The Canton Chinese: Or, The American's Sojourn in the Celestial Empire

J. Munroe, 1849 - 271 Seiten

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Seite 177 - THE ARTIST'S MARRIED LIFE ; BEING THAT OF ALBERT DURER. Translated from the German of Leopold Schefer, by Mrs.
Seite 177 - An eminently suggestive and fascinating book; which no one of a thoughtful temper who has taken it up will be likely to lay down until he has finished it. It is truly wonderful to observe how full of the results of thinking, without its visible processes, the Essays are ; with what freeness and natural flexibility the conversations move on ; how easily the subtlest discriminations, the rarest thoughts, the largest and most farreaching principles, are put into the easy, vivacious, and often abrupt...
Seite 177 - CONSOLATIO. CONSOLATIO : OR COMFORT FOR THE AFFLICTED. With a Preface and Notes by the Rev. PH GREENLEAF, MA 16mo. pp. 264. Price 62 cents. " We have been greatly pleased with this volume. There is something in its tone which attracts and interests at once." CONCORD RIVER. A WEEK ON THE CONCORD AND MERRIMACK RIVERS. By HD THOREAU. 12mo. pp.416. $1,25. " This is a rare work in American literature. . . . We advise our readers to procure it. It is full of fine thoughts, and pleasant descriptions of...
Seite 64 - Besides this, it has been remarked! that the words, " thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or on the earth beneath, or in the waters under the earth...
Seite 122 - ... and the gray, cold reality of dawn breaks upon his heated brain, and he knows that all was nought, and that he is the same nameless creature that he has ever been. A cold shudder agitates his frame, weak and worthless he seeks the air, but finds no relief. He cannot turn his thoughts to his calling, he is unfit for exertion, his days pass in sloth and in bitter remorse. And when night comes in gloom, he seeks again the sorceress into whose power he has sunk and whose finger mocks while it beckons...
Seite 143 - ... presentations. There are hundreds of dramatic authors in China, their name is legion, and their productions seem to be the most popular reading of the Chinese. A few plays have been translated into English, but are hardly adapted for the European stage. Books are extremely cheap in China, and the "sing song" books, as they are called, are more lively and entertaining than most others.
Seite 143 - ... and furnished with seats ascending as they retreated, so that the hindmost spectators could see as well as those in front.
Seite 143 - The stage was formed of bamboo poles, strongly tied together, and the floor was of boards resting on the horizontal reeds, and covered with a carpet. The ceiling was of a piece with the splendor of the theatre, and composed of rather dingy matting.
Seite 26 - Some say, there are as many as seventy thousand of them at the city of Canton alone. But let us be content with forty thousand. Then fancy forty thousand wild swan closely packed together floating on some wide pond, and mostly restless, you would say they might cover many acres of their element. Now by the enchantment of imagination convert the pond into the roaring Pekiang river, the swan...
Seite 121 - His dress is costly, his fare sumptuous, his home a palace, and he revels in the pleasures he has read of and believed to be a fiction. Music sounds through his lofty halls, sages assemble to do him honor, women of the brightest beauty throng around him, he is no longer poor, lowly and despised, but a demigod. The feast is spread, the sparkling cup filled to the brim with hot wine, and he rises to welcome one whom he has left far behind in the path of glory, to tender to him triumphant courtesy....

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