to be disposed of according to the Discretion of my Wise.

I give all my Servants who shall live with me at the Time of my Decease, (except Sarah Kirby and Richard Dighton, above-mentioned) Five Pounds each.

And of this my last Will and Testament, I do appoint Elizabeth Collins my sole Executrix, to whom I Will and Bequeath all my Jewels, Plate, ready Monies, and Monies owing to me by Bill, Bond, Mortgage, or otherwise; with all my Houshold Goods and Furniture, Coach and Horses, my Library, with all other my Rights, Credits,, and Personal Estate whatsoever, and wheresoever, not hereby or otherwise by me disposed of; my said Wise paying all my just Debts, Legacies, within a Twelve-month's Time hereby given, and my Funeral Charges.


I desire to be buried privately in the Churchyard, where I dye.

In Witnese whereof, I, the said Anthony Collins, have set my Hand and Seal to this my last Will and Testament, this 24th of August, 172s.

Anthony Collins.

Signed, Sealed, and Published, by the above named Anthony Collins, the Testator, as, and for his last Will and Testament* in the Presence of us, who immediately afterwards, and in his Presence, subscribed our Names as Witnesses thereunto,

Mary Fowler,
Hatham Duffeild,
George Andrews.

P R O BA T U M suit hujusinodi Testamentum apud London, vicesimo nono Die Mensis Decembris, Anno Domini 1729. Coram Venerabili Viro Gulielmo Strahan, Legum Doctors Surrogates &c. Juramento Elizabeths Collins, Viduæ Relictæ & Executricis in Dicto Testamento nominate cui, &c. de bene, &c.


William Legara\-\

Peter St. Eloy, C Deputy-Registers.

Henry Stevens, 3

It will now be seen, Sir, that the last Behaviour of Mr.Collins, was conformable to the whole


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