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Seite 132 - And storm, and darkness, ye are wondrous strong, Yet lovely in your strength, as is the light Of a dark eye in woman! Far along, From peak to peak, the rattling crags among Leaps the live thunder! Not from one lone cloud, But every mountain now hath found a tongue, And Jura answers, through her misty shroud, Back to the joyous Alps, who call to her aloud!
Seite 5 - With the silent Bushboy alone by my side, Away, away, in the wilderness vast Where the white man's foot hath never passed, And the quivered Coranna or Bechuan Hath rarely crossed with his roving clan, — A region of emptiness, howling and drear, Which man hath abandoned from famine and fear...
Seite 146 - The proposition that the earth is not the centre of the world, nor immoveable, but that it moves, and also with a diurnal motion, is also absurd, philosophically false, and, theologically considered, equally erroneous in faith.
Seite 6 - Is the pilgrim's fare by the salt lake's brink : A region of drought, where no river glides, Nor rippling brook with osiered sides ; Where sedgy pool, nor bubbling fount, Nor tree, nor cloud, nor misty mount, Appears to refresh the aching eye ; But the barren earth, and the burning sky, And the blank horizon, round and round, Spread — void of living sight or sound.
Seite 5 - Hath rarely crossed with his roving clan : A region of emptiness, howling and drear, Which Man hath abandoned from famine and fear ; Which the snake and the lizard inhabit alone, With the twilight bat from the yawning stone ; Where grass, nor herb, nor shrub takes root, Save poisonous thorns that pierce the foot...
Seite 102 - ... Francesco, from that day — and — " He wiped away a tear, as he looked upon the soiled and neglected apparel, and the haggard and ghastly face, of the young man — " No matter — my word is plighted — farewell. — Now call my daughter," added he, "and I pray God that the business of this night end in no ill !" Francesco lingered at the door. He would fain have seen but the skirt of Lelia's mantle before departing ! " She is not in her room !
Seite 97 - ... weakness. Even her bodily health received its direction from her mind. Her nerves seemed to recover their tone, her cheek its hue, and her eye its brilliancy. The cold and sluggish imagination of a man is unacquainted with half the resources of a woman in such circumstances. Disappointed in her...
Seite 81 - He says, we know not on what authority, that on repairing to the spot indicated by the light, "if they find any decomposed flints, they conceive strong hopes of success." detained all night at a cottage in one of its wildest defiles, by a storm which rendered my horses ungovernable. While leaning upon a bench, and looking with drowsy curiosity towards the window — for there was no bed except my host's, of which I did not choose to deprive him — I saw a small, faint...
Seite 99 - cried he in amazement, mingled with superstitious terror, as he recognised the features of his young fair mistress. " Waste not time in words," said she ; " much may yet be done, and I have the most perfect assurance that now at least I am not deceived. Up, and be of good heart ! Work, for here is light. I will sit down in the shelter, bleak though it be, of the cliff, and aid you with my prayers, since I cannot with my hands.
Seite 84 - ... inspired her ; and, in truth, she listened to the tales that from time to time reached her ear, of the young gold-seeker, with somewhat of the vague and distant interest with which we attend to descriptions of a beautiful but wild and cruel animal of another hemisphere. There came one at last, however, to whom poor Lelia listened. She was sitting alone, according to her usual custom, at the bottom of her father's garden, singing, while 'she plied her knitting-needle, in the soft, low tone peculiar...

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