The Yale Literary Magazine, Band 41

Herrick & Noyes, 1876

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Seite 342 - We are no other than a moving row Of Magic Shadow-shapes that come and go Round with the Sun-illumined Lantern held In Midnight by the Master of the Show...
Seite 285 - For them no more the blazing hearth shall burn Or busy housewife ply her evening care, No children run to lisp their sire's return Or climb his knees the envied kiss to share.
Seite 38 - And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment; that ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ; being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.
Seite 229 - The light is come upon the dark benighted way. Dead ! Dead, your Majesty. Dead, my lords and gentlemen. Dead, Right Reverends and Wrong Reverends of every order. Dead, men and women, born with Heavenly compassion, in your hearts. And dying thus around us every day.
Seite 212 - He is gone on the mountain, He is lost to the forest, Like a summer-dried fountain, When our need was the sorest. The font reappearing, From the rain-drops shall borrow, But to us comes no cheering, To Duncan no morrow...
Seite 342 - YESTERDAY This Day's Madness did prepare; TO-MORROW'S Silence, Triumph, or Despair: / Drink ! for you know not whence you came, nor why : Drink! for you know not why you go, nor where.
Seite 161 - His yellow eyes flashed fiercely As he crouched and gazed at me, And his quivering tail, like a serpent, Twitched curving nervously. Then like a storm he seized me, With a wild triumphant cry, And we met, as two clouds in heaven When the thunders before them fly. We grappled and struggled together, For his love like his rage was rude; And his teeth in the swelling folds of my neck At times, in our play, drew blood.
Seite 85 - Smartly attired, countenance smiling, form upright, death under the breast-bones, hell under the skull-bones, Under the broadcloth and gloves, under the ribbons and artificial flowers, Keeping fair with the customs, speaking not a syllable of itself, Speaking of any thing else but never of itself.
Seite 258 - Conductor, when you receive a fare, Punch in the presence of the passenjare! A blue trip slip for an eight-cent fare, A buff trip slip for a six-cent fare, A pink trip slip for a three-cent, fare, Punch in the presence of the passenjare!
Seite 255 - But at the present moment two things about the Christian religion must surely be clear to anybody with eyes in his head. One is, that men cannot do without it ; the other, that they cannot do with it as it is.

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