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Seite 405 - The boaß of heraldry, the pomp of power, And ail that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave, Await alike th
Seite 281 - long, that one would think they were already in eternity, and knew how much time they had before them. The chapel is very neat, with true; Gothic windows (yet I am not converted) but I was glad to
Seite 37 - to the brink of the river, and having drank of the water, lifted up my fervent thanks in prayer to the great Ruler of all things, for having thus far crowned my
Seite 178 - and I are negotiating with all our art to keep our party together. The crowds at the opera and play when the King and Queen go, are a little greater than what I remember. The late royalties went to the Haymarket, when it was the
Seite 361 - Friday. In the middle of the levee entered a young woman, too plain I thought to be any thing but his near relation. I was confirmed in my opinion, by feeing her, after he had talked to her, go round the circle and do the honours of
Seite 31 - had one material advantage over my competitors, viz. the early habit I thus acquired of retaining in my mind's eye, without coldly copying it on the
Seite 179 - of Mr Pitt's manner of fpeaking ; and that nobody mimicked him fo well as Elliot ||. They firmly believed it, teafed him for an hour, and at laft faid he was the rudeft man in the world not to oblige them. It appeared the more
Seite 308 - flanked by numerous gun-boats, four frigates, and a battery of guns and mortars on an ifland in their van; but nothing could withftand the fquadron your
Seite 308 - to you, and with the judgment of the Captains, together with their valour, and that of the officers and men of every description, it was
Seite 272 - from not intending to come often to Park-place, whenever you have little company ; and I had rather be with you in November than in July, becaufe I am fo totally unable to walk farther than a fnail. I will never fay any more on thefe

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