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19 Be not thou far from me, O Lord; O my strength, haste thee to help me.

20 Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dogs.

21 Save me from the lion's mouth; for thou hast heard me from the horns of the unicorn.

735. vin make haste. Imper. 2d pers. sing. Kal of up to hasten. Vide rule 98. 07 paragogic.

7736, non deliver. 77 paragogic. 587 2d pers. sing. masc. imper. Hiphil of 483. Vid. num. 685.

737. 'ng'n' my united one. my. It'n' in reg. noun fem. from any to unite. Christ is prophetically represented here speaking of himself; this word may therefore refer to the union either of his body with his soul, or of his human with his divine nature, for the words which precede and follow forbid a reference to a third person.

738. 'Jy'w17 save me.') me. Rule 34. y'017 is the 2d pers. m. sing. imperat. Hiphil of you to save. into 1. Vide rule 89.

739. 'phi and from the horns of. 1 and. 'from. "mp in construct. for b'm sing. ip a horn. Hence cornu, and horn.

740. D'97 unicorns. More than thirty of Dr. Kennicott's books read O'DXT horned animals. Parkhurst supposes bulls. D'r or ons is the sing.

.to emalt ראם or רם from

ving adopted the principle of not interfering with the Keri, placed their vowels where the marginal word should be introduced.

If the Keri and Ketib be older than the vowel points, and were not known to the Seventy, Josephus, Origen or Jerome, which seems evident enough, then the antiquity of the points must be later than all those writers.

It seems a probable conjecture that the Keri and Ketib were adjusted by the Masorites of Tiberias, who were certain Jewish grammarians who revised the Hebrew text, and to guard against corruptions in future, numbered the sections, words and letters in each book.

Vide Jennings' Jewish Antiquities.

23 עניתני: 741 אספרה 391 שמך 190 לאחי 453 בתוך 36 24 קהל 742 אהללך: 743 יראי 744 יהוה 154 הללוהו 743 כל 97

זרע 57 יעקב 745 כבדוהו 746 וגורו 747 ממנו 526 כל 97 25 זרע 57 ישראל: 666 כי 25 לא 159 בזה 676 ולא 159 שקץ 748

ענות 749 עני 749 ולא 159 הסתיר 750 פניו * 14 ממנו 526 26 ובשועו 751 אליו 383 שמע: 752 מאתך 753 תהלתי 754

בקהל 742 רב 321 נדרי 755 אשלם 756 נגד 757 יראיו: 744 27 יאכלו 259 ענוים 758 וישבעו 859 יהללו 743 יהוה 154

.102 Vide rule .ענהת for ענית .me ני .thou hast heard me עניתני .741 ענה .


.to assemble

ii קהל congregation


From קהל .742 first pers . sing . fut . Kal אהלל

.I will traise thee.thee אהללך .743 .2d pers

Kal הללו to jiraise

. Postea הלל of יוראים Je fearers of Part

. Ben . Kal in construct . plur . for יראי .744 .77

to fear . dropped . Vide rule ירא from . עקב יעקב

' . I . . . It is the 2d pers. sing. pret. Kal of 773y to hear or answer.

. . .

. . . .
praise. .
ye . . .

1 . . 745. 2pv Jacob, from spy to lay hold on the heel. Gen. xxv. 26. Xxvii. 36. Hos. xii. 4.

746. 171737 glorify him, in him. 1733 2d pers. plur. imperat. Kal of 7.3 to honour.

. . . . . 748.rpw abhorred. 3d pers. sing. m. pret. Kal, to abominate, or de test, as a serpent.

749. nudy the affliction. A noun fem. And the noun 'y afflicted, from 173y to afflict, affect. This seems rather to be midy humility in regim. otherwise this is a solitary instance of my for affliction.

is the 2d pers , plur . imp . Kal גורו

.and be afraid . I amd וגורו .747

.to fear גור of


, , שקץ .748

-relates to diferent antecedents . Mr. Blay ממנו and פניו in ו The *

€ 6 .


* 1 ney observes on Jer, ii, 3. that “ 77 is in use for the masculine affix as well as ', and seems often to be purposely introduced for the sake of distinguishing between two masculine pronouns in the same pe. riod, which refer to different antecedents."

22 I will declare thy name unto my brethren; in the midst of the congregation will I praise thee.

23 Ye that fear the Lord praise him; all ye the seed of Jacob glorify him, and fear him all ye the seed of Israel.

24 For he hath not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted; neither hath he hid his face from him; but when he cried unto him he heard.

25 My praise shall be of thee in the great congregation; I will pay my vows before them that fear him.

26 The meek shall eat and be satisfied; they shall praise the Lord that seek him; your heart shall live for ever.

uraise , from] תהלה in regim . for תהלת my traise

. ' mg: תהלתי .754

750. Von he hath not hidden. It is the 3d pers. m. sing. pret. Hiphil of ind to hide.

751. wywi and in crying unto him. I and, pref. 1 him, suff. 3 in, pref. yiv infin. Kal, (or part. Num. 19) to cry aloud.

