The British Journal of Homoeopathy, Band 8

John James Drysdale, Robert Ellis Dudgeon, Richard Hughes, John Rutherfurd Russell
Maclachlan, Stewart, & Company, 1850

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Seite 548 - Certainly, it is heaven upon earth, to have a man's mind move in charity, rest in providence, and turn upon the poles of truth.
Seite 86 - Dr. Inglis's interference, except a wish to injure the fair fame of his brother practitioner. It would be out of place here to enter into the details of the correspondence which followed. Mr. Ramsbotham defends himself from the unjustifiable attack with the composure of conscious integrity, and the ability of a clear thinker, while Dr. Inglis, feeling himself in the wrong from the first, supplies his lack of argument by insinuating the most disgraceful imputations against his rival, which he follows...
Seite 551 - JAHR, DR. GHG Clinical Guide, or Pocket Repertory for the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Diseases.- Translated* by CJ HEMPEL, MD Second American revised and enlarged edition. From the third German edition, enriched by the addition of the New Remedies.
Seite 29 - We all three felt his pulse first. It was distinct though small and thready: and his heart had its usual beating. He composed himself on his back, and lay in a still posture for some time. While I held his right...
Seite 25 - He knew that he was in a ship, but nothing more. While in this state he observed a man drawing water from the sea in buckets, and requested him to pour one on his head...
Seite 245 - ... it is dry, during, perhaps, ten or twenty seconds. This first film will, of itself, have confined the edges together ; but, in order to increase the firmness of the support, more must then be applied in the same manner, allowing it to extend, on either side of the incision, half an inch or more.
Seite 24 - The watch on deck struck four bells, and he counted them, though he did not hear the beats, but received the vibration through his body. About this time a seaman came into the cabin with a light, and carried away an hour-glass that hung upon a nail, without observing...
Seite 245 - For straight incisions of whatever length, provided the edges can be brought together without great difficulty, it is better to apply the solution in immediate contact with the skin — as follows : The bleeding should be arrested, and the skin thoroughly dried. If the lips of the wound are themselves in contact, the surgeon has only to apply a coating of the solution lengthwise, over the approximated edges, by means of a camel's hair pencil, leaving it untouched after the brush has once passed over...
Seite 29 - Townshend, a gentleman of honour and integrity, had for many years been afflicted with a nephritic complaint. His illness increasing, and his strength decaying, he came from Bristol to Bath in a litter, In autumn, and lay at the Bell Inn. Dr Baynard and I were called to him, and attended him twice a-day ; but his vomitings continuing still incessant and obstinate against all remedies, we despaired of his recovery.
Seite 173 - The Kamschatdales, for example, are in the habit of mixing earth or saw-dust with the train-oil, on which alone they are frequently reduced to live. The Veddahs or wild hunters of Ceylon, on the same principle, mingle the pounded fibres of soft and decayed wood with the honey on which they feed when meat is not to be had; and on one of them being asked the reason of the practice, he replied, ' I cannot tell you, but I know that the belly must be filled...

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