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1899, Feb. 9-1900 fan.



through The Dept. of Interior,

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FEB 9 1899



From the
J. S. Government.


SANTA FE, N. MEX., October 1, 1898.

SIR: In obedience to your request, I have the honor to herewith transmit to you my report of the Territory of New Mexico for the year ending June 30, 1898, showing the progress and development of our Territory during that period.

I desire to call special attention to the following subjects contained in my report: Statehood, cattle, sheep, and wool; remarks concerning the old adobe palace at Santa Fe; irrigation, population, increased valuations, sugar beet culture, appropriations, and New Mexico's war record.

Washington, D. C.

Referring again to the above subjects, I wish to call your particular attention to the report on irrigation gotten up by Mr. P. E. Harroun, C. E. This report has taken considerable time and attention, and is worthy of more than a passing consideration, irrigation being a most important factor in our Territory.

I have the honor to be, sir, your most obedient servant,
Governor of Territory of New Mexico.


The Territory of New Mexico has an average breadth of 335 miles; length of eastern boundary, 345 miles; length of western boundary, 390 miles.

By geographical divisions New Mexico is bounded on the north by the State of Colorado, on the east by the public domain and the State of Texas, on the south by the State of Texas and the Mexican States of Chihuahua and Sonora, and on the west by the Territory of Arizona.

Of the 123,000 square miles, or nearly 79,000,000 acres, there are about 24,000,000 acres contained in land grants, Indian and military reservations, railroad grants, and Government entries, which leaves an available area of about 55,000,000 acres of land, capable of supporting a population of several millions of people.

Should Congress see fit to admit New Mexico into the union of the States, she will be the fourth in area.


The Territory of New Mexico is rich in everything that constitutes the wealth of nations-iron, coal, lead, silver, gold, mica, limestone, sandstone, marble, gypsum, soda, fireclay, etc., in endless varieties and inexhaustible quantities.


Territorial officers.-Governor of the Territory of New Mexico, Miguel A. Otero, Las Vegas, N. Mex.; private secretary to governor, Miss N. P. Crane, Santa Fe, N. Mex.; secretary of the Territory, George H. Wallace; clerk in secretary's office, C. P. Wallace; solicitor-general, Edward L. Bartlett; auditor, Marcelino Garcia; treasurer, Samuel Eldodt; superintendent of Territorial penitentiary, Edward H. Bergmann; superintendent public instruction, Manuel C. de Baca; librarian, Jose Segura; adjutant-general, William H. Whiteman; mine inspector, J. W. Fleming; coal-oil inspector, John S. Clark.

Judiciary-Chief justice of the supreme court and judge of the fourth judicial district, William J. Mills; clerk, Secundino Romero; clerk of the supreme court, Jose D. Sena. Associate justices of the supreme court: First judicial district, John R. McFie; clerk, A. M. Bergere. Judge second district, J. W. Crumpacker; clerk, H. P. Owen. Judge third judicial district, Frank W. Parker; clerk, J. P. Mitchell. Judge of the fifth judicial district, Charles Leland; clerk, John E. Griffith.

Delegate in Congress.-H. B. Fergusson.
Surveyor-general.-Quinby Vance.

United States revenue collector.-A. L. Morrison.

United States district attorney.-W. B. Childers.
United States marshal.-C. M. Foraker.

Deputy United States marshal.-C. A. Coddington.

Registers and receivers, land offices.-M. R. Otero, register, and Edward F. Hobart, receiver, Santa Fe. N. Mex.; Emile Solignac, register, and H. D. Bowman, receiver, Las Cruces, N. Mex.; Howard Leland, register, and George R. Guyer, receiver, Roswell, N. Mex.; Edward Fox, register, and A. W. Thompson, receiver, Folsom, N. Mex. District attorneys.-Charles A. Spiess, Santa Fe; John D. Bryan, Las Cruces; T. A. Finical, Albuquerque; T. S. Heflin, Silver City; L. C. Fort, Las Vegas; John Franklin, Roswell; S. Alexander, Socorro; J. Leahy, Raton; E. W. Hulbert, Lincoln,

N. Mex.

Public printer.-J. D. Hughes.

Indian agent.-N. S. Walpole.

Court of Private Land Claims.-Chief justice, Joseph R. Reed. Justices: W. W.. Murray, Henry C. Sluss, Thomas C. Fuller, and Wilber Stone; attorney, Matthew G. Reynolds; clerk, J. H. Reeder.

Officers of Territorial institutions.-The governor and superintendent of public instruction are ex officio members of the board of regents of the following institutions: The University of New Mexico, the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, the New Mexico School of Mines, the New Mexico Insane Asylum, and the New Mexico Military Institute.

The University of New Mexico.-Regents: W. B. Childers, Albuquerque; E. S. Stover, Albuquerque; Juan C. Armijo and F. W. Clancy, Albuquerque; H. L. Waldo, Las Vegas, N. Mex.

New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.-Regents: G. A. Richardson, Roswell; A. A. Jones, Las Vegas; Jacinto Armijo, Las Cruces; P. H. Curran and J. D. Bowman, Las Cruces, N. Mex.

New Mexico Normal School, Silver City.-Regents: J. W. Fleming, Silver City; W. G. Ritch, Engle; J. A. Mahoney, W. A. Hawkins, and Jo. E. Sheridan, Silver City, N. Mex.

New Mexico Normal School, at Las Vegas.-Regents: C. L. Rudolph, Las Vegas; Charles Ilfeld, Las Vegas; M. W. Browne, Las Vegas; Frank Springer, Las Vegas; Rev. George Selby, Las Vegas, N. Mex.

New Mexico School of Mines, Socorro.-Trustees: J. P. McGrorty, Deming; John Y. Hewitt, White Oaks; Juan Jose Baca, Socorro; J. G. Fitch, Socorro; C. T. Brown, Socorro, N. Mex.

New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell.-Regents: Joseph C. Lea, Roswell; Nathan Jaffa, Roswell; J. O. Cameron, Eddy; John W. Poe, Roswell; Robert S. Hamilton, Roswell, N. Mex.

New Mexico Insane Asylum, Las Vegas.-Directors: F. S. Crosson, Raton; M. Brunswick, Las Vegas; J. W. Zollars, Las Vegas; Benigno Romero, Las Vegas; F. H. Pierce, Las Vegas, N. Mex.

Territorial board of education of New Mexico.-Members: Governor; superintendent public instruction; president of St. Michael's College at Santa Fe; president of University of New Mexico; president New Mexico College of Agriculture at Las Cruces, N. Mex.

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