752. you he heard. It is the 3d pers. m. sing. pret. Kal.

753. Jnana of thee. 1 thee. ned from with, from the. Of s pref. and nx with, to, towards, or expletive. Vide num. 4. praise my.

. , sho to honour.

755. 73 my vows. my. 973 a vow, from 773 to vow.

756. Dvox I will perform. It is the first pers. sing. fut. Kal of ohne to perform, or complete.

757. 713 before. A particle, in the presence of. As a verb in Hiphil to make manifest. Vide num. 297.

758. D'lly the humble. Plural of 12y humble, from 073y to hear, or af. flict.

759. waw' and shall be satisfied. It is the 3d pers. m. plur. fut. Niphal of you to satisfy.

. 1 . . Ben. Kal in the plur. 099 to seek.


.part דרשים in regim . for ררשי .him ו

.the seekers of him דרשיו .760

28 דרשיו 760 יחי 761 לבבכם 635 לעד: 762 יזכרו 498

וישבו 763 אל 383 יהוה 154 גל 97 אפסי 613 ארץ 7

וישתחוו 764 לפניך 14 כל 97 משפחות 765 גוים: 582 29 כי 25 ליהוה 154 המלוכה 766 ומושל 767 בגוים: 582 30 אכלו 259 וישתחוו 764 כל 97 דשני 768 ארץ 7 לפניו 14

יכרען 769 כל 97 יורדי 770 עפר 168 ונפשו 173 לא 159 חיה: 761 32 זרע 57 יעבדנו 162 יספר 391 לאדני 373 לדור: 771 יבאו 772 ויגידו 773 צדקתו 774 לעם 677 נולד 775 כי 25 עשה: 38

עד ל לעד


. וישבו
cannot be undlerstood in this ישבו .98

to turn
Vide rule שנ Niphal of

761. 'ni shall live. Third pers. sing. fut. Kal of 77'n to live. Vide rule 102.

. 762. Tys forever. s prefix. W futurity, or forever. 763. 120") and shall be converted. The 3d pers. m. plur. of Kal or

. passage

of a change of place; this change is to result from a remembrance not of any ancient empire, revolution, or other historical event, but of Jehovah: this is therefore a plain prophecy of a return of the Gentiles to the worship of the true God, whom they had long forsaken.

" 82. 3d pers. m. plur. fut. Hithpael of ninu to bow. This verb is irregular, according to the old grammars, because it always takes 1 in Hithpael after the second radical. But it is not alone, see sain rule 111. See this word ante in num. 457.

, . a . subject.

. . a , . , a ,

. , , also respectively signify a kingdon. Vide num. 586.

.R .יתשחוו for ישתחוו
pref.and שand shall bo וישתחוו

. שחח ,



to be שפח a household
From משפחה families

of משפחות .765

to מלן a kingdom , from מלוכה

.emphat ה
.the kingdom המלוכה .766
,d queen מלכה ,a king מלך reign

The derivatives in most use are
ממלכות and ,ממלכה ,מלוכה kingdoms

but מלכיות

.a kingdom
plur מלכות

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27 All the ends of the world shall remember, and turn unto the Lord; and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before thee.

28 For the kingdom is the Lord's, and he is the governor among the nations.

29 All they that be fat upon the earth shall eat and worship: all they that go down to the dust shall bow before him; and none can keep alive his own soul.

30 A seed shall serve him, it shall be accounted to the Lord for a generation.

31 They shall come, and declare his righteousness unto a people that shall be born, that he hath done this.

767. swisi and the ruler. I and. Seis a noun, or the part. Ben. Kal of sun to govern.

768. '307 the fat of. Plur. in regim. of qven to fatten. Jarchi inverts the words, they shall eat, i. e. the meek shall eat, all the fat of the earth, and worship; the meek shall enjoy the blessings of providence, and also of grace.

769. 1993' shall bend themselves. 3d pers. plur. fut. Kal of you to įncline, or bend one's self.

770. '971' they who go down into. Part. Ben. Kal, plur. in regim. of 77 to descend.

a . , . . fem. from 77 to go round.

772. 'X' they shall go. It is the 3d pers. m. sing. fut. Kal of xu to go, or to come.

773. 17'2") and they shall declare. I and. 17'' is the 3d pers. plur. m. fut. Hiph. of 733 not used in Kal. Num. 297.

. . . ousness. Vide num. 396.

775. 7502 to be born. Part. Ben. Niphal of the to beget. is changed into 1. Vide rule 89.

דורות .masc דורים .plur ,דר and דור .for ל

.for a generation לדור .771

-righte צדקה in regim . for צרקת .his righteousness

. \ his צדקתו .774

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