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5 He that putteth not out his money to usury, nor taketh reward against the innocent. He that doeth these things, shall never be moved.

principal; or conduct, which produces the same effect; or a very exorbitant interest, or premium disproportioned to the risk. In all these instances the party is bitten. This word differs from n'ann. The critical reader is advised to see each of these words in some Hebrew concordance.

650. Inwi and a gift. I and. inu a donation. As a verb, to give.

651. 'p3 the innocent. A participial adject. pure, clear, from 7p3 to cleanse.

652. nps hath not taken. 3d pers. sing. masc. pret. Kal. Vide rule


653. Wid''shall not be moved. 3d pers. masc. sing. fut. Niphal of on to slih, or slide. Vide rules 98, 99.




: למנצח 654 על 13 אילת 655 השחר 656 מזמור 629 לדוד: 630 2 אלי 657 אלי 657 למה 580 עזבתני 658 רחוק 659 מישועתי 660 3 דברי 366 שאגתי: 661 אלהי 534 אקרא 29 יומם 558 ולא 159 4 תענה 662 ולילה 31 ולא 159 דומיה 663 לי: 304 ואתה 430 5 קדוש 148 יושב 664 תהלות 665 ישראל: 666 בך 667 6 בטחו 668 אבתינו 669 בטחו 668 ותפלטמון 670 אליך 383 .a clief

urefect מנצח .prefix ל

.to the chief musician למנצח .654
.to fireside נצח formative

and מ .אילות .plur ,אילה .a hind

or doe of
in construct
Sing אילת .655
.to interiose אל g stag

or deer
From איל

the שחר

.emphat ה
.the morning

or dusk of the day השחר .656

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. , . .

. . dawn. As a verb, to be dark coloured. Some render it, "upon the interposition of darkness," i. e. concerning the onset which the powers of darkness would make on Christ. Rather “ concerning the hind of the morning," that is concerning him who was to be hunted and pursued as such. 657. 58 my God. ' pronom. suff. Rule 34. 58 God, the interposer.

. ) . . . m. . . are probably those, which were spoken by the Saviour. Matt. xxvii. 46. But some think the three first were the Hebrew words here gi. ven, and the fourth the Chaldee word used in the Chaldee paraphrase at this place.

, . a ; a noun, remote, from pre to be far of Vide num. 694. •

. ' my. . ' . .

my . ' . . , 1x4 to roar as a lion. Num. 705. Heb. v. 7.

, אל .

. י אלי .2d pers עזבת .34

Rule ני
.lhast thou forsaken me עזבתני .658
איל איל למנא שבקתני to foreake

The Syriac words עזב S. m

Kal of

so far
at a distance
It is here used as a particle
as a רחוק .659
. רחק ,
.in construct ישועת .my י .from מ

.from my deliverance מישועתי .660
.to save ישע
.a noun fem

from ישועה for
from שאנה in regim

for שאגת
.mg roaring
m שאגתי .661


. . שאג



To the chief musician upon Aijeleth Shahar; a psalm of David. 1 My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring?

2 O my God, I cry in the day-time, but thou hearest not; and in the night season, and am not silent. 3 But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. 4 Our fathers trusted in thee, they trusted and thou didst deliver them.

5 They cried unto thee, and were delivered; they trusted in thee, and were not confounded.

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662. Ojyn wilt not answer. 2d pers. sing. m. fut. Kal of 73y to act upon, or answer.

663. 7917 silence. A noun fem. from 797 to be silent. Silence is not to me. It has been rendered intermissio, quies, cessatio.

664. 3v1' who art inhabiting. Part. Ben. Kal of 30" to dwell or in habit.

665. nibon the praises of. No change in regim. Rule 26. Plural of bon praise. n formative. Rule 189.56577 to praise.

666. %890Israel. From 10 a prince, and 48 God. Vide Gen. xxxii. 28. The initial is frequently formative of proper names, as opy Jacob, from 3py to supplant. 727 Jeremiah, from on to lift up, and 77 Jehovah. Skynr' Jezreel, from yn seed, and be God. Rule 164.

667. 7) in thee. I in. 7 thee. See a similar compound in num. 135. 668. nou have trusted. 3d pers. m. plur. pret. Kal of nod to trust.

669. II'NIN our fathers. 12 our. ngx. Though not fem. yet having the fem. termination, it takes' final after n in construction, and ought

. . from 1738 to acquiesce in. Vide num. 247. 432.

670. uhani and thou didst deliver them. I and, convers. 12 them. ozon 2d pers. sing. masc. fut. Kal of oba to deliver.

