The Dramatic Works and Poems of James Shirley,: Some account of Shirley and his writings. Commendatory verses on Shirley. Love's tricks, or the school of complement. The maid's revenge. The Brothers. The witty fair one. The wedding

John Murray, Albemarle Street., 1833

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Seite xviii - In the play of The Ball, written by Sherley, and acted by the Queens players, ther were divers personated so naturally, both of lords and others of the court, that I took it ill...
Seite xxxv - The Royall Master ; As it was Acted in the new Theater in Dublin : And Before the Right Honorable the Lord Deputie of Ireland, in the Castle.
Seite xix - As to the court of pleasure, all your gallants And ladies, thither bound by a subpoena Of Venus, and small Cupid's high displeasure ; 'Tis but the Family of Love, translated Into more costly sin...
Seite 68 - Subtle as Sphinx; as sweet and musical As bright Apollo's lute, strung with his hair; And when love speaks, the voice of all the gods Makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.
Seite l - Via ad Latinam Linguam Complanata. The Way made plain to the Latine Tongue. The Rules composed in English and Latine Verse: For the greater Delight and Benefit of Learners. By James Shirley. Avia Pieridum peragro loca. Lucrct. London, Printed by RW for John Stephenson, at the signe of the Sun on Ludgate-Hill. 1649.
Seite xxviii - Apollo, where each of them had his plate lay'd by him, covered, and the napkin by it, and when they opened their plates, they found in each of them forty pieces of gould, of their master's coyne, for the first dish, and they had cause to be much pleased with this surprisall.
Seite xxxi - Jones having accused him for naming him, behind his back, A foole: he denied it; but, says he, I said, He was ane arrant knave, and I avouch it.
Seite xxxv - A / Comedy, / As it was presented by her / Majesties Servants, at the private / House in Drury Lane.
Seite 319 - What lady ? the lady i' the lobster ? I was half sick for a foolish thing called a woman ; a toy took me in the head, and had like to have taken away my heart too ; but I have recovered. Do not trust thy body with a physician, he'll make thy foolish bones go without flesh in a fortnight, and thy soul walk without a body a seven-night after. Man. These are no doctors. Aim. Doctor ! art a Parisian, a Paduan, or a Leyden
Seite xlviii - Elysium ; and, when thou art sick of this cure, (for the excess of delight may too much dilate thy soul,) thou shalt meet almost in every leaf a soft purling passion or spring of sorrow, so powerfully wrought high by the tears of innocence and wronged lovers, it shall persuade thy eyes to weep into the stream, and yet smile when they contribute to their own ruins.

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