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CHAP. CLXXXVII.-Pay of Deputy Collectors. Any deputy collector of internal revenue who has performed, or may hereafter perform, under authority of law, the duties of collector of internal revenue in consequence of any vacancy in the office of said collector, shall be entitled to, and shall receive the salary and commissions allowed by law to such collector, or the allowance in lieu of said salary and commissions allowed by the Secretary of the Treasury to such collector.

CHAP. CLXXXIX.-Furs in Alaska.-This act is to prevent the extermination of fur-bearing animals in the Territory of Alaska.

CHAP. CXC.-Port of Delivery.-Vallejo, California, is declared to be a port of delivery. CHAP. CCXXIV.-Land and Emigration Company.-Incorporates in Colorado and New Mexico a company with $2,500,000 capital, the objects of which are to promote and encourage emigration to and establish settlements on the lands of said company in the San Louis Park, in the Territories of Colorado and New Mexico, and, in connection therewith, to establish such agencies as it may deem desirable; to purchase, hold, lease, sell, and mortgage any real estate situate in the San Louis Park in said Territories, or either of them, now owned or contracted for by any of the persons named in the first section with any co-tenant thereof, his or their heirs or assigns; to survey, lay out, and improve the same; to establish, maintain, and operate wagon roads to and upon its property; to construct and maintain a railroad and telegraph line from any point on lands of said company in the San Louis Park, to the nearest and most practicable point on either the Kansas Pacific railroad, the Union Pacific railroad, the Denver Branch railroad, or the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad, and the said company, for the purpose of building and operating such railroad, shall have the right of way through the public lands of the United States from and between the points aforesaid, the said right of way being to the extent of two hundred feet on each side of said railroad line; and such corporation shall possess all the franchises necessary to enable it to build and operate such railroad for the transportation of freight and passengers, and to collect and receive compensation therefor; and the powers, privileges, and franchises conferred on corporations by and under the provisions of chapter eighteen of the revised statutes of Colorado, or of any and all amendments thereto, are hereby confirmed to and invested in said corporation, subject to said statutes for the purposes of this act.

CHAP. CCXXV.-Pensions.-Pension agents must send, quarterly, the names of each one entitled to pension payable at his agency. On these lists, where found to be correct, payment is immediately made through the mails. Hereafter no pension shall be paid to any person other than the pensioner entitled thereto, nor otherwise than according to the provisions of this act, and no warrant, power of attorney, or other paper executed or purporting to be executed by any pensioner to any attorney, claim agent, broker, or other person, shall be recognized by any agent for the payment of pensions, nor shall any pension be paid thereon: Provided, That payment to persons laboring under legal disabilities may be made to the guardians of

such persons in the manner herein prescribed. That in addition to the compensation now allowed by law, each pension agent shall be allowed, as full compensation for all service, including postage, required by the provisions of this act, the sum of thirty cents, and no more, for each voucher prepared and paid by him, which amount shall be paid by the United States.

That the fee of agents and attorneys for the preparation and prosecution of a claim for pension or bounty land, under any or all of the various acts of Congress granting the same, shall not exceed in any case the sum of twenty-five dollars. It shall be the duty of the agent or attorney of record in the prosecution of the case to cause to be filed with the Commissioner of Pensions, for his approval, duplicate articles of agreement, without additional cost to the claimant, setting forth the fee agreed upon by the parties, and which agreement shall be executed in presence of and certified by some officer competent to administer oaths. In all cases where application is made for pension or bounty land, and no agreement is filed with and approved by the Commissioner as herein provided, the fee shall be ten dollars and no more.

That any agent or attorney who shall directly or indirectly contract for, demand, receive, or retain any greater compensation for his services as such agent or attorney, in any claim for pension or bounty land, than is prescribed or allowed under the provisions of the preceding section, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall, for every such offense, be fined not exceeding five hundred dollars or imprisoned at hard labor not exceeding five years, or both, in the discretion of the court. CHAP. CCXXX.-Patents and Copyrights. [This act revises and consolidates laws in reference to the above subjects. It puts the Patent Office under the Department of the Interior, retaining nearly all the officers, appoints additional clerks, copyists and laborers, and overhauls the regulations of the patent office, fixing new rules, &c. It is especially important to inventors and patentees, but much too long for even a synopsis in our Almanac.]

