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עיני 267 שניהם * 253 וידעו 269 כי 25 עירמס 281 הס 282

א., להס :28 ורפרו 283 עלה 284 תאנה 285 ויעשו 8 חגרת: 287 וישמעו 288 את 4 קול 29 יהיה 154 אלהים 3

מתהלך 290 בגן 176 לרוח 16 היום 30 ויתחבא 291

האדם 117 ואשתו 251 מפני + 14 יהוה 154 אל הוס 3 9 בתוך 36 עץ 58 הגן: 176 וקרא 29 יהיה 154 אלהים אל 47 10 האדם 117 ויאמר 19 לו 218 איכה: 292 ויאמר 19 את 4

קלך 289 שמעתי 288 בגן 176 ואירא 293 כי 25 עירם 281

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. . , , be naked. Vide num. 257.

to ערם vide rule 19 , from ,עירם naked

. It is the plur . of עירמם .281

to היה me , from הוא they

. Vide rule 32. It is the plur . of הם .282

he, be. Vide num. 61. n.

. I ' pers. masc. plur. fut. Kal of hon to sew or twist. This word occurs but in this place, in Job xvi. 15. Eccles. iii. 7. and in Ezek. xiij. 18.

is the third יתפרו

.convers ו
.and they fastened together ויתפרו .283
. תפר ,


* Adam, it may be fairly presumed, was not present when the woman was tempted and ate. That her eyes were opened, immediately upon her eating, to see her folly and sin, and the deception practised upon her, is not asserted; to suppose this is to impeach her of a horrid, malignant attempt to ruin her husband, a crime not imputed to her. But it is here expressly declared that upon his eating, the eyes

of on'w both of them were opened, they discerned an immediate loss of their innocence, peace, and happiness, and experienced a sense of guilt and misery. Thus does it appear, that as the precept was given to him alone, a representative of his race, she was brought into misery by his violation of it. Though the woman was first in the Cransgression, it was by one man's disobedience that sin and death have come into the world.

+ , , Almighty had even spoken to them as at Sinai to Israel, yet if innocent they had nothing to fear; the effort to conceal themselves is therefore a plain proof both of ignorance and guilt..

a mind in the evening , and the רוח be here thunder

, and קול If +

7 And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked, and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.

8 And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.

9 And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where ørt thou?,

10 And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked, and I hid myself.

and seems not necessarily to imply in any of the places a sewing with a needle; but some species of fastening or connecting together. It is probable that girdles were formed by twisting together the stems, whilst the leaves remained pendent; they fastened together the fig-leaf.

284. ohy a leaf. From aby to ascend. Many both of Kennicott's and De Rossi's codices read "Jy here instead of oby, and by occurs in regimine in other passages, as Ezek. xvii. 7. Neh. viii. 15.

285. n fig, an adjective. As a noun it signifies the tree, or fruit, plur. nian and D'Ixn. Perhaps from fx labour.

286. Wy" and they made. I conver. It is the 3d per. masc. plur. fut. Kal of Ivy. Vide rule 102.

287. mun girdles. It is the plur. of 77707. Vide rule 21. From un to gird or bind.

288. wyse and they heard. 1 conver. It is the 3d pers. masc. plur. fut. Kal of you to hear. Postea pres. Kal, 1st per. 'nyov.

289. 5op the voice. Or Sp from op to be light. Ver. 10, 74p thy voice. Sp with 7 suff. Vide rule 36.

290.gsans walking. It is the part. masc. Ben. Hithpael of 750 to walk, or wax.

291. Xinn' and he hid himself, or they hid themselves. Rule 139. conver. It is the 3d pers. masc. sing. fut. Hith. of xan to hide.

292. 077'X where art thou? 'X where, and as a noun, a settlement. no thou, pron, suff. Vide rule 36.

293. NT'89 and I feared. I conyers. XT's is the first pers. sing. Kal


14 אנכי 294 ואחבא: 295 ויאמר 19 מי 296 הגיד 297 לך 135 כי25

עירס281 אתה 298 המן 299 העץ 58 אשר 40 צויתיך 300 12 לבלתי 301 אכל 211 ממנו 212 אכלת: 211 ויאמר 19

האדם 117 האשה 236 אשר 40 נתתה 302 עמדי 303

הוא 192 נתנה 302 לי 304 מן 212 העץ 58 ואכל: 305 13 ויאמר 19 יהוה 154 אלהים 3 לאשה 236 מה 296 זאת 306

עשית 307 ותאמר 308 האשה 236 הנחש 256 השיאני 309 14 ואכל: 305 ויאמר 19 יהוה 154 אלהים 3 אל 47 הנחש 256

כי 25 עשית 307 זאת 306 ארוך 310 אתה 298 מכל 97 הבהמה 112 ומכל 97 חית 114 השדה 156 על 13 נחנך נ31

31 1

is often taken for sinful fear , and frequently also used ירא

.to fear ירא of

. to express a holy reverence, but never to signify shame, and yet this is the affection that would naturally spring from being naked. If no other nakedness was experienced than that in which the first parents had been created, they had nothing to fear. As a noun, fear.

implies presence . From , אני ,imports emphasis כי . אנכי .294

. ,. ואחבא
.to hide
Vide num חבא Kal of
c,מה ?

