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THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN is acknowledged to be the best and cheapest Mechanical Paper in the world. Every number contains most valuable and interesting reading, prepared by the best known scientific writers. A single year's subscription, costing but $3, will make an Imperial Volume of 832 pages. New Volume just beginning. Now is the time to subscribe. Terms, $3 a year, 81 50 six months. Address

MUNN & CO., Publishers, No. 37 Park Row, New York.

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During the past Twenty years Messrs. MUNN & CO. have acted as Attorneys for more than 80,000 inventors, and statistics show that nearly ONE-THIRD of all the applications for patents annually made in the United States are solicited through the Scientific American Patent Agency. All business connected with the examination of Inventions, Fieparing Specifications, Drawings, Caveats, Assignments of Patents, Prosecuting Rejected Cases, Interferences, Re-issues and Extensions of Patents, and Opinions of the infringement and Validity of Patents, will receive the most careful attention.

Patents secured in England, France, Belgium, Austria, Russia, Prussia, and all other foreign countries where Patent Laws exist. A Pamphlet of "Advice How to Secure Letters Patent," including the Patent Laws of the United States, furnished free. All communica tions confidential. Address


No. 37 Park Row, New York.


The Inventors and Mechanics' Guide.

A New Book upon Mechanics, Patents, and New Inventions. Containing the U. S. Patent Laws, Rules and Directions for doing business at the Patent Office; 112 diagrams of the best mechanical movements, with descriptions; the Condensing Steam Engine, with engraving and description; How to Invent; How to Obtain Patents; Hints upon the Value of Patents; How to Sell Patents; Forms for Assignments; Information upon the Rights of Inventors, Assignees and Joint Owners; Instructions as to Interferences, Re-issues, Extensions, Caveats, together with a great variety of useful information in regard to patents, new inventions, and scientific subjects, with scientific tables, and many illustrations. 108 pages. This is a most valuable work. Price only 25 cents. Address

MUNN & CO., No. 37 Park Row, N. Y.

Splendid Premiums for Clubs


Demorest's Monthly Magazine Universally Acknowledged The Model parlor Magazine of America; devoted to Original Stories, Poems, Sketches, Model Cottages, Household Matters, Gems of Thought, Personal and Literary Gossip, Fashions, Instructions on Health, Music, Amusements, etc.; all by the best authors, and profusely and artistically illustrated with costly Engravings; full-size, useful, and relia ble Patterns Embroideries, and a constant succession of artistic novelties.

No person of refinement, or economical housewife, can afford to do without the Model Monthly. Single, 30 cents; back numbers, as specimens, 10 centseither mailed free. Yearly, 88, with a valuable premium; two copies, $5.60; three copies, $7.50; five copies, 812, and splendid premiums for Clubs at $8 each, with the first premiums. Address,

473 Broadway, New York.


Emporium of Fashion

478 & 838 BROADWAY, N. Y.

Plain and Elegantly Trimmed

Of all the Latest and most Reliable PARIS STYLES for Ladies' and Children's Dress.

Ladies and Dressmakers may rely on each Pattern being Cut with Accuracy, and the Best and most Recherche Style, direct from the best authorities in Paris,


Prices of Plain & Trimmed LADIES' PATTERNS.

Plain. Trim'd



To each Subscriber either a Package of Initialed Stationery, Diamond Needles, Four Pieces of Music, a Box of Steel Pens, or Visiting Cards. Club of Two: Album, Cook-Book, Reticule, Butter-Knives, Plated Butter-Knives, or "Young America" for one year, or Children's Bulletin of Fashions. Club of Three: Album, Writing-Desk, Reti oule, or Ladies' Bulletin of Fashions. Club of Four: dozen Plated Spoons, splendid Album. Club of Five: Best Carving Knife and Fork. Club of Six:

doz. best Ivory-handled Knives, large Album. Club of Eight: Clothes Wring er, doz. Plated Forks. Ciub of Ten: Webster's Dictionary, or a Music Box. Club of Twenty: Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing-Machine, or a Cooking Stove. Club of Thirty: A Melodeon. Club of Two Hundred: A new Piano. Besides all the subscribers get the first premium.


THE best Magazine for the beauties and utilities of the Fashions, Household matters, Music, Entertaining Readingmatter, and other useful and novel features; universally acknowledged the model Parlor Magazine of America.

