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Tenour of his Life. Herein is also detected a most notorious Faljhood propagated, with great Diligence, throughout the Town, by- some of the Sucking Priesthood,' That Mr. Collins had given all his Manuscripts to Mr. Des Maizeaux, and That this Gentleman had been corrupted to destroy them.

The Article relating to our dear Friend, in The Gen. Hist, and Crit. Dili, contains a tolerable Account of his Writings; but the. silly Sarcasms, splenetickly levelled against his Character, That he lentseveral Persons Books, and directed them how to confute Himself are to the last Degree contemptible.

For ever will His Light Jhine among Men, whilst, to the latest Posterity, the Understandings of his petulant Antagonists will be looked upon as inve


in Ægyptian Darkness.

Iam Sir, Your, tic.

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H O R A C E,


Young Gentlemen about Town.

As delivered in his Second Sermon*

I M I Tat E D * in the Manner of Mr. P OPE.

Together with the Original TexU as restored by the Reverend Richard Bintley, Doctor of Divinity. And some Remarks on the Verjim.

Printed sor T. Boreman, at the Cock on Ludgau-Hill, 1735; who having taken the Liberty, lately, to Print some Poems which are my Property, I here return him the Compliment, in Part, as I always will, whoever attacks me, byway of LexTalionis, i.e. the just Lain of Retaliation, E. C.

"[not* Bentleian*.] Imitated. Why Imitated ? Why not translated i Odi Imitatores ! A Metaphrast had not turned Tigellius, and Fufidius, Malcbinus and Gargomus (for I say Malchinus, not Malthinus, and Gargomus not Qorganius) into so many Ladies. Benigms, hie, hunc, &c. all os the Masculine Gender: Every School-boy knows more than our Imitator.

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Alexander Tope, Esq;#


M9E9Q HAVE so great a Trust in your BQlJS Indulgence towards me, as to belOStS lieve you cannot but patronize this Imitations so much in your own Manner, and whose Birth I may truly say is owing to you. t In that Confidence, I would not suppress the Criticisms made upon it by the Reverend Doftor; the rather, since he has promised to mend the Faults in, the next Edition, with the same Goodness he has practised to Milton. I hope you will believe that while I express my Regard for you, it is only out of Modesty I conceal my Name •, since, tho' perhaps I may not profess myself your Admirer so much as some others, I cannot but be, with as much inward Respect, Good-Will, and Zeal as any Man,

Dear Sir,

Tour most Affectionate,

Faithful Servant.

• i. e. Alexander Ttfe, Esq; lo Himself.

t Thii Assertion provei most True. There farther runs « Rumour, that Mr. Pope challenged Dr. Bentley's Son, to a Fijtot Coalmt on tbu Qetasion, but how true this is I know not.

E. C.

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