Hudibras: Poëme ecrit dans le tems de troubles d'Angleterre, Band 3


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Seite 338 - I' th' natural and genuine sense ? — Tis to restore with more security 1305 Rebellion to its ancient purity ; And Christian liberty reduce To th' elder practice of the Jews : For a large conscience is all one, And signifies the same with none.
Seite 30 - Thought he, I understand your play, And how to quit you your own way. He that will win his dame, must do As Love does, when he bends his bow ; With one hand thrust the Lady from, And with the other pull her home. I grant...
Seite 226 - There's but the twinkling of a star Between a man of peace and war, A thief and justice, fool and knave, A huffing officer and a slave, A crafty lawyer and pick-pocket, A great philosopher and a block-head, A formal preacher and a player, A learn'd...
Seite 385 - Mais d'od viendroit cet air dans une matiere auffi ardente , & à quel point n'y feroit-il pas raréfié & affoibli , s'il y avoit été enveloppé ? Comme les bornes que je me fuis prefcrites , ne me permettent pas de me beaucoup étendre fur un fujet qui n'a aucun rapport avec l'ouvrage que je commente , on ne trouvera pas mauvais que je renvoie à ceux qui ont écrit fur cette matiere. (34) [ U
Seite 92 - Why should not Conscience have vacation As well as other courts o' th' nation ; Have equal power to adjourn, Appoint appearance and return...
Seite 4 - Some force whole regions, in despite O' geography, to change their site ; Make former times shake hands with latter, And that which was before come after.
Seite 336 - What makes the breaking of all oaths A holy duty?" "Food and clothes." "What laws and freedom, persecution?" "Being out of power, and contribution." "What makes a church a den of thieves?" "A dean and chapter, and white sleeves.
Seite 132 - March proudly to the river's side, And o'er the waves in triumph ride ; Like Dukes of Venice, who are said The Adriatic sea to wed ; And have a gentler wife than those For whom the state decrees those shows.
Seite 178 - What cutpurses have left with them, For the right owners to redeem: And what they dare not vent, find out, To gain themselves and th' art repute ; Draw figures, schemes, and horoscopes, Of Newgate, Bridewell, brokers...
Seite 36 - It matters not how false or forc'd, So the best things be said o" th' worst •It goes for nothing when 'tis said, Only the arrow's drawn to th' head, Whether it be a swan or goose They level at : so shepherds use To set the same mark on the hip Both of their sound and rotten sheep...

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