CHAP. CCLIV.-Frauds at Elections.-In all cases where any oath, affirmation, or affidavit shall be made or taken under or by virtue of any act or law relating to the naturalization of aliens, or in any proceedings under such acts or laws, and any person or persons taking or making such oath, affirmation, or affidavit, shall knowingly swear or affirm falsely, the same shall be deemed and taken to be perjury, and the person or persons guilty thereof shall upon conviction thereof be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years and not less than one year, and to a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars. That if any person applying to be admitted a citizen, or appearing as a witness for any such person, shall knowingly personate any other person than himself, or falsely appear in the name of a deceased person, or in an assumed or fictitious name, or if any person shall falsely make, forge, or counterfeit any oath, affirmation, notice, affidavit, certificate, order, record, signature, or other instrument, paper, or proceeding required or authorized by any law or act relating to or providing for the naturalization of

aliens; or shall utter, sell, dispose of, or use as be issued by the clerk, or any other officer of the true or genuine, or for any unlawful purpose, court, without any appearance and hearing of any false, forged, ante-dated, or counterfeit oath, the applicant in court and without lawful auaffirmation, notice, certificate, order, record, thority; and any person who shall falsely repre signature, instrument, paper, or proceeding as sent himself to be a citizen of the United States, aforesaid; or sell or dispose of to any person without having been duly admitted to citizenother than the person for whom it was originally ship, for any fraudulent purpose whatever, shall issued, any ceriificate of citizenship, or certifi- be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon cate showing any person to be admitted a citi- conviction thereof, in due course of law, shall be zen; or if any person shall in any manner use sentenced to pay a fine of not exceeding one thoufor the purpose of registering as a voter, or as sand dollars, or be imprisoned not exceeding two evidence as a right to vote, or otherwise, unlaw-years, either or both, in the discretion of the fully, any order, certificate of citizenship, or court taking cognizance of the same. That the certificate, judgment, or exemplication, showing provisions of this act shall apply to all proceedsuch person to be admitted to be a citizen, ings had or taken, or attempted to be had or whether heretofore or hereafter issued or made, taken, before any court in which any proceeding knowing that such order or certificate, judgment, for naturalization shall be commenced, had, or or exemplification has been unlawfully issued or taken, or attempted to be commenced; and the made; or if any person shall unlawfully use, or courts of the United States shall have jurisdicattempt to use, any such order or certificate, is- tion of all offenses under the provisions of this sued to or in the name of any other person, or act, in or before whatsoever court or tribunal in a fictitious name, or the name of a deceased the same shall have been committed. That in person; or use, or attempt to use, or aid, or as- any city having upwards of twenty thousand sist, or participate in the use of any certificate inhabitants, it shall be the duty of the judge of of citizenship, knowing the same to be forged, the circuit court of the United States for the ciror counterfeit, or ante-dated, or knowing the cuit wherein said city shall be, upon the applisame to have been procured by fraud, or other- cation of two citizens, to appoint, in writing, for wise unlawfully obtained; or if any person, and each election district or voting precinct in said without lawful excuse, shall knowingly have or city, and to change or renew said appointment be possessed of any false, forged, ante-dated, or as occasion may require, from time to time, two counterfeit certificate of citizenship, purporting citizens resident of the district or precinct, one to have been issued under the provisions of any from each political party, who, when so desiglaw of the United States relating to naturaliza-nated, shall be, and are hereby, authorized to tion, knowing such certificate to be false, forged, attend at all times and places fixed for the reg ante-dated, or counterfeit, with intent unlawfully istration of voters, who, being registered would to use the same; or if any person shall obtain, be entitled to vote for representative in Conaccept, or receive any certificate of citizenship gress, and at all times and places for holding known to such person to have been procured by elections of representatives in Congress, and for fraud or by the use of any false name, or by counting the votes cast at said elections, and to means of any false statement made with intent challenge any name proposed to be registered, to procure, or to aid in procuring, the issue of and any vote offered, and to be present and witsuch certificate, or known to such person to be ness throughout the counting of all votes, and to fraudulently altered or ante-dated; or if any per- remain where the ballot boxes are kept at all son who has been or may be admitted to be a times after the polls are open until the votes are citizen shall, on oath or affirmation, or by affi- finally counted; and said persons and either of davit, knowingly deny that he has been so ad- them shall have the right to affix their signature mitted, with intent to evade or avoid any duty or his signature to said register for purposes of or liability imposed or required by law, every identification, and to attach thereto, or to the person so offending shall be deemed and ad- certificate of the number of votes cast, and statejudged guilty of felony, and, on conviction ment touching the truth or fairness thereof thereof, shall be sentenced to be imprisoned and which they or he may ask to attach; and any kept at hard labor for a period not less than one who shall prevent any person so designated one year nor more than five years, or be fined from doing any of the acts authorized as aforein a sum not less than three hundred dollars said, or who shall hinder or molest any such nor more than one thousand dollars, or both person in doing any of the said acts, or shall aid such punishments may be imposed, in the dis- or abet in preventing, hindering, or molesting cretion of the court. And every person who any such person in respect of any such acts, shall knowingly and intentionally aid or abet shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conany person in the commission of any such felony, viction shall be punished by imprisonment not or attempt to do any act hereby made a felony, less than one year. That in any city having or counsel, advise, or procure or attempt to upwards of twenty thousand inhabitants, it shall procure, the commission thereof, shall be be lawful for the marshal of the United States liable to indictment and punishment in for the district wherein said city shall be, to apthe same manner and to the same extent as the point as many special deputies as may be necesprincipal party guilty of such felony, and such sary to preserve order at any election at which person may be tried and convicted thereof with- representatives in Congress are to be chosen ; out the previous conviction of such principal. and said deputies are hereby authorized to preThat any person who shall knowingly use any serve order at such elections, and to arrest for certificate of naturalization heretofore granted any offense or breach of the peace committed in by any court, or which shall hereafter be grant- their view. That the naturalization laws are ed, which has been, or shall be, procured through hereby extended to aliens of African nativity and fraud or by false evidence, or has been or shall to persons of African descent.

