Burns's Standard reading-books, Bücher 1


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Seite 58 - They won't let me walk, And they won't let me play, And they won't let me go Out of doors at all to-day. They put away my playthings Because I broke them all, And then they locked up all my bricks, And took away my ball.
Seite 3 - Reading: Narrative in monosyllables. Writing: Form on blackboard or slate, from dictation, letters, capital and small, manuscript. Arithmetic: Form on blackboard or slate, from dictation, figures up to 20; name at sight figures up to 20; add and subtract figures up to 10, orally, from examples on blackboard.
Seite 58 - OH, where do you come from. You little drops of rain, Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, Down the window-pane...
Seite 58 - I've nothing else to do But sit here at the window; I should like to play with you. The little raindrops cannot speak, But "pitter, patter pat" Means, "We can play on this side: Why can't you play on that?
Seite 46 - And six is three times two; Twice four are eight, twice five are ten ; And more than this I do. " For I can say some pretty rhymes About the dog and cat ; And sing them very sweetly, too, And to keep time I spat. " And, more than all, I learn that God Made all things that I see ; He made the earth, he made the sky, He made both you and me.
Seite 49 - There was once an old hen who had some young chicks, and she taught them how to peck the grain, and how to scratch the ground to find worms for their food.
Seite 3 - The pupils should learn to spell the words at the head of each Lesson, and they should perform the tasks given at the bottom of some of the pages.

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