Patient Henry, by the author of 'The little drummer'.


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Seite 10 - Philosophers, arranged so as to form half an hour's reading for every day of the year. The student finds a taste of every quality, and a specimen of every style. Should he grow weary of one author, he can turn to another; and if inclined to be critical, he can weigh the merits of one writer against those of his fellow.
Seite 10 - Wordsworth, Lord Macaulay ; with a General Index. The articles are chiefly selected so as to afford a succession of graphic parts of English History, chronologically arranged, from the consideration that the portions of history upon which general readers delight to dwell are those which lell some story which is complete in itself, or furnish some illustration which has a separate as well as a general interest.
Seite 3 - A systematic Work on Farm Practice, accompanied by Explanations and References to Theory when necessary ; but mainly and intentionally descriptive of actual Experience and Work in Field, Fold, and Farmery. It is fully illustrated with Wood Engravings of Buildings, Land Drainage, Machinery, and Plants.
Seite 14 - BEETON'S DICTIONARY OF BIOGRAPHY : Being the Lives of Eminent Persons of all Times. With the Pronunciation of every Name. Illustrated by Portraits, Engraved after Original and Authoritative Pictures, Prints, &c. Containing in all upwards of Ten Thousand Distinct and Complete Articles. This BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY contains, in the most...
Seite 125 - For every kind of beasts and of birds and of serpents and of things in the sea is tamed, and hath been tamed, of mankind; but the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.
Seite 7 - Also, uniform in size and price, with gilt edges, and Illustrations printed in Oil Colours, NELLIE GREY ; or, the Ups and Downs of Every-Day Life. CLARA WOODWARD AND HER DAY DREAMS. FRANK RUSSELL; or, Living for an Object. MY EARNINGS; or, The Story of Ann Ellison's Life.
Seite 7 - CALMET'S BIBLICAL DICTIONARY. Abridged, Modernised, and re-Edited, according to the most recent Biblical researches, by the Rev. TA BUCKLEY, MA The volume contains upwards of 700 pages, and is printed in a new, beautiful, and clear Type. The present work is not designed to compete with the many learned and voluminous Cyclopaedias, and other books of reference, already in circulation, but simply to place in the hands of the great mass oft he people some sounder and more extensive information than...
Seite 5 - Engraved by the BROTHERS DALZIEL. " No pains or expense have been spared to render this one of the most attractive volumes that have appeared for many a day ; it is beautifully printed by hand on superfine paper, and may challenge comparison with any work of a similar character. Gay's Fables are our delight in childhood, manhood, and old age.
Seite 3 - The whole work of all kinds of Farms is described in monthly succession, as step by step It occupies the attention of the Farmer throughout the year. 2. The Cultivation of all kinds of Soil — their Drainage, Tillage, and Manuring. 3. The Cultivation of all Farm Crops — food for man or beast — including the lesson of actual experience on the different varieties of each, and on the cultivation proper for each. 4.. The Breeding, Rearing, and Feeding of all the Live Stock of the Farm, including...
Seite 7 - Bogatsky's Golden Treasury for the Children of God, consisting of devotional and practical observations for every day in the year. Fcap.

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