אבות and אבה .plur אבי .in regim אב .27

to have been included in rule

זעקו 671 ונמלטו 672 בך 667 בטחו 668 ולא 159 בושו: 673 ? ואנכי 294 תולעת 674 ולא 159 איש 236 חרפת 675 ארס 117 8 ובזוי 676 עס: 677 כל 97 ראי 678 ילעיגו 679 לי 304 9 יפטירו 680 בשפה 681 יניעי 682 ראש: 1 גל 683 אל 47

יהוה 154 פלטהו 684 יצילהו 685 כי 25 חפץ 686 בו: 63 10 כי 25 אתה 430 גחי 687 מבטן 688 מבטיחי 689 על 13 שדי 690 11 אמי: 249 עליך 691 השלכתי 692 מרחם 693 מבטן 688

.to call or cry זעק they cried

3d pers

Kal of זעקו .671 .3d pers . plur נמלטו .and they were delivered

and ונמלטו .672
.to deliver מלט pret


בש ,

. בושו

, ו ,. תולעה , תולעת

. 2 . לע to disgrace חרפ from חרפה a retiroach of

. In regim . for חרפת .675

. . . ,

. . . . 673. W13 were not confounded. 3d pers. plur. pret. Kal of VI to 'confound. For the i inserted, vide rule 98.

674. nybin a worm, and sy'nin are nouns fem. y sin masc. a worm, from y's to swallow. 2 Cor. xiii. 4.

a . . or reproach.

. to despise. Vide rule 103. John xii. 42, 3.

בזה is the participle Paoul Kal of גזוי

.and desfhised . I amd ובזוי .676

.seeing me ראי ,678 -in construct . coa ראיס which is ,ראי me


of .to see ראה lesces in the suffix

It is the plur
of part
Kal of

לעג total laugh

. It is the 3d pers . m . plur . fut . Hiphil of ילעיגו .679

677. Dy the people. As a particle, together. nay nearness. O'ray plur. the people. Vide num. 474.


. . . to . Num. 24.

will . . m. . . to deride. Matt. 27. 39..

' will . m. . . to distort.

681. nova with the lip. 3 with. 075V the lip, speech, margin. As a verb, to stick out, to be craggy.

682. 17°)". they will move. The 3d pers. m. plur. fut. Hiphil of ys to shake, or agitate.

פטר spill distort

. The 3d pers . m . plur . fut . Hiphil of יפטירו .680

6 But I am a worm and no man; a reproach of men, and despised of the people.

7. All they that see me, laugh me to scorn, they shoot out the lip, they shake the head, saying,

8 He trusted on the Lord that he would deliver him, let him deliver him seeing he delighted in him.

9 But thou art He who took me out of the womb; thou didst make me hope when I was upon my mother's breasts.

10 I was cast upon thee from the womb; thou art my God from my mother's belly.


-part . Hi מבטיח .suff

683. ya he trusted. It is the 3d pers. m. sing. pret. Kal. Bythner supposes it to be in the imperat. but the sense suits not so well.

684. 1705a' he will deliver him. 17 him. Rule 39.059' is the 3d pers. m. sing. fut. Kal of usa to deliver. Mat. xxvii. 43.

685. in boys he will set him free. 177 him. Sog' is the 3d pers. m. sing. fut. Hiphil of 583 to deliver.

686. pon he taketh pleasure. Part. Ben. Kal. 1 omitted as usual. To will or choose.

687. na my extractor. 'my, suffix. na as a verb, to take out. 688. quan from the womb, o from. qua the belly,

689. M'uan thou art causing me to trust. suff. phil of the verb nua to hope or trust.

690. 'the breasts. A noun in construct. for D'iv the plural of Tu the breast. 1770 one who pours out, a cupbearer. '70 a name of De. ity, “ all bountiful.”.

691.7ohy apon thee. 7 thee. For by vide num. 13. Professor Wilson has justly said, that “all words whatever may be considered either as absolute, or appropriated, as in a general or particular state," accordingly participles and adjectives are often in regimine; so also do particles before suffixes frequently take ', e. g. 5x and hy; but not before the pronominal suffix, as by upon me; and some nouns even irregularly, as IX a father, nx a brother, on a father in law, and as the mouth, which changes its 17 into 'before a suffix, as 7's thy mouth, and in regimine before a nuun.

692. nahen I have been cast. It is the 1st pers. m. sing. pret, Hiph. of 7500 to cast. 693. 0173 from the womb. from. On7 the belly. As a verb, to enclose.


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