? מי
a זה

UK to accur or happen. 295. KINNI and I hid. i convers. Xinx is the first pers. sing. fut.

. ). 296. 'n who? what? from 78, who, what, &c. Each of these words may be used interrogatively, or merely relatively. 01 this, that, is a demonstrative pronoun. Num. 151.

297. T'in declared. It is the 3d pers. masc. sing. pret. Hiphil of 211 10 show. Vide rule 94. num. 757.


to be firesent
Vide rule אתה thou

. From אתה .298 מן ? ה המן ,I

. צויתיך .102 into vide rule ה .צוה sing


preter Kal of בל .mot

without בלי

eaccefit בלתי .to ל

.to not לבלתי .301

ot . ?

. present. . 299. 19307 whether, from 17 whether? Rule 152. 18 from. Num. 212. 300. 70's I have commanded you. 7 you. Rule 36. The first pers.

. .

not. From oba to wear out.

11. And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?

12 And the man said, The woman, whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.

13 And the Lord God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, the serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.

14 And the Lord God said unto the serpent; Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field: upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.


302. nna thou gavest. 17 is paragogic. nna is the 2d pers. sing. pret. Kal, for nina. Vide rule 108. From ind to give. Mina is the 3d pers. sing. fem. Vide num. 374.

303. 79y to be with or near me. 'me. Vide rule 34. 7py to stand, or live, and as a particle, near, or with.

304. 5 to me. I prefixed. Vide rule 175. Andme, a suffix, vide rule 34. So 'n with me, &c. is also through me.

305. 5381 and I ate. i convers. bx for 538x, vide rule 97. The Ist pers. sing. fut. Kal of box to eat.

306. nxi this. As if nni from 7i this, that, hither, here. Used as a particle, and as a pronoun. Num. 238.

307. n'vy hast thou done. It is for nowy, vide rule 102, the 2d pers. sing. pret. Kal of nuy to do.

308. 01 and she said. I convers. It is the third pers. fem. sing. fut. Kal of 798 to speak.

. 3 . . 94. The 3d pers. masc. sing. pret. Hiph. of to lift up, bear, bear guilt, deceive, &c.

310. 1178 cursed. It is the participle Paoul Kal of 978 to curse, burn, or consume with lightning. Fem. 777178, ver. 17.

311. juni thy belly. 7 thy. Rule 36. gra to bow, and as a noun, the belly. Or from na to break forth.


Rule .הנשיא for השיא .34

Vide rule ני

.deceived me השיאני .309

תלך 312 ועפר 168 תאכל 211 כל 97 ימי 18 חייך: 313 15 ואיבה 314 אשית 315 בינך 316 ובין 28 האשה 236 ובין 28

זרעך 317 ובין 28 זרעה 317 הוא * 192 ישופך 318 ראש 1 16 ואתה 298 תשופנו 319 עקב: 320 אל 47 האשה 236 אמר 19

הרבה 321 ארבה 321 עצבונך 322 והרנך 323 בעצב 322

תלדי 324 בנים325 ואל 47 אישך 236 תשוקתך 326 והוא 192 17 ימשל 327 בך: 328 ולאדם 117 אמר 19 כי 25 שמעת 288


rule 89. It is the 2d pers . sing ,תילך shalt thou go

. For תלך .312 go ילך masc


Kal of
. חיים ן חייך

. .

. איבה ו

. , . . . . 313. 7'77 thy life. 7 thy. Rule 36, O'n a plur. noun, life. Here in construct. Rule 25. From 7'n to live, and life, a fem. noun.

314. 073*X9 and enmity. I and. 772'x a fem. noun from 3x to be an enemy, and as a noun, an enemy.

I place. . . . .

d . 7 , . 317. juni thy seed, 7 suffix, thy. yni seed, and to sow. yui her seed.


.to lilace שית I will lilace

. First pers sing . fut . Kal of אשית .315 .28 .Num .בין between thee

. From I affix , and בינך .316 זרעה , זרע , ן ,זרעך

.suffix , her ה

* As there is no neuter in Hebrew, (I have said p. 21, n.) it is often proper that the English of a masculine or feminine pronoun should be neuter when the antecedent is in the translation neuter; and therefore 2107 referring to jy has been rendered it. Nevertheless as yvimeans not any thing which is inanimate; and especially as the scriptures discover that Christ was meant, it is more proper to translate 8177 by He. Messiah was called the seed of the woman, not the man, because he was to be born of a virgin. And if the Saviour be meant by the word you in the passage, vxy must not be confined to mean merely the head, but the power, not of the brute animal, but of the evil Spirit, who had thus made use of it for the purpose of deception; and who should be allowed as an instrument to bruise the heel of, or inflict a part of the curse incurred by man's sin upon,


of the enemy of man.


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