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CHAP. CCLV.-To Reduce Internal Taxes, &c.-Repeals the act of June 80, 1864, and section two of March 2, 1867, except as to tax on brewers. After Oct. 1, 1870, repeals the tax on sales, except such as are paid by stamps, and taxes on tobacco and spirits, wines included. Repeals from same date tax on articles in Schedule A; on boats, barges, and flats; on legacies, successions and passports; on gross receipts. Also repeals stamp tax in Schedule B on promissory notes of less than $100, and on receipts of all kinds for payment of debts; stamp tax on canned and pres ved fish. No stamp is required on an assignment of a mortgage once stamped. Certain commissions are allowed those who furnish their own dies for stamps on proprietary articles. The income tax is fixed at 2 per cent. on all profits over $2,000 a year. This tax stops at the end of 1871. The exemptions of local taxes, rent, debts paid, losses, &c., remain substantially unchanged. Taxes to be assessed on the 31st of December, and levied on the 1st of March following-penalties as before. Persons taxable must make sworn returns, and assessors to have access to books in case of

doubt as to accuracy. If the assessor is satisfied that the oath of a taxable declaring his income less than $2,000 is correct, he may exempt the person for the year. For 1871, 2 per cent. is to be collected on interest or coupons paid, and on dividends, earnings, income and gains of banks, trust, insurance, savings, railroad, canal, turnpike, and slack water navigation companies; the sum to be deducted when payments are made to stockholders and other creditors; and the same tax on undivided profits or accrued earnings; the tax on dividends of insurance companies is not due until the dividends are payable; money returned to policy holders not considered dividends; companies and corporations to make sworn returns through their officers, $1,000 fine for default. [Sec. 17 repeals many items of tax from the 1st of August, 1870. These exemptions are already well known. The repeal does not affect suits or other proceedings in progress at the time.] The President may consolidate collection districts and supervisors' districts, and discharge superfluous officers. As soon as practicable, the number of assistant assessors to be reduced, especially where feasible in consequence of the repeal of taxes.

Changes in the Tariff.-After Dec. 31, 1870, the following rates of duty are to be levied': Teas, 15 cts. per lb. Coffees, 3 cts. per lb. Cocoa, 2 cts. per lb.


shells, 1 ct. per lb. Prepared cocoa, 5 cts. per lb. Chocolate, 7 cts. per lb. Molasses, 5 cts. per gallon. Melada, 1 cts. per lb.

Raw sugar, not over No. 7, 1 cts. per lb.
Sugars, No. 7 to No. 10, 2 cts. per lb.

10 to 13, 24 cts. per lb.

66 13 to 16, 24 cts. per lb.


16 to 20, 31 cts. per lb.


above 20, and loaf, lump, &c., 4 cts. per lb. Wines in casks, value 40 cts. per gal., 25 cts. per


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in bottles, at same rates per gallon, with 3 cts. for each bottle of a quart or less. champagne and all sparkling wines, for quarts, $6.00 per doz. (pints $3.00; half pints, $1.50.)

