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Great New Street, Petter Lane.

I N D E X.

ALLEGORIC vision, by S. T. Coleridge, xxi. 207. the Greeks (Potter) ; Theological books for lay-
Association, use and abuse of, xxii. 233.

men; the Press (Quarterly Review); Moral of

Australia (Grey's travels), xvi. 88.

history; Common mistake (Clarendon)-xv. 69.

APRIL-Signs of the times, Wesleyan Tracts

Baptising and christening, a dialogue, xv. 56. for the Times; Invalidity of dissent; the En-

Benefit of Clergy, a scene at Guildhall in the reign glish reformation (Heylin)-xvi. 94.

of Henry III. (Sir F. Palgrave), xxi. 206.

MAY- Monuments (Barr); the Church the

poor man's friend (Alison); Christian parents
Catholicity of the Church of England, No. I., xxi. (Bp. Taylor); the Liturgy (Heylin); the Church

of England (Rev. J. Milne); Quick and hard

No. II., xxii. 217. wits (Ascham); Important truth (Dr. Goddard);
Catlin on the North American Indians, xix. 152. the strength of England (Bp. Doane); St. Al-
Christmas-boxes, xxiv. 265.

ban's Abbey; Apostolic communion (Falloon);

Church, parson, and people, xix. 160.

Order and discipline (Bp. Bilson)-xvii. 114.

Church - service and its celebration, xv. 59; con- June-Church and State (Dr. Goddard); Wes-

cluded, xvi. 85.

leyanism; Prayers of the Puritans; a resident

Church-the Christian (Dr. Wolff), xiv. 36.

Clergy (Quarterly Review); Lord Strafford and

Civil war in Spain, scene of (Captain Henning- Archbishop Laud (Book of Anecdotes); the

sen), xv. 64.

Church's cause God's cause (Abp. Laud); Ex-

Collingwood, Lord, life of, xxiii. 241.

tempore preaching (Book of Anecdotes); Church-
Content and discontent, a parable, xxiii. 260. wardens (Archdn. Manning) –xviii. 140.

August-Almsgiving (Bp. Short); Praise and
Debt, its peril, pains, and penalties, xiv. 34.


Humility (Sir T. More); House of Com-
Decrease of dissent, xxii. 223.

mons in the fourteenth century-xx. 190.
Doane, Bishop, his visit to the poet Wordsworth, SEPTEMBER - Wedding-ring; Bands; Testi-
xx. 178.

mony of dissent to the Church; the Courtiers
Domestic matters, xv. 49.

of Constantius (Eusebius); Church-rate Mar.

tyrs (Church Magazine); Intolerance of dis-

English history, a series of letters on, No. I., xvi. 73. sent; National education-xxi. 211.

No. II., xx. 169.

NOVEMBER—Moral effects of the Great Rebel.

· No. III., xxii. 228. lion (Clarendon); Education (Rev. R. Hussey);
Exmouth, life of Viscount, xiv. 25; concluded, xv. Church-decoration (British Magazine); Godfa-

thers and Godmothers; the Church our mother

(Newman); Popery (same); Attachment to the
Falkland, Viscountess, life of, xx. 181.

Church (Archdn. R. I. Wilberforce); the Holy
Fanatic, the (Gresley's “Bernard Leslie”), xx. 186. Communion (same); Fit guests for a king; Phy-

sical facts (Whewell)-xxiii. 261.
Geography of the Holy Land, xiii. 5.

DECEMBER - A popular work (Coleridge);

Gibraltar and the new bishopric, xx. 179.

William of Wykeham's charities (Chandler);

Gothic architecture, origin, progress, and decline

Manufacturing system (Markland); State of
of (Bloxam), xviii. 130.

religion in America (Foster)---xxiv. 280.

Man of Ross, the, xiv. 37.

Hints for reading profitably, xxi. 193.

Madras, diocese of, xv. 61.

Mormonism, xxiii. 257.

Intelligence, xiii. 22; xiv. 46 ; xv. xvi. 94; xvii.

118; xviii. 142 ; xix. 167 ; xx. 191 ; xxi. 213; xxii. New Zealand, xiii. 8.

236 ; xxiii. 263 ; xxiv. 281.

Notes of the Church, xix. 149.

Johnson, Dr. Samuel, life of, xvii. 97.

Notices of Books :-

Miscellaneous extracts.

JANUARY-Gresley's Forest of Arden ; Child's

JANUARY-On popery (Hickes); Popular go-

Christian Year; Schlegel's Lectures ; Richard-

vernment (Plutarch); Prayer; Correct pronun-

son's Dictionary; Cotton's Letters to Cottagers-

xiii. 20.

ciation (Jones); Historical associations (John-

son)-xiii. 22.

FEBRUARY-Jameson's New Zealand ; Petit's

FEBRUARY-Religious destitution in England

Church Architecture; the Fairy Bower, and Lost
and Wales; a good Christian ; How to do good;

Brooch ; Magazine for the Young ; Welsh Tra-

Advice for the young (Kettlewell); Christian be-

ditions ; Anderson on Regeneration;

Hook's Ser.

neficence (Bp. Ken); the Church of England

mon on the Church of England; Thoughts on

(Bp. Bull); Church of Rome (Dr. Hickes)-xiv.

the Royal Christening-xiv. 44.


MARCH — Rutilius, by Archdn. R. I. Wilber-
MARCH-Spurious liberality (Jelf); Charac- force ; History of Pews; Milford Malvoisin ;
ter of true believers (Mede); Religion among Fraser's Mesopotamia ; Evans' Sketch; Eden's


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