A collection of several stories, moral tales, and reflections taken from the best English authors


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Seite 35 - ... perplexed and interwoven with one another, that it was impossible to find a passage through it. Whilst he was looking about for some track...
Seite 80 - A Person who believes he has his Succour at hand, and that he acts in the sight of his Friend, often exerts himself beyond his Abilities, and does Wonders that are not to be matched by one who is not animated with such a Confidence of Success.
Seite 151 - At length, when these two potentates had wearied themselves with waging war upon one another, they agreed upon an interview, at which neither of their counsellors were to be present.
Seite 80 - But without considering the supernatural blessing which accompanies this duty, we may observe that it has a natural tendency to its own reward, or in other words, that this firm trust and confidence in the great Disposer of all things contributes very much to the getting clear of any affliction, or to the bearing it manfully.
Seite 13 - We know by the life of this memorable hero, to which of these two ladies he gave up his heart ; and I believe, every one who reads this will do him the justice to approve his choice.
Seite 81 - MADAM, — The hurry and impertinence of receiving and paying visits on account of your marriage being now over, you are beginning to enter into a course of life, where you will want much advice to divert you from falling into many errors, fopperies, and follies, to which your sex is subject.
Seite 89 - You have but a very few years to be young and handsome in the eyes of the world, and as few months to be so in the eyes of a husband who is not a fool ; for I hope you do not still dream of charms and raptures, which marriage ever did, and ever will, put a sudden end to.
Seite 35 - Whilst he was looking about for some track or pathway that might be worn in any part of it, he saw a huge lion couched under the side of it, who kept his eye upon him in the same posture as when he watches for his prey. The Indian immediately started back, whilst the lion rose with a spring, and leaped towards him.
Seite 137 - Every man has one or more qualities which may make him useful both to himself and others. Nature never fails of pointing them out ; and while the infant continues under...
Seite 78 - ... directs contingencies, and has in his hands the management of every thing that is capable of annoying or offending us ; who knows the assistance we stand in need of, and is always ready to bestow it on those who ask it of him.

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