Brandy and distilled spirits, $2.00 per gallon Cordials and bitters, $2.00 per gallon. Pepper, 5 cts. per lb.

ground, 10 cts. per lb Ginger, 2 cts. per lb.

ground, 5 cts. per lb.
Cinnamon and nutmegs, 20 cts. per lb.
Mace, 25 cts. per lb.
Cloves, 5 cts. per lb.
Cassia, 10 cts. per lb.




buds or ground, 20 cts. per lb. All other spices, 20 cts. per lb. ground, 80 cts. per lb. Corsets at $6.00 per doz., $2.00 per doz. over $6.00, 35 per ct. Eyelets, 6 cts. per 1,000. Ultramarine, 6 cts. per lb. Flax straw, $5.00 per ton,


"not dressed, $20.00 per ton. "hackled, $40.00 per ton. Hemp and manilla, $25.00 per ton. Tow of flax or hemp, $10 per ton. Jute, sisal grass, &c., $15 00. Jute, butts, $6.00.

Cotton bagging and stuff used for bagging, value 7 cts. square yard, 2 cts. per lb. ; over 7 cts. value, 3 cts. per lb.

Iron pigs, $7.00 per ton.
Cast scrap iron, $6.00 per ton.
Wrought scrap, $8.00 per ton.
Sword-blades, 35 per ct.
Swords, 45 per ct.
Steel railway bars, 14 cts. per lb.
Bars, part steel, 1 ct. per lb.
Rough grindstones, $1.50 per ton.
Finished grindstones, $2.00 per ton.
Freestone, sandstone, granite, all building stone

save marble, $1.50 per ton. Marble, dressed or polished, marble paving tiles,

30 per ct. with addition of 25 cts. a square foot not exceeding two inches in thickness; over two inches, add 10 cts per foot. Hair-seating, 18 inches wide or over, 40 cts. per square yard; less than 18 inches, 30 cts. per square yard. Crinoline cloth and other hair manufactures, 80 per ct.

Hair-pins, 50 per ct.

Aniline dyes, 50 cts. per lb., adding 35 per ct. ad val.

Silk buttons and dress ornaments, 50 per ct.
Alkaline silicates, ct. per lb.
Sporting-gun wads, 35 per ct.
Nickel, 30 cts. per lb.


oxide and alloy, 20 cts. per lb. Watches, and parts of, 25 per ct. Watch jewels, 10 per ct. Live animals, 20 per ct.


for breeding, free. Oranges, lemons, pineapples, and grapes, 20 per


Limes, bananas, plantains, shaddocks, mangoes, and cocoanuts, 10 per ct.

Currants, prunes, and plums, 2 cts. per lb.
Neat's foot, whale, seal, and fish oil, 20 per ct.

40 to $1.00, 60 cts. per gallon.

over $1.00, $1.00 per gallon, and 25 per Linseed and flaxseed oil, 30 cts. per gallon. ct. ad val. added, Hempseed and rapeseed oil, ct. per lb.

Sesame and cotton seed oil, 80 cts. per gallon.
Sesame seed, 10 per ct.
Opium, $1.00 per lb.-


for smoking, and as other preparations, $6.00 per lb. Morphia and its preparations, $1.00 per ounce. Cotton thread, yarn, warps, not on spools, value not over 40 cts. per lb., 10 cts. per lb.; 40 to 6 cts. value, 20 cts. per lb.; 60 to 80 cts. value, 30 cts. per lb; over 80 cts. value, 40 cts. per lb. Adding to above rates, 20 per ct. ad val.

tilizing; plants, roots, and seeds for the Department of Agriculture; platinum vases for chemical uses; muriate of potassa; quassia wood; rags or waste for paper or bagging; rhubarb; crude resins, not provided for; rose leaves; saffron; crude sarsaparilla; seaweed, not provided for; scammony and its resin; seeds, cardamom, caraway, coriander, fennel, cummin, and others not provided for; senna leaves shrimps and other shell fish; skeletons and preparation in anatomy; silkworm eggs; specimens of natural history, botany, and mineralogy, not for sale; squills; sweepings of silver or gold; tapioca; cassava; tea plants; turtles; verdigris; wood ashes, and lye of; beet-root ashes; woods for making paper; worm seed; xylonite.