Yearly, $8, with a valuable premium to each subscriber; two copies. $5, or three copies at $3 each, an additional copy gratis; single copies 30 cts., or specimen Nos. 10 cts.

Twenty subscribers secure a Wheeler & Wilson Sewing-Machine, or the Peerless Cooking Stove, the cooking utensils, or other splendid premiums for smaller Clubs.

The Monthly and "Young America"
together, $3.50; or very liberal arrange-
ments for Clubbing with other periodi-
cals. Circulars mailed free.

478 Broadway, N. Y.




selected from the best and latest designs, to form a set, and elegantly trimmed to illustrate the real garments as actually worn, comprising the newest Cloaks. Sleeves, Jackets, Waists, and novelties for Chil dren's Dress, etc., and a plain flat pattern pinned to each.

Put up in a box at $5; smaller sets of eight articles at $3either set to include a large Show-Card. These Patterns will furnish an elegant display for a dressmaker's show-room, and reliable information as to the latest fashions.

HOW TO LIVE. - Live within your means, if you would have the means within which to live.

A FLOW of good spirits for children, and spirits that ought to flow, in "Demorest's Young America."

LEISURE is sweet to those who have earned it, but burdensome to those who get it for nothing.



The best Juvenile Magazine.

THE good children's delight, and delights for good children in "Demorest's Young America."

Every Boy and Girl that sees it says so;
All the Press say 80;

MIND.-The mind is like a trunk; if well packed, it holds almost everything; if ill packed, next to nothing,

And Parents and Teachers confirm it. Do not fail to secure a copy! A good Microscope, with a Glass Cylin der to confine living objects, or a good two-bladed, pearl Pocket-Knife, and other desirable objects, given as a Premium to each Subscriber.

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THE mental appetite of children made to crave substantial mental food, and mental food made delicious in "Demorest's Young America."

473 Broadway, New York.


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BEAUTY, Fun, and Virtue portrayed;
Virtue, Fun, and Beauty in a portrait;
Fun, Beauty and Virtue in poetry,
In "Demorest's Young America."

Benoiton Dress Loopers.

Decidedly the most convenient, ornamental, useful, and, durable arrangement for looping up the dress in graceful folds. They are very easily adjusted, perfectly secure, and universally approved.

Price, 50 cents per set. Mailed free.

Plain. Trim'd


Dresses, or Misses' Cloaks, 250.
Sacks, or Aprons,..
Boys' Pants or Jackets,
Boys' Overcoats,
Infants' Patterns,.




Patterns sent postage free, on receipt of the amount. The plain patterns are always included and sent with the trimmed patterns without extra charge.








New York Purchasing Agency.

Anything to be bought in New York, from a paper of pins to a piano, can be procured through Mme. DEMOREST'S Agency, with perfect safety, promptness, and in most cases at less price than they could be secured by any other method. Ten per cent. of the probable amount must be sent in advance, the balance to be collected by express on delivery. MME. DEMOREST, 473 Broadway, N.Y.






OVER 3,000 FINE ENGRAVINGS. 10,000 WORDS AND MEANINGS NOT FOUND IN OTHER DICTIONARIES. Containing One Fifth or One Fourth more matter than any former editions. From New Electrotype Plates and the Riverside Press.

The possession of any other English Dictionary, or any previous edition of this, cannot compensate for the want of this very full and complete one. In its present perfected state it must long remain the BEST ENGLISH DICTIONARY, and, once possessed, remain of constant and abiding value.

The NEW WEBSTER is glorious; it is perfect; it distances and defies competition; it leaves nothing to be desired.-J. H. Raymond, LL.D., President of Vassar College.

All young persons should have a standard Dictionary at their elbows. And while you are about it GET THE BEST; that Dictionary is NOAH WEBSTER's the great work unabridged. If you are too poor, save the amount from off your back to put it into your head.-Phrenological Journal.

Every farmer should give his sons two or three square rods of ground, well prepared, with the avails of which they may buy Every mechanic should put a receiving box in some conspicuous place in the house to catch the stray pennies for the like purpose. Lay it upon your table by the side of the Bible. It is a better expounder than many which claim to be expounders.-Massachusetts Life Boat.

In One Vol. of 1,840 Royal Quarto Pages.
Published by G. & C. MERRIAM, Springfield, Mass.




