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It was suggested to me, that a brief narrative of the affecting Providence which so recently occurred at Rochester-bridge, with a few biographical sketches of the persons who, by that event, were carried into eternity, would be gratifying to the numerous friends of the deceased, who are anxious to cherish an affectionate remembrance of those, whose company, when alive, pleased and edified them.

My interest in this event, as the brotherin-law of Mr. Mills, is the reason that this task has been allotted to me. When I acceded to the wish of friends, it was expected that many more manuscript ser

mons, letters, &c. would be found, than have hitherto come into



AFTER waiting a proper time, I have endeavoured, with the assistance of all that could be collected, to render this publication as interesting and instructive as possible. Should I have failed in this, still the satisfaction remains of having attempted something, with the sincere desire of promoting the spiritual benefit of my fellow-men.

W.S, P.

P.S.--This Narrative was expected to appear before Christmas, 1816; but several unexpected events, not necessary to be enumerated, concurred to delay the publication.

Rarative, tc.

WHEN the judgments of the Lord are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness;' and whole nations have frequently been alarmed, incited to inquiry, humbled, and instructed, by famine, pestilence, earthquakes, and the horrors of war and bloodshed. God has had a controversy with all the nations of Europe; and its history of late has been little more than a recital of the most sanguinary battles, by which thousands have been slain, and the greatest distress introduced among widows and fatherless children. Thus He is speaking to all the world in terrible majesty, and seeking its improvement by its sufferings !

But those awful dispensations of Providence, which are more confined in their operation, are

1 lsa. xxxiv. 9.


not less instructive in their nature; and the example of the inspired writers, who have recorded the judgments that have afflicted families, as well as those which have overturned nations, teaches the Christian minutely to observe events as they transpire, and to seek from all some spiritual improvement.

Particularly in the three towns of Rochester, Chatham, and Stroud, a melancholy interest has been excited, by the accident which occurred at Rochester-bridge on the thirteenth September, between the hours of seven and eight in the evening; when fifteen persons, the whole party in the boat, including the waterman, were plunged into the river, to rise no more! Thus these towns were deprived of some of its well-known and active inhabitants; the Church on earth of some of its members; and the fond hopes of many parents were nipped in the bud, by the loss of their lovely and interesting children.

Boast not thyself

of to-morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. This sentiment

Prov. xxvii, 1.

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