Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of King's Bench: With Tables of the Names of the Cases and the Principal Matters, Band 4


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Seite 634 - Thirty days after sight of this first of exchange (second and third of the same tenor and date unpaid...
Seite 546 - A verdict having been found for the defendant, a rule nisi was obtained for a new trial, on the ground that the evidence had been improperly received.
Seite 10 - The holder of a bill of exchange, or promissory note, is not to be considered in the light of an assignee of the payee. An assignee must take the thing assigned, subject to all the equity to which the original party was subject. If this rule applied to bills and promissory notes, it would stop their currency.
Seite 630 - Monmouth, 1826, the jury found a verdict for the plaintiff for the sum of £106 3.s. 8rf., subject to the opinion of this court upon the following case: The plaintiff...
Seite 222 - There cannot be anything of greater consequence, than to keep the streams of justice clear and pure, that parties may proceed with safety both to themselves and their characters.
Seite 185 - Perryn, when the jury found a verdict for the plaintiff, subject to the opinion of the court on the following case : "That the defendant was a common carrier from London to Shaftsbury.
Seite 556 - On the other hand, there may be a valid patent for a new combination of materials previously in use for the same purpose, or for a new method of applying such materials. But, in order to its being effectual, the specification must clearly express that it is in respect of such new combination or application, and of that only, and not lay claim to the merit of original invention in the use of the materials.
Seite 288 - Parke, in the mean time, obtained a rule calling on the defendant to shew cause why the writ should not be amended ; and both rules were directed to be brought on together.
Seite 698 - Easter term last, moved for a rule to shew cause why there should not be a new trial, on the ground of the trial having been improperly allowed to take place in the absence of Dr.
Seite 263 - B. — I am of the same opinion. It seems to me that the question...

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