For two years, machinery for steam-towing on canals, not now manufactured in this country, is free; also, steam-plowing machinery. Tonnage duty on vessels owned by citizens trading between United States ports, or in fisheries, is modified. Goods in bond when this act takes effect are subject to the modifications, as if imported on the day the act goes into effect; drawbacks to be allowed when duties have been paid. Tax on bequests or transfers for public uses are repealed. [The remainder of this act is for the regulation of the management and care of imports, providing for supervision, penalties, &c.]

After Dcc. 31, 1870, the following articles are free: acids, crude arsenious, nitric, not pure, muriatic, oxalic, picric and nitro-picric; arsenic; aconite, root, leaf and bark; agaric; alkanet root; alkekengi; albumen and lactarine; amber gum; aloes; analine oil, crude; ammonia, crude; anatto seed, argols, crude; asbestos, not manufactured; articles for the use of the United States; articles grown in the United States returned from export; bamboo, unmanufactured; barks, Quilla, Peruvian, Lima, Calisaya, cinchona, canella alba, pomegranate, croton, cascarilla, and others not provided for; belladonna; bronnia; bitter apples; colocinth; caloquohisda; berries, nuts, and vegetables used for dyeing; broken bells and bell metal; bones, crude or ground, bone dust and ash, for phosphates and fertilizers; books printed over 20 years; brimstone, crude; burr stone, unmanufactured; bu- CHAP. CCLVI.-- Refunding the National chu leaves; citrate of lime; columbo root; can- Debt.-The Secretary of the Treasury is authortharides, castor; catechu; catgut, unmanufac-ized to issue $200,000,000 coupon or registered tured; anthracite coal; cocculus indicus; cicu- bonds, redeemable in coin at its current value ta or hemlock; cudbear; collections of antiqui- at the pleasure of the Government after ten ty, not for sale; chalk or cliff stone, unmanu- years from the date of issue; interest five per factured; cork, wood and bark, unmanufac- cent., payable semi-annually in coin; also, in tured; cornelian; cuttle-fish bone; diamond like manner, and on like terms, $800,000,000 dust; dragon's blood; eggs; emery, not pul- at 4 per cent., running fifteen years; also verized; Spanish and other grasses for making $1,000,000,000 at 4 per cent., running 30 years; paper; fibrin; fish, fresh for consumption, or for all these bonds exempt from taxation by any bait; flint and flint stones; folial digitalis; authority. The Secretary may dispose of these fashion plates; fur skins, not dressed; glass, bonds at not less than their par value for coin, broken, for remanufacturing; guano and other and apply the proceeds to the redemption of animal manures; gums, Arabic, Jeddo, Senegal, the outstanding five-twenties at par, or exBarbary, East India, Cape, Australian, benzoin, change par for par, but the bonds hereby copal, sandarac, damar, gamboge, kowrie, mastic, issued shall be used for no other purpose. shellac, tragacanth, olebanum, guiac, myrrh, The_Secretary is authorized, with money in ledellium, garbanum, and others unprovided for; the Treasury, or derived from the sale of the gutta percha, crude; goatskins, raw; horse and above bonds, to pay at par and cancel the fivecow hair, not cleaned; hoofs and horns; hide twenties when redeemable by the terms of their cuttings for glue stock; hemlock bark; henbane issue. The Secretary is authorized to receive leaf; iodine, crude; ipecac; india rubber, gold on deposit, issuing certificates therefor, and crude, and milk of; ivory, animal and vegeta- pay 24 per cent. interest; not less than 25 per ble; jalap; jet; juniper and laurel berries; cent. of deposited gold shall be held for the rekryolite; lac, crude, stick, shell or dye; lava, demption of the certificates; the surplus may be unmanufactured; leeches; life boats and appa- applied at the discretion of the Secretary to the ratus for saving life; licorice root; litmus; payment or redemption of such outstanding lichens, not prepared; logs, round timber, and bonds of the United States, known as the fiveship timber; madder root, ground; manna; Ice- twenty bonds, as he may designate; and any land moss and other mosses, crude; musk and certificates of deposit, issued as aforesaid, may civet, crude; nitrate of soda; oakbark; crude sul- be received at par with the interest accrued phuret and ore of antimony; orange and lemon thereon in payment for any bonds authorized peel, not prepared; orchill, weed or liquid; palm to be issued by this act. nuts and palm and cocoa oil; paintings, statu- CHAP. OCLVII. National Banks. Any ary and other works of American artists; the bank going into liquidation must retire its cirsame of any artist, imported for presentation to culating notes, depositing lawful money for a public institution; philosophical and scientific their redemption. instruments, casts, drawings, &c., for educational purposes of recognized institutions, or encouragement of fine arts, and not for sale; household effects of $500 value; phosphates for fer