Pocket Dictionary, High School Dictionary, Counting House Dictionary, Primary School Dictionary, Academic Dictionary, Army and Navy Dictionary, Common School Dictionary.


already so well known, and so extensively in use, have just been thoroughly revised in every department; new words and meanings incorporated; and rendered, also, more attractive and valuable by numerous PICTORIAL ILLUSTRATIONS, an entirely new feature in School Dictionaries. This popular series is very justly regarded as the only national standard authority in


and, as such, these works are respectfully commended to teachers and others as THE BEST Dictionaries in use.

More than TEN times as many are sold of Webster's Dictionaries as of any other series in this country, and they are much more extensively used than ALL OTHERS Combined.

At least FOUR FIFTHS of all the School Books published in this country own WEBSTER as their standard; and of the remainder, few acknowledge any standard.

Webster's School Dictionaries are published by

IVISON, PHINNEY, BLAKEMAN & CO., 47 and 49 Greene Street, N. Y.;
J. B. LIPPINCOTT & CO., Philadelphia;

and sold by S. C. GRIGGS & CO., Chicago; SARGENT, WILSON & HINKLE, Cincinnati; and by all Booksellers.


Living in the Country.

WOODWARD'S ANNUAL OF ARCHITECTURE AND RURAL ART, No. 1, for 1867. Original Designs and Plans of low-priced Cottages, Farm-houses and Out-buildings. 12 mo. Post-paid, cloth, $1.50. WOODWARD'S ANNUAL OF ARCHITECTURE AND RURAL ART, No. 2, for 1868. With Designs and Plans of Country and Suburban Houses, and numerous examples of the French or Chateau Roof. 12 mo. Post-paid, cloth, $1.50 WHEELER'S RURAL HOMES. Houses suited to American Country Life. Illustrated with Original Plans and Designs, and full directions for designing, building, heating and furnishing, and form of Contract and Specification. Post 8vo., beveled boards. 300 pp. Post-paid, $2.00. WHEELER'S HOMES FOR THE PEOPLE. For the Suburb and Country. The Villa, the Mansion, and the Cottage, with examples showing how to remodel and alter old buildings. 100 original Designs, with full descriptions and constructive and miscellaneous details. Post octavo, beveled boards, 440 pages. Post-paid, $3.00. WOODWARD'S COUNTRY HOMES. A practical work, with 150 Designs and Plans of Country Houses of moderate cost, with illustrated description of the manner of constructing Bailoon Frames. 12mo., 188 pages. Post-paid, $1.50. JACQUES' MANUAL OF THE HOUSE. Rural Architecture; or, how to build Dwellings, Barns, Stables, and Out-buildings of all kinds, with a chapter on Churches and School-houses. 126 Designs and Plans. 12mo., 176 pages. Post-paid, $1.50. TODD'S YOUNG FARMER'S MANUAL. Vol. 1. The Farm and the Workshop, with Practical Directions for laying out a Farm, erecting Buildings, Fences, Farm Gates, selecting good Farm and Shop Tools, and performing Farm Operations. Fully illustrated. One handsome post octavo volume, beveled boards, 460 pages. New edition. Post-paid, $2.50. TODD'S YOUNG FARMER'S MANUAL. Vol. 2. How to make Farming pay, with full practical details of Farm Management, Character of Soils, Plowing, Management of Grass Lands, Manures, Farm Implements, Stock, Drainage, Planting, Harvesting, &c. One handsome post octavo volume, beveled boards, upwards of 400 pages. Post-paid, $2.50. WOODWARD'S GRAPERIES AND HORTICULTURAL BUILDINGS. A practical work on the Design and Construction of all classes of Buildings for Growing Plants and Ripening Fruit under glass. 60 Illustrations. Post-paid, $1.50. WOODWARD'S RECORD OF HORTICULTURE, No. 1, for 1866. Edited by Andrew S. Fuller. An original and valuable illustrated record of Horticultural Progress. 12mo., 127 pages. Post-paid, $1.00. By A. S. Fuller. Post-paid, $1.00. ELLIOTT'S LAWN AND SHADE TREES. Popular Deciduous and Evergreen Trees and Shrubs for planting in Parks, Gardens, Cemeteries, &c. Fully illustrated. Ready Jan


Ready early in 1868.

uary 1.

FULLER'S FOREST TREE CULTURIST. A new illustrated work on
Forest Trees, for Shade, for Shelter, for Fuel, for Timber, and for Profit.

Post-paid, $1.50. the Cultivation of 12mo., 188 pages. Post-paid, $150. Cultivation of the 12mo., 192 pages. Post-paid, $1.50.

HUSMANN'S GRAPES AND WINE. A new and practical work on the
Native Grape and Manufacture of American Wine. Fully illustrated.

JACQUES' MANUAL OF THE GARDEN. A new Manual of Practical Horticulture; or,
how to cultivate Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Ornamental Trees and Shrubs. 12mo., 166 pages.
Post-paid, $1.00.
JACQUES' MANUAL OF THE FARM. A new Manual of Practical Agriculture; or, how
to Cultivate all the Field Crops, with an Essay on Farm Management. 12mo., 156 pages.
Post-paid, $1.00.
JACQUES' MANUAL OF THE BARN-YARD. A new Manual of Cattle, Horse and
Sheep Husbandry; or, how to Breed and Rear Domestic Animals. 12mo., 168 pages.
Post-paid, $1.00.
With Calendar of Operations in the
Orchard, Vineyard, Garden, Farm, and Greenhouse.
Post-paid, 10 cents.
THE HORTICULTURIST ALMANAC FOR 1868. With illustrations and descriptions
of all the best varieties of Strawberries, Raspberries, and Blackberries. Post-paid, 10 cents.
Publisher of Agricultural and Horticultural Books,
37 Park Row, N. Y.





All the Greatest Writers Write for it.

The reason that the NEW YORK LEDGER has the largest circulation is, that it is the BEST PAPER. Why should it not have the largest circulation? More labor, more talent, more money, are bestowed upon it than upon any other paper. Its moral tone is always pure and elevated. The leading Clergymen of the United States, the Presidents of the principal Colleges, the greatest Poets, Wits, and Statesmen of the country, are among the contributors to its columns. The reader always gets more than his money's worth in the Ledger. We have always had the BEST WRITERS, and always shall have them, cost what it may. Whatever we have promised in our advertisements heretofore, our readers will bear us witness that we have always performed; and not only that, but a great deal more. For instance, in our last Prospectus, we announced a story by HENRY WARD BEECHER, which we gave but we did not announce HORACE GREELEY'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY, which we are now publishing; nor did we announce the series of Articles entitled ADVICE TO YOUNG MEN, by the Twelve College Presidents. The rule on which the LEDGER is conducted is to get the best of everything, whether it has been promised or not. The public recognize this fact; and it is from their desire to obtain the very best paper, that they give the LEDGER the preference; hence its unparalleled and unapproached circulation, being over three hundred thousand copies.

Now, for the New Year: All our present corps of popular authors will continue to write for the LEDGER; we shall begin the new year with a new story by Mrs. SOUTHWORTH; the HON. HORACE GREELEY will continue his Autobiography; FANNY FERN her sparkling sketches; JOHN G. SAXE his humorous Poems; SYLVANUS COBB, JR., his entertaining Stories; HENRY WARD BEECHER his original Papers; JAMES PARTON his instructive Biographical Sketches; MISS DUPUY her Dramatic Narratives; MARY KYLE DALLAS, AMY RANDOLPH, CAROLINE CONRAD, MRS. VAUGHAN, their delightful Short Stories; WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT, ALICE CARY, Dr. CHARLES D. GARDETTE, GEO. D. PRENTICE, NATHAN D. URNER, EMMA ALICE BROWNE, MRS. SCHULTZ, WM. ROSS WALLACE, their Poems.

A NEW FEATURE OF THE LEDGER.-Advice to Young Women.-A new feature of the LEDGER, in the beginning of the year, will be a series of twelve Articles, written expressly for Young Ladies, by Twelve of the most distinguished women of the United States, including MRS. HORACE MANN, Mrs. LYDIA MARIA CHILD, Mrs. General BANKS, Mrs. HORACE GREELEY, and Madame LE VERT.


Single copies, $3 per annum; four copies, $10, which is $2.50 a copy; eight copies, $20. The party who sends us $20 for a club of eight copies (all sent at one time) will be entitled to a copy free. Postmasters and others who get up clubs in their respective towns can afterwards add single copies at $2.50. No subscriptions taken for a less period than one year. Canada subscribers must send twenty cents in addition to the subscription, to pay the American postage. when a draft or money-order can conveniently be sent, it will be preferred, as it will prevent the possibility of the loss of money by mail. The postage on the LEDGER to all parts of the country is only twenty cents a year, or five cents a quarter, payable at the office where the paper is delivered.

We employ no Traveling Agents. Address all Communications to


No. 90 Beekman Street, New York.

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