Bad Moon Rising: A Study in the Book of Revelation

AuthorHouse, 16.05.2007 - 188 Seiten
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A thorough study of prophecy comparing the Bible and the Muslim prophecies. Learn how the Bible predicts exactly what will happen concerning Islam, Christianity and Israel. Find out how abortion is changing the population of major nations like Russia, France and England. See for yourself why the nations  are aligning against Israel and the USA. Learn how Americas debt is influencing our political alliances around the world. I will show you how the Antichrist will use oil revenue to build his empire. Bad Moon Rising will explain how the antichrist will come and what he will do until Jesus comes.

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Über den Autor (2007)

Rev. Derek Craig Jones is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and is presently pastoring.  He has been married to his wife Caroline for 24 years and has been preaching the gospel since 1979. His teaching and preaching ministry has blessed many as he presents the Word of God in an evangelistic and understandable way. In the last few years at different times and places he has had 3 prominent ministers lay hands on him while praying and prophesy over him, “write the vision and make it plain”. As he meditated on this he felt the Lord speak to him concerning this book, BAD MOON RISING.


If your church would desire to have him to come and minister please e-mail your request to You can also write to Rev. Jones at P.O box #652, Fredericktown Mo. 63645

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