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CHAP. CCLXII-Bankruptcy. The provisions of the second clause of the thirty-third section of said act, as amended by the first section of an act in amendment thereof, approved July


twenty-seven, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, shall not apply to those debts from which the bankrupt seeks a discharge which were contracted prior to the first day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine. That the clause in the thirty-ninth section of said act which now reads "or who, being a banker, merchant, or trader, has fraudulently stopped or suspended and not resumed payment of his commercial paper within a period of fourteen days," shall be amended so as to read as follows: "or who, being a banker, broker, merchant, trader, manufacturer, miner, has fraudulently stopped payment, or who has stopped or suspended and not resumed payment of his commercial paper within a period of fourteen days."

CHAP. CCXCVIII.-Pay of Jurors.-Grand and petit jurors in United States courts to have $3 per day, and five cents per mile for travel by the shortest practicable route. No person shall be summoned more than once in two years.

CHAP. CCXCIX.-Admission of Georgia.The State of Georgia having complied with the reconstruction acts, and the fourteenth and fifteenth articles of amendments to the Constitution of the United States having been ratified in good faith by a legal legislature of said State, it is hereby declared that the State of Georgia is entitled to representation in the Congress of the United States. But nothing in this act contained shall be construed to deprive the people of Georgia of the right to an election for members of the general assembly of said State, as provided for in the Constitution thereof; and nothing in this or any other act of Congress shall be construed to affect the term to which any officer has been appointed or any member of the general assembly elected as prescribed by the Constitution of the State of Georgia.


No. 1.-For a commission to select a site for a building for the State Department.

No. 12.-The Secretary of War is authorized and required to provide for taking meteorological observations at the military stations in the interior of the continent, and at other points in the States and Territories of the United States, and for giving notice on the northern lakes and on the seacoast, by magnetic telegraph and marine signals, of the approach and force of storms.

No. 67. That the Northern Pacific Railroad Company be, and hereby is, authorized to issue its bonds to aid in the construction and equipment of its road, and to secure the same by mortgage on its property and rights of property of all kinds and descriptions, real, personal, and mixed, including its franchise as a corporation; and, as proof and notice of its legal execution and effectual delivery, said mortgage shall be filed and corde in the office of the Secretary of the Interior; and also to locate and construct, under the provisions and with the privileges, grants, and duties provided for in its act of incorporation, its main road to some point on Puget Sound, via the valley of the Columbia River, with the right to locate and construct its branch from some convenient point on its main trunk line across the Cascade Mountains to Puget Sound; and in the event of there not being in any State or Terri ory in which said

main line or branch may be located, at the time of the final location thereof, the amount of lands per mile granted by Congress to said company, within the limits prescribed by its charter, then said company shall be entitled, under the directions of the Secretary of the Interior, to receive so many sections of land belonging to the United States, and designated by odd numbers, in such State or Territory, within ten miles on each side of said road beyond the limits prescribed in said charter, as will make up such deficiency, on said main line or branch, except mineral and other lands as excepted in the charter of said company of eighteen hundred and sixty-four, to the amount of the lands that have been granted, sold, reserved, occupied by homestead settlers, pre-empted, or otherwise disposed of subsequent to the passage of the act of July two, eighteen hundred and sixty-four. And that twenty-five miles of said main line between its western terminus and the city of Portland, in the State of Oregon, shall be completed by the first day of January, anno domini eighteen hundred and seventy-two, and forty miles of the remaining portion thereof each year thereafter, until the whole shall be completed between said points.

No. 87.-That the Southern Pacific Railroad Company alifornia may construct its road and telegraph line, as near as may be, on the route indicated by the map filled by said company in the Department of the Interior on the third day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven; and upon the construction of each section of said road, in the manner and within the time provided by law, and notice thereof being given by the company to the Secretary of the Interior, he shall direct an examination of each such section by commissioners to be appointed by the President, as provided in the act making a grant of land to said company, approved July twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, and upon the report of the commissioners to the Secretary of the Interior that such section of said railroad and telegraph line has been constructed as required by law, it shall be the duty of the said Secretary of the Interior to cause patents to be issued to said company for the sections of land coterminous to each constructed section reported on as aforesaid, to the extent and amount granted to sald company by the said act of July twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, expressly sav ing and reserving all the rights of actual settlers, together with the other conditions and restrictions provided for in the